The 7 Best Women’s Shoes for Walking & Standing on Concrete – [2022 Reviews]

Prepare for a long day on your feet with these shoes, we look at the year's top models for walking and standing on concrete

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If you’ve walked long distances or stood on concrete for extended periods of time then you know how hard it can be on your feet, knees, and the rest of your body.

To make it easier on your body and ensure you’re always comfortable, you need to select the right shoes for your environment.

We’ve taken our own personal experiences along with those of countless others to bring you the best shoes for walking on concrete out there.

These models have proven time and time again to protect and cushion the feet while offering great energy return. Let’s get started!

Best Women’s Shoes for Working on Concrete

 Skechers D'Lites Lace-Up SneakerClarks Everlay Romy LoaferSkechers for Work Sure Track Erath
Sizes:5-12 wide5-125-11
Colors:45BlackBlack, White
Uppers:LeatherLeatherLeather / Synthetic
Heel Height:1.25"0.5"1.25"

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Quick Answer: The 7 Best Women’s Rated Shoes for Walking on Concrete

  1. Skechers Women’s D’Lites Memory Foam Lace-Up Sneaker
  2. Clarks Women’s Everlay Romy Loafer
  3. Skechers for Work Women’s Sure Track Erath
  4. Clarks Women’s CloudSteppers Sillian Paz Slip-On Loafer
  5. KLOGS Footwear Women’s Naples Leather Closed-Back Nursing Clog
  6. Dansko Professional Leather Chocolate Leather
  7. Dansko Women’s Kristen Slip On Flats

Our reviews to the top rated women’s shoes for walking on concrete with our comparison table and buyers guide will help you choose the right shoes for you.

Shoes for Walking on Concrete Reviews

Skechers Women’s D’Lites Memory Foam Lace-Up Sneaker at a Glance:

  • Sizes: 5 to 12 wide
  • Colors: 45
  • Uppers: Leather
  • Heel Height: 1 1/4 inch

First up, we have the Skechers Women’s D’Lites Memory Foam Lace-Up Sneaker. These sneakers come in 45 different colorways, evoking that classic retro Skechers look that everyone loves.

However, they offer much more than just looks – they are some of the most comfy pairs of kicks you could wear!

The uppers are comprised of a durable leather which is perfect if you’re rough on your shoes or worry about other tennis shoes being too thin.

They come with a smooth finish complete with synthetic overlays and a metallic trim on the edges. This not only lends to create a captivating aesthetic, but also helps enhance structure and protection of the feet.

The soft laces are easy to lace up and offer a custom fit every time without coming loose. The round toe is there to add reinforcement against potential toe stubs on items at work, cracks in the sidewalk, etc.

The rear pull-tab makes it quicker and simpler to take shoes on and off for those times when you’re running late and every second counts.

We appreciated the extra padding around the tongue and collar. This creates a slightly snugger fit, while minimizing the chance of fabric cutting into or chafing the skin.

You’ll find Air Cooled Memory Foam insoles, which were quite possibly our favorite part of the construction. Sturdy yet luxurious, it’s perfect if you’re on your feet all day long, absorbing shock as you walk around.

The flexible rubber outsole is ideal for heavy use, offering a nice amount of grip and durability to the shoe to make them the best shoes for standing on concrete!

Clarks Women’s Everlay Romy Loafer at a Glance:

  • Sizes: 5 to 12
  • Colors: Black
  • Uppers: Leather
  • Heel Height: 0.5 inch

Clarks is a brand which has become known over time to produce some of the best shoes for working on concrete floors.

Their Women’s Everlay Romy Loafer are ideal for those moments when you want to look your best but want to avoid those ever-painful stilettos you have in your closet.

More supportive than flats, these bring comfort and style together.

Made of 100% leather, the shoes are incredibly durable yet comfortable. They don’t allow for a great amount of airflow which is probably our only complaint about them, however.

They are excellent in terms of protecting the foot, so whether you are trying to avoid stubbing your toes or dropping something on them, worry no more.

You do only get one color to choose from: Black Leather. However, it definitely looks good with just about any other color or pattern out there.

On the interior, you’ll find a smooth textile lining which does help to wick away moisture from the skin. However, it’s what lies under the foot that really makes a huge difference.

The OrthoLite footbed is designed to support the foot and keep everything properly aligned. With cushioned soft padding, it feels like you’re walking on clouds with every step you take.

As the overall shoe is so lightweight, they won’t weigh you down, either.

Skechers for Work Women's Sure Track Erath Athletic Lace Slip Resistant Shoe

Skechers for Work Women’s Sure Track Erath at a Glance:

  • Sizes: 5 to 11
  • Colors: Black, White
  • Uppers: Leather and Synthetic
  • Heel Height: 1 1/4 inch

We’re back again with another Skechers shoe, but this time we have the Skechers for Work Women’s Sure Track Erath.

