Top 7 Best Women’s Cycling Sunglasses [2024 Reviews]

Shield your eyes while riding on bright days, we look at this year's women's cycling sunglasses worth considering

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Contrary to popular belief, cycling eyewear is about much more than just looking cool! When we think about cycling protection, many of us would never go without a helmet.

However, we often neglect our eyes, when they are so delicate! If you’re serious about your eyes’ health, then you need a pair of some of the best cycling sunglasses for women.

They’ll protect you from harmful UV rays, flying bugs, dust, and more.

Best Cycling Sunglasses for Women

Under Armour Igniter IIBolle 5th Element Pro SunglassesSmith Attack Sunglasses
Frame:Grilamid, TitaniumSyntheticSynthetic

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Quick Answer: The 7 Best Rated Women’s Cycling Sunglasses

  1. Under Armour Igniter II
  2. Bolle 5th Element Pro Sunglasses
  3. Smith Attack Max ChromaPop Sunglasses
  4. Oakley Women’s Commit Squared Sunglasses
  5. Nike Skylon Ace E Sunglasses
  6. Tifosi Women’s Lust Sport Sunglasses
  7. RockBros Cycling Sunglasses

Our reviews to the top rated cycling sunglasses for women with our comparison table and buyers guide will help you choose the right pair of cycling sunglasses for you.

Cycling Sunglasses for Women Reviews

Under Armour Igniter II at a Glance:

  • Frame: Grilamid, Titanium
  • Lens: ArmourSight
  • Polarized: Yes
  • Interchangeable Lenses: Yes

Under Armour is one of the most respected athletic brands in the world, and a top choice for countless pro athletes and professional sports teams.

There’s a reason for that, with them consistently producing some of the highest quality products the world has ever seen. Their Igniter II model is one of their standouts, quickly becoming a favorite among cyclists.

Made with titanium and grilamid (ArmourFusion), the frame is simultaneously lightweight and incredibly durable.

These give that “barely-there” feel, and combined with the responsive temple joints, make them fit perfectly and offering a great amount of security and hold without being too tight.

You’ll also find a flexible, grippy material that holds onto the head without placing too much pressure on it.

Protecting your eyes is top priority, and these will keep them safe against UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. Thanks to polarized lenses, you can also ride with confidence knowing you’re (probably) not going to run into any trees or walls due to the brightness of the sun.

These high performers not only work great, but look great, too. Choose from White frames/ Blue Mirror lenses, Shiny Crystal Clear frames/Black lenses, Shiny Black frames/Gun Metal lenses, Navy frames/Gray lenses – whatever suits your personality best.

Bolle 5th Element Pro Sunglasses at a Glance:

  • Frame: B-Shape Material
  • Lens: Trivex
  • Polarized: No
  • Interchangeable Lenses: Yes

The 5th Element Sunglasses by Bolle are quite the unique pair in performance and looks.

Coming in interesting yet cool color schemes like Matte Yellow/Grey, Orica Greenedge/Modulator Brown, Matte Yellow/Blue/Modulator Clear Gray, and Matte Carbone/Rose Oleo, you’re sure to find one that suits you and your bike just right.

Not only that, but if you’re looking for one of those “best bang for your buck” pairs, then this may just be the one for you.

The 5th Element Pro comes with a hydrophobic and oleophobic treatment on the exterior of their lenses, which means that grease, dirt, and rain will run right off instead of potentially holding on and obstructing your vision.

This makes them an excellent pair to use in poor weather conditions or where there’s a lot of dust and debris. The B-Flow frame venting system also aids in breathability to prevent moisture from building up and creating fog.

If you don’t like one pair of lenses, there’s no need to worry! As lenses are interchangeable, you can also use their included Photochromic pair which lightens and darkens automatically, depending on your environment!

B-shape temples, Thermogrip temple tips, nose pads, an adjustable nose piece, and bendable wire core temples sound like a mouthful but they’re all there to give you a customized, secure, and comfy fit.

Even if you’re on a bumpy road or have to look down, you can rest assured they’ll stay on properly.

The full coverage they offer are unbeatable, offering an excellent field of vision, aerodynamics, and protection from the wind and debris.

Smith Optics Attack Max ChromaPop Sunglasses

Smith Attack Max ChromaPop Sunglasses at a Glance:

  • Frame: n/a
  • Lens: ChromaPop
  • Polarized: No
  • Interchangeable Lenses: Yes

Smith Optics is another one of the biggest performance eyewear for decades now, and the Attack Max is one of their most popular models.

The frameless lenses offer a minimal design that looks modern and feels great on. With the Smith mag interchangeable lens technology, your options are practically endless!

Coming with two of the brand’s ChromaPop lenses, they provide 100% protection from harmful UV rays, which means your eyesight will be in good hands and you won’t strain your eyes on a daily basis.

Both are made with Smith’s carbonic construction which has been tested for impact resistance. On top of that, it’s treated with a hydrophobic coating which repels oil, water, and grime to keep your path of vision clear.

Offering a distortion-free view with enhanced contrast, they’re perfect to use in situations with many potential obstacles, such as in a forested area.

As far as fit goes, it was no surprise that they worked well with a wide variety of head sizes, shapes, and facial structures.

The arms and nose pads are made of hydrophilic Megol rubber, which keeps them perfectly on you, even if you’re sweating or hanging out in the rain. The nose piece can also be adjusted to widen or narrow it, depending on your nose shape.

While they’re not quite as light as some other models on our guide, after an hour or so, we sometimes felt like we stopped noticing they were there.

Oakley Women's Commit Iridium Cateye Sunglasses

Oakley Women’s Commit Squared Sunglasses at a Glance:

  • Frame: Plastic
  • Lens: Prizm Polycarbonate
  • Polarized: No
  • Interchangeable Lenses: Yes

If you’re looking for a reliable pair of cycling glasses that are simple yet get the job done right, look at the Oakley Women’s Commit Squared.

Oakley is one of the biggest eyewear brands in the world, focusing on making sure athletes perform their best in any situation. While they have tons of options to choose from, this model is their best for cyclists.

Fit snug just like a pair of cycling sunglasses should, you won’t have to worry about them being too tight or too loose.

They’re just bendy enough that they fit the vast majority of heads and face shapes, but not so much that you have to limit your motions.

The cat eye style is quite unique in this category, and with the style being “in” right now, it’s perfect for various applications.

The polished white frame looks a bit transparent in photos, but you should note that it’s quite opaque in real life, which can actually obstruct vision a bit.

The non-polarized lenses are ideal for use in flat light or even the occasional cloudiness, but this is also a personal preference.

If you need prescription lenses to see properly, then you’ll love these too. The lenses are prescription-ready so whatever you need, they have you covered.

To keep your glasses properly protected, Oakley has also included a case to make sure they stay in pristine condition.

Nike Skylon Ace E Sunglasses at a Glance:

  • Frame: n/a
  • Lens: Polycarbonate
  • Polarized: No
  • Interchangeable Lenses: Yes

As you probably already know, Nike is one, if not the biggest, sports brand in the world. They’ve achieved this spot by creating high-quality and fashionable products that are made to last to many years of consistent use.

While they produce quite a few different cycling sunglasses, their EV0525 Skylon Ace are one of their best.

While you can use these in just about any outdoor situation in order to see better and protect your vision, they work exceptionally well in cycling applications.

The Black Matte/Blue Mirror Lens colorway isn’t all that outstanding or unique, if we’re honest, but it looks stylish and sporty.

Including an Interchange microfiber pouch, you’ll be able to ensure your glasses are scratch-free, while making them easy to transport.

The glasses on their own, however, are quite tough and made to be stable and reliable, even at high speeds or in rougher environments.

The frame is their lightweight sport-wrap design which offer a natural feel, featuring secure-wrap temple arms that will keep them on your face comfortably.

The ventilated nose bridge aids in this, also helping to ensure they don’t fog up or feel slippery.

Providing a whopping 100% UVA and UVB protection, the interchangeable lenses will offer you the greatest amount of eye protection possible.

Tifosi Women’s Lust Sport Sunglasses at a Glance:

  • Frame: Grilamid
  • Lens: Polycarbonate
  • Polarized: No
  • Interchangeable Lenses: No

While they’re often toted as some of the best golf sunglasses in the world, the Tifosi Lust Wrap Sunglasses are also some of the best for cycling.

The brand may not be as huge as Nike, but they’re still known for being technologically advanced while remaining at a price the vast majority of consumers can afford.

This particular pair has stood out not only to us, but to countless other cyclists – let’s take a look why.

Featuring a wonderful wrap-around frame, they’re perfect at keeping the light out, featuring a rather contemporary design instead of sporty.

This means that you can wear them not only in athletic settings but in casual ones, too. You’ll also find attractive logo-ing at the arms and temple tips for added trendiness.

With adjustable earpieces, you will be guaranteed to have the best fit possible, never hurting you or causing headaches. The frame itself is comprised of grilamid nylon which is long-lasting and sure to hold up to daily use.

Lenses are made of polycarbonate and shatter-proof so you’ll have them around for quite a while. Eliminating distortion and preventing any kind of undesired magnification, you can feel confident knowing that you will have the best field of vision possible with models featuring two separate lenses.

RockBros Cycling Sunglasses Photochromic Bike Glasses

RockBros Cycling Sunglasses at a Glance:

  • Frame: Composite
  • Lens: n/a
  • Polarized: No
  • Interchangeable Lenses: No

If you’re trying to find one of the best pairs of cycling sunglasses but are trying to stay on a budget, the RockBros Cycling Sunglasses simply can’t be beat.