At first glance, you can tell that it sports a more modern, trendy bootie style that most love due to its slick looks and airy feel.

If you are tired of getting bogged down by clunky work shoes, these are the best shoes for concrete floors for you.

Coming in either White or Black, you don’t have a ton of options to choose from in customization but the majority of workplaces require you to have neutral-colored shoes anyway.

Plus, white and black both go with anything so you never have to worry about matching in the morning.

Made primarily with leather along with some synthetic materials, the pair are very durable yet feature well-placed patches of more breathable material to let air flow in and out.

The uppers are some of the most lightweight we’ve experienced and almost feel like you’re not even wearing shoes at times. This makes a huge difference when you’re hours into your shift or walking around town.

The slip-resistant rubber traction outsole is the best if there’s a chance you’ll be walking on slippery surfaces – making them a favorite for restaurant and hospital workers.

Laces ensure a secure fit without being too tight, and the collar and tongue come nicely padded for your comfort. Memory Foam tops the removable cushioned comfort insole which helps reduce fatigue and soreness, even after hours of wear.

Clarks Women’s CloudSteppers Sillian Paz Slip-On Loafer at a Glance:

  • Sizes: 5 to 12 wide
  • Colors: 10
  • Uppers: Textile
  • Heel Height: 1.5 inches

Are you on the hunt for the best shoes for concrete floors for both casual and more professional situations?

Then check out the Clarks Women’s CloudSteppers Sillian Paz Slip-On Loafer. Coming in 10 earthy, sophisticated shades, you’re sure to love wearing them every day.

Having been around for almost 200 years, they’ve had plenty of time to perfect their craftsmanship and style, and that’s exemplified perfectly with this model.

Made of 100% textile, the uppers are eco-friendly and made to last. They’re also nice and breathable though still offer a good amount of protection.

We enjoyed how flexible they were – offering the ideal balance between pliability and structure.

The 1.5” heel helps take stress off of the feet while standing or walking and comes made of Ethylene Vinyl for heavy-duty strength. To contrast that hardness, you have an ultra-soft cushion in the insole which forms to the individual shape of your feet for best results.

The EVA outsole is fantastic at absorbing shock to leave you with a bit of spring in your step instead of dragging your feet around.

If you like the Croc kind of fit but need better support and cushioning, then we found these to be a solid alternative. Not only that, but they’re very tough and long-lasting we would say the best women’s shoes for standing on concrete for long hours and ideal for daily use.

KLOGS Footwear Women's Naples Leather Closed-Back Clog

KLOGS Footwear Women’s Naples Leather Clog at a Glance:

  • Sizes: 5 to 14 wide
  • Colors: 38
  • Uppers: Leather
  • Heel Height: 2 inches

While they may look beautiful, don’t be fooled: the KLOGS Women’s Naples leather Closed-Back Nursing Clogs are some of the best shoes for walking on concrete all day.

The sophisticated model is excellent if you need something a bit more dressed-up than a pair of sneakers while still offering the kind of support your body deserves.

Coming in almost 40 different colors and patterns, you’re sure to find something that suits your individual personality and tastes.

These shoes are also made of 100% leather which means high levels of durability and protection. Not only that, but after just a few weeks of wearing them, you’ll see how well they form to your unique foot shape.

This means that over time, they’ll only get more and more comfortable and will be able to see why we just can’t seem to want to take them off!

With a 1-inch platform and 2-inch heel, they work to help take stress off of the feet. This is only enhanced by the contoured polyurethane footbed which offers a cushy feeling with each step. You can remove them if you’d like to put orthotics in as well.

Finally, slip-resistant PU outsoles help to absorb shock and return energy. This means that you’ll be able to walk or stand for longer periods of time without feeling as sluggish or fatigued – perfect for long walks or shifts at work.

Dansko Professional Leather Chocolate Leather at a Glance:

  • Sizes: 5 to 11.5
  • Colors: Chocolate
  • Uppers: Leather
  • Heel Height: 1.5 inches

Nearing the end of our list, we bring you the Dansko Women’s Professional Leather shoes. These are some classy shoes designed to make sure you look and feel fabulous.

Coming in a Chocolate Brown shade, you’ll slip these on any chance you get!

The US-made footwear is known to offer comfort and support for as long as you have them on. However, style is definitely not compromised here and is sure to warrant some compliments.

You no longer have to sacrifice one or the other! Made of the most high-quality leather out there, the pair are made to be durable yet soft to the touch.

As you continue to wear them, they’ll only get increasingly comfortable due to the way they form to the specific contours of your individual feet over time. No more having to deal with hot spots, chafing, or blisters!