In fact, you’re probably going to do a double-take once you see how inexpensive they are! We sure did; but despite this, they deliver quality and and overall excellent viewing experience each time.

Coming in bright and eye-catching colors like Purple Blue, White Red, Blue Green, and Black Red, you’re not only going to feel good on your bike, but look good, too.

The composite frames are ultra-lightweight yet still very strong – more than strong enough to last you for years if taken care of properly. At just 24 grams a pair, you’ll hardly feel any pressure at all on your nose and temples.

Thanks to photochromic technology, they work to lighten and darken depending on the light conditions in your environment. With a UV400 protection coating, not only are they shatterproof, but scratch-resistant and sure to protect you from UV rays and other harmful spectrums.

With their frameless construction, you can count on having some of the widest field of vision possible, including excellent peripherals.

The frames are completely clear, which also look pretty cool in contrast to the bright composite, if we’re honest. All in all, if you want one of the best pair of cycling sunglasses on a budget, there’s no competition here.

Cycling Sunglasses For Women Comparison

Cycling SunglassesFrameLensPolarizedInterchangeableRanking
Under Armour Igniter IIGrilamid, TitaniumArmourSightYesYes4.3 / 5.0
Bolle 5th Element Pro SunglassesSyntheticTrivexNoYes4.7 / 5.0
Smith Attack SunglassesSyntheticChromaPopNoYes4.0 / 5.0
Oakley Commit Iridium SunglassesPlasticPrizm PolycarbonateNoYes4.4 / 5.0
NIKE Skylon Ace E SunglassesSyntheticPolycarbonateNoYes4.0 / 5.0
Tifosi Lust Sport SunglassesGrilamidPolycarbonateNoNo4.5 / 5.0
RockBros Cycling SunglassesCompositen/aNoNo3.8 / 5.0

How to Choose an Awesome Pair of Cycling Sunglasses for Women

best cycling sunglasses

Now that you’ve had the opportunity to read all about the best biking glasses for women available today, which is the perfect pair for you? If you’re still undecided, that’s perfectly normal.

We know how confusing it can be when you have so many excellent options to choose from. That’s why we’ve decided to take it upon ourselves and create the user-friendly buying guide, below.

This guide takes you through each step of the selection process, showing you what you should consider so you can narrow down your options and find the best one for you. Let’s take a look.


When it comes to cycling sunglass frames, you want them to be lightweight and durable with a little bit of flex. You want them lightweight, so that they’re not creating unwanted pressure on your nose, temples, cheek bones, etc.

If they’re too heavy, they’re going to be uncomfortable and even cause you headaches. You also want them to be sturdy so they don’t break when you put them on time after time, and so they stay solid if you accidentally sit on them or drop them, etc.

Flexibility is also important so they don’t break at the temples when you put them on, and to ensure they’re not too tight against you.

Composite is an excellent option if you’re on a budget, as it’s pretty lightweight and durable.

Grilamid/nylon is our favorite option as it’s also very lightweight and durable, yet offers a bit more flexibility and comfort. Just keep in mind that this material is the more expensive option.

best sunglasses for road cycling
Under Armour Igniter 2.0 Sunglasses


Unless you live in a location that’s sunny the majority of the time, chances are you’re probably going to encounter a rain shower once or twice while you’re cycling.

If that’s your situation, you need to ensure your lenses feature a hydrophobic coating so the rain drops roll off of them instead of sticking on and obstructing your vision. Combine these with a quality cycling cap, and you’re all set for what the rain has in store for you. I

n addition, make sure they have an anti-scratch coating as they’re most likely going to fall on the ground or get dropped at some point.

best sunglasses for cycling
Smith Optics Attack Max ChromaPop Sunglasses


Photochromic lenses work to react to various types of lighting conditions, getting darker if you’re in a sunny environment and lighter when you go indoors, are in the shade, during dusk, etc. These are highly coveted, though also more expensive.

What you do absolutely need is UV protection, which thank goodness is pretty much the standard today, no matter which price point we’re looking at. UV rays can severely deteriorate your vision and damage your eyes if you’re not careful, and you don’t really notice it until it’s too late.

Also try to opt for a pair of lenses that are shatterproof and scratch-resistant if you can. These will ensure they last you as long as possible, giving you a clear field of vision.

Lenses should adequately shield your eyes from possible intruders like a pebble flying up towards your eyes, dust, debris, wind, and so on.


This is kind of adding on to the last point. If you crash or end up somehow running into a wall, you want your glasses to stay intact completely.

One, is because you’re making an investment here. You don’t want to have wasted your money and on top of that, have to splurge for a new pair, wait for them to come in the mail, and so on.