We loved how spacious the toe box was, offering just the right amount of room. Made of thermoplastic, it’s made to be tough and reinforced to keep your toes well protected.

The heel counter les the heel move up and down while walking, which creates an all-natural movement instead of restriction. This also offers lateral stability.

The PVC inner frame only adds to this stability, reducing pronation to keep your feet properly aligned. The PU outsole absorbs impact and offers flexibility to keep you feeling light on your feet and never fatigued.

Dansko Women’s Kristen Slip On Flats at a Glance:

  • Sizes: 5.5 to 12
  • Colors: 8
  • Uppers: Nubuck Leather
  • Heel Height: 0.5 inch

Lastly, we have yet another pair of Danskos for you: this time, the Women’s Kristen Slip On Flat. These offer a more classic, dressed-up look that will go well with all types of clothing and outfits.

Coming in 8 different shades, you can choose from: Slate, Black, Taupe, Blue, Black Nubuck, Mango, Wine, or Rose Gold.

This trendy pair is made with Nubuck Leather uppers to provide comfort and longevity. In fact, even if you wear them every day you can realistically use them for years to come due to how durable they are.

Over time, they’ll form to feet your feet which offers incredible comfort for extended periods of time.

To ensure they stay looking their best, Dansko has thoughtfully treated them with 3M Scotchgard protector to keep stains away.

The lining is comprised of textile which wicks away moisture and lets air move in and out to keep the feet cool and dry.

Moving on to the footbed, it also comes covered in leather, with molded EVA to keep things light but supportive. Featuring their signature Natural Arch technology and memory foam, each step will be smooth and supported.

Of course, these can also be removed for orthotics if needed. The rubber outsoles are a bit shorter than most on our guide, though offer excellent impact absorption and energy transfer.

Is it any wonder why they’re often considered to be the best women’s shoes for walking on concrete?

Shoes for Walking on Concrete Comparison

Shoes for Walking on Concrete SizesColorsUppersHeel HeightRating
Skechers D'Lites Lace-Up Sneaker5-12 wide45Leather1.25"4.5 / 5.0
Clarks Everlay Romy Loafer5-12BlackLeather0.5"4.4 / 5.0
Skechers for Work Sure Track Erath5-11Black, WhiteLeather / Synthetic1.25"4.4 / 5.0
Clarks CloudSteppers Sillian Paz Loafer5-12 wide10Textile1.5"4.2 / 5.0
KLOGS Naples Closed-Back Clog5-14 wide38Leather2"4.2 / 5.0
Dansko Leather Shoes5-11.5ChocolateLeather1.5"4.4 / 5.0
Dansko Kristen Slip On Flats5.5-128Nubuck Leather0.5"4.2 / 5.0

How to Choose the Best Shoes for Walking on Concrete – Buying Guide

best shoes for working on concrete

Now that you’ve had the chance to look over some good shoes for walking on concrete, have you narrowed it down to just one pair? If you’re having trouble deciding which model is just right for you and your environment, there’s no need to fret.

We know how difficult it can be when presented with so many awesome options! That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to write up this user-friendly buying guide, below.

The guide will take you through each step of the selection process to ensure that by the time you’re finished reading, there is no doubt which shoes are


Let’s first take a look at the uppers. When it comes to a good pair of shoes for walking on concrete, they need to be durable, supportive, yet still form to the unique shape of your feet. That’s why leather is the most common material in this niche and is in every one of the uppers found on our guide, save for the CloudSteppers.

Leather – Leather is incredibly durable, offering protection to your feet from anything from scratches and moisture to stubbing your toes on something hard. Not only that, but leather over time forms to the shape of your feet and will keep that shape forever.

This eliminates pressure points and reduces the chance of chafing and blistering greatly. Lastly, leather looks upscale and expensive, and if you want a professional appearance there’s no better material in our opinion.

Textile – Textile is another great choice if you value comfort above all. Textile uppers fit closely and snugly to the foot, which is very “in” right now fashion-wise. They are incredibly flexible and move with your feet instead of against them. Not only that, but they’re much more affordable and breathable than leather uppers which makes them an attractive alternative for many people.


The soles of the shoes should be durable yet offer a nice amount of energy transfer/feedback. The soles will ideally be made of rubber. Rubber is inexpensive yet very tough. As it has an almost springy/bouncy property to it, it helps to take the energy upon impact and give it back to you.

This will help make each step smoother and reduce the amount of fatigue experienced throughout the day, whether standing or walking.

The soles will also offer a solid amount of grip or adhesion, which rubber works perfectly for. You want the soles to be non-slip, especially if you’ll be standing on slippery or smooth surfaces, environments where spills are common, etc.


The insoles will be one of the biggest features to look at in terms of support and comfort. If your insoles aren’t supportive enough, you could end up with some serious foot pain and soreness throughout the entire body.

Standing and walking on concrete is no joke. It is incredibly hard on the body, as our bodies aren’t made to walk on it. This can cause soreness and fatigue quickly. If you work in an environment with concrete floors, then you’re spending a huge portion of your life on it, which means you must find shoes that combat this stress.

Your insoles should be cushioned yet stiff enough to offer support throughout the length of the foot, with special attention placed on the arches. If you use orthotics, make sure the insoles can be removed in order to accommodate them.


The padding should not only be found in the insoles (though this is also essential). You should ideally see padding in the tongue of the shoe and around the collar as well. This can help to create a snug fit that eliminates rubbing against the foot, which can result not only in irritation but pain.

Padding behind the heel is also useful to help protect the Achilles tendon as well, which is vulnerable to excessive stretching and pressure points.


The heels of the shoe should help with impact absorption and ultimately help to keep your feet healthy and feeling springy. The heel height is also important, which is why we favor shoes with at least a 1-inch heel height on our guide.

Increasing heel height helps to reduce the plantar force on the heel throughout the day, especially if you are going to be lifting heavy weights. Ultimately, it’s great for reducing strain on the feet and lower legs.


What type of closure works best for your tastes and your situation? If you’re a nurse, for example, you may favor slip-ons as you don’t have the risk of tripping over laces nor have to worry about them getting dirty or coming undone throughout the day.

However, if you are just purchasing for casual use then you may love the custom fit that laces offer. It all comes down to what you’ll be using them for. Just remember that clogs and other types of slip-ons can also offer a perfect fit – you just have to make sure you get the right size.


How much are you willing to spend on some of the best shoes for walking on concrete all day? It’s important that you come up with a budget for yourself before you start shopping around.

It can be all too easy to spend more than you’d originally intended on otherwise. The good news is that no matter what your budget looks like, we have at least one model that will fit into it.

Of course, if you do decide to spend more, you can typically expect the shoes to last a bit longer. It’s not a rule, but with increasing prices you can usually expect higher-quality materials which will feel better on your feet and last you longer.

This could ultimately end up saving you money, as you could have them for years instead of having to shell out more cash for new ones.

FAQs About Shoes for Walking on Concrete

Q: Are running shoes good for walking on concrete?

A: They could be, but it’s more the exception rather than the rule. Running shoes typically aren’t designed to walk on concrete. They usually lack the proper cushioning and support in the insole, and the soles are usually much too soft and forgiving for concrete surfaces.

Q: What does walking on concrete do to your feet?

A: Concrete floors can be a serious stressor on the body as it’s so hard and unforgiving. Whether you’re standing or walking on it, it can take a toll on your body that could take years to recover from. It will not only lead to sore feet, but swollen feet, legs, joint issues such as knee, ankle, and hip pain, and even spinal or neck issues. Over months or years, you could even experience chronic pain or injuries related to it if you do not wear the proper shoes.

Q: Are memory foam shoes good for your feet?

A: It kind of depends on the foam and how it’s used. You want memory foam to be cushy but not so soft that your feet sink right through. You want the foam to also offer a good amount of support and absorb impact to keep that stress off of your body.

Q: Are concrete floors bad for your health?

A: Yes, they are. To help combat this, you do need to wear the right kind of footwear, which we have plenty of on this guide.

Tips For Choosing Shoes for Walking Concrete

#1: Make sure they go with your environment/situation.

If you need to dress up for work, where you’ll be walking on concrete floors, then you probably want to avoid the sneakers or booties on this guide and stay with the slip-ons and clogs. These look more sophisticated and professional.

#2: Make sure to break your shoes in.

If you’re going from shoes that aren’t ideal for walking on concrete you want to make the transition smooth but somewhat-slow. First, try wearing them around the house for half an hour to an hour every day for a week. Then, you can move that up to wearing them for a couple of hours per day. On the third week you have them, you should be able to wear them all day long or at least for an entire work shift.

#3: Make sure the toe box is roomy enough.

You want the toe box to allow your toes to fully splay out, so they’re never squished or restricted. This will allow you to have a more natural push-off, which will reduce pain and increase stability.


Now that you know just about everything you could ever need to about the best shoes for walking on concrete, have you made up your mind? If you’re still undecided, you can rest assured that whichever model you select is one of the best in the world for reducing stress on the body while walking or standing on concrete.

However, it is important to make a decision for which pair is best for your body and environment. We hope that our guide has helped you to do exactly that, as well as offered you a deeper understanding about what shoes you should avoid. Thanks for tuning in and we’ll see you again shortly!

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