Secondly, if they do happen to break while on your face, they’re right there next to your eyes. You’re then putting yourself at risk of having sharp pieces of plastic, nylon, etc. stabbing you in the eyes, face, and head.


If you didn’t happen to end up with perfect, 20/20 vision (and it’s rare that we do) then you may want or need to wear cycling glasses fitted with your individual eye prescription. Not only will this mean less strain on your eyes and head, but it means better and safer cycling.

You’ll be able to more easily navigate your bike on trails and roads and move around potential obstacles with much more ease. Not only that, but you won’t make as many mistakes or risk running into/over something you didn’t want to.

Sure, you can also opt to just wear contacts like many other cyclists do. However, many just don’t like the feeling of contacts and if you get even the smallest piece of dust or debris in your eye it can seriously obstruct your vision which is the last thing you need while riding. The Tifosi’s are an excellent option if you’re looking for prescription-ready sunglasses.


Gone are the days where sunglasses are just a “get what you get” kind of situation. Now, you have the option of adjusting your glasses a bit to better suit your individual headshape, bone structure, and nose. Look for models with an adjustable nosepiece.

They will often only let you move them a couple different positions, but this can make a big difference. There are also a few models that let you adjust the earpieces to eliminate headaches and pain behind the ears. While it’s usually not an issue, some thicker framed glasses may not work with your cycling helmet. Be sure you are able to return if they don’t fit comfortably.

Included Case

best sunglasses for cycling and running
Smith Optics Attack Max ChromaPop Sunglasses Case

Taking proper care of your sunglasses is essential if you want them to last you the next few months, not to mention years. If you want to do this, then keeping them protected while they’re not in use is essential.

Most high-quality manufacturers are going to supply you with an included carry case or bag, at the very least. It may not seem like much, but speaking from experience, this could be the difference of having your glasses for a month or several years!


How much are you comfortable with spending on pair of top cycling sunglasses? It’s important to figure this out before you start looking, creating a budget for yourself and making sure you don’t go over it.

This is an easy way to spend more than you’d intended, which often ends up in buyer’s remorse, which we do not want to happen.

No matter what your budget is, we know that we have a pair that will suit it. However, if you do go up in price, know that you’re going to receive quality that will, in the end, pay for itself in durability and performance.

FAQs About Cycling Sunglasses for Women

Q: What do photochromic lenses look like indoors?

A: They’re actually completely clear when used inside – similar to how “regular” glasses would!

Q: How do I know these are going to fit me?

A: Try looking for models that come in various sizes to add a little more customization in there, if you know which size you wear. If not, you may just want to go try on a pair locally to have a better idea of what works for you.

Q: How dark will photochromatic lenses go?

A: This will vary a bit depending on the manufacturer. However, generally speaking, they’re going to go as dark as ordinary sunglasses, or Category 3.

Q: Why do I need interchangeable lenses?

A: Sometimes, manufacturers will include two different pairs of lenses. Oftentimes, one will be a “regular” pair of lenses and another will be photochromatic. This is to allow you a bit more versatility and give you the option of using whichever you like best.

Tips For Choosing Cycling Sunglasses for Women

#1: Never use Windex to clean your sunglasses.

There may be people that swear it’s the easiest way, don’t do it! Avoid Windex, Lysol, and any other kind of window cleaner, ammonia, or even more intense chemical cleaning supplies! These are terrible for any protective coatings such as an anti-reflective coating, and will start breaking it down rendering it useless.

They’ll start to get darker when ambient light is more forceful, and lighter when it’s darker. This will ensure you have adequate vision, no matter what environment you’re in, for your safety and a better experience on trails. The best thing to use is just water and a soft cloth.

#2: If you like riding in rainy environments, then opt for a pair with a hydrophobic coating.

This will make sure that the water doesn’t stick to your lenses, instead rolling right off of them to give you a clear field of vision.

#3: Make sure to always properly protect your glasses.

What is it about sunglasses that make them just want us to sit on them or toss themselves off of a bridge or let us forget them at the table at that restaurant? Chances are a good percentage of you reading this are looking for new cycling sunglasses because your last ones either got broken or lost.

Most of the glasses listed above are going to come with some kind of pouch or bag to keep them in, which is the ideal place to store them. If you take them off while riding, place them backwards on your neck.


Now that you’re practically an expert when it comes to the best cycling sunglasses for women, which model will be landing on your doorstep? If you’re still undecided, know that whichever one you select will be one of the best in the world.

However, what’s most important is that you select the perfect pair for your needs: weather, your individual face and head, riding environment, and more. We hope that our guide has helped you to do exactly that. Thanks for tuning in with us.

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The Under Armour Igniter 2.0 are our Editor's Choice for the best cycling sunglasses for women with their combination of optics quality and value.

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