The 7 Best Women’s Bikes [Hybrids & Cruisers] – 2021 Reviews

Incorporate this exercise into your commute, we examine this year's top bikes for women

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Whether you’re looking to hang out along the beach or just get from point A to point B in style, one of your best bets is a cruiser or hybrid bike.

These bikes are look great and are comfortable enough to ride for long distances! As you can expect, there are seemingly countless options out there.

That’s why we’ve done the research on tons of models to bring you the top women’s bikes out there. Let’s get started!

Best Women’s Cruiser & Hybrid Bikes

 sizthreezero Body EaseFirmstrong Urban LadySchwinn Wayfarer Bike
Style:Hybrid / ComfortCruiserHybrid / Cruiser
Speeds:3, 7, 21 Available1, 3, 7, 21 Available7
Suspension:Front & Seat ShocksNoneNone

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Quick Answer: The 7 Best Rated Women’s Bikes For 2021

  1. sizthreezero Body Ease Women’s Comfort Bike
  2. Firmstrong Urban Lady Single Speed
  3. Schwinn Wayfarer Bike Hybrid Retro-Styled Cruiser
  4. sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle
  5. Retrospec Beaumont Speed Lady’s Urban City Commuter Bike
  6. Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike for Men and Women
  7. sixthreezero Around The Block Women’s Beach Cruiser

Our reviews to the top rated women’s cruiser & hybrid bikes with our comparison table and buyers guide will help you choose the right bike for you.

Women’s Bike Reviews

sizthreezero Body Ease Women’s Comfort Bike at a Glance:

  • Speeds: 3, 7, 21 Available
  • Wheel Size: 26″
  • Color(s): 4
  • Style: Comfort
  • Suspension: Front shocks, Seat shock

Are you on the hunt for the best ladies bike in terms of comfort? Then look no further than the sixthreezero Body Ease Women’s Comfort Bicycle.

Not only is it nice to ride, but it looks nice, too! You’ll get 4 different color options to choose from: Cream, Matte Black, Navy Blue, or Teal.

All come with a retro-esque brown seat, except for the Matte Black which also features a sleek black seat.

The 3-speed (7, 21 available) comfort bike is perfect for recreational riding and light exercise riders who enjoy cruising along but still have enough gears to get over small hills.

Gearing is reliable up to speeds of 15 miles per hour and rides up to 20 miles.

If you plan on taking it on cobbled streets, bumpy roads, or other uneven terrain, the vibratory front suspension helps reduce vibration and shock.

On top of that, the frame geometry is made to absorb bumps which will leave you feeling less fatigued during and after your adventures.

The 2-inch wide tires add a bit of extra cushion, as well. Finally, you’ll find a rear rack which lets you add on panniers and accessories, if you’d like!

Firmstrong Urban Lady Single Speed at a Glance:

  • Speeds: 1, 3, 7, 21 Available
  • Wheel Size: 24″, 26″ Available
  • Color(s): 30+
  • Style: Cruiser
  • Suspension: None

The Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle has a lot to offer for a bike that’s less than $200.

The best cruiser bike for women comes in over 30 different color schemes from bright, neon shades that demand attention to pretty pastels – needless to say you will look great riding it.

The classic curvy beach cruiser design is sure to turn some heads, providing proper summer vibes that make it hard to go inside!

The 26-inch model only has one speed, though if you’re just looking for simple, stress-free riding then a single-speed is all you need. (3, 7, 21 speeds are available)

White-wall balloon tires give a classic feel, and offer a cushioned ride complete with user-friendly coaster brakes. You’ll find knobby tires, along with

An oversized seat add even more comfort while also providing a more stable, balanced experience.

Finally, you’ll find wide handlebars and rubber/synthetic leather grips to eliminate callouses and sore spots while giving you more control.

The frame is comprised of steel and the wheels, aluminum. This helps keep it lightweight while ensuring durability that will last you for many seasons to come.

Assembly is pretty simple, as it comes 80% assembled, so you’ll be able to get out there right away without delay!

Schwinn Wayfarer Bike Hybrid Retro-Styled Cruiser at a Glance:

  • Speeds: 7
  • Wheel Size: 700C
  • Color(s): 4
  • Style: Hybrid, Cruiser
  • Suspension: None

When you looking for the best hybrid bikes for women, the Schwinn Wayfarer Hybrid Retro-Styled Cruiser is definitely worth a look.

This model comes in either a bright Yellow, Light Mint, Black, or Blue, so you don’t have a ton of options to choose from but each one looks nice and stylish.

The versatile style is perfect for riding to class, taking quick trips to a nearby store, or simply riding it all over downtown.

You’ll be looking good, and more importantly, feeling good while being able to travel with minimal effort on your part.

7 speed shifters allow you to take it over flat ground, and more challenging hills so you can take on anything that comes your way!

To ensure the bike lasts you for many years to come, the frame is made up of a durable steel which won’t rust or wear down.

You’ll also find a convenient rack to hold your purchases, along with coordinating fenders.

Schwinn is one of the most respected and recognized bike brands in the world, so you can be certain that anything they make will be made with quality and appearance in mind.

That’s exactly what you get with their signature spring seat, which will let you ride the bike for extended periods of time without feeling sore or uncomfortable.

It also comes covered with vinyl, which won’t rip, fade, or tear. It creates an upright riding position which for most, feels the most natural, but is also the best on your back and neck.

If that weren’t enough, the brand has also generously included a limited lifetime warranty to cover you as long as you have your bike!

sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle at a Glance:

  • Speeds: 1, 3, 7, 21 Available
  • Wheel Size: 24″, 26″ Available
  • Color(s): 12
  • Style: Hybrid, Cruiser
  • Suspension: None

Next, we have another hybrid cruiser, this time the sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s Step-Through Hybrid Alloy Beach Cruiser Bicycle.

This one comes in either a 24-inch, 26-inch, and eBike. The step-through frame makes it easier to get on and off, which is essential if you’re in a hurry and also lowers the risk of tripping while doing so.

Speaking of the frame, it’s also made of aluminum which isn’t quite as heavy-duty as aluminum but is still very tough and lightweight so you’ll be able to travel easier.

The 7-speed (1, 3, 21 available) hybrid touring bike is perfect for urban travel just as well as by the beach.

The 26” wheels are good-sized and come with 2” semi-slick tires which are very smooth and well-cushioned.

The foot-forward seat and pedal position is great for varying heights of different riders so when you stop you can have your feet flat on the ground securely while still staying seated.

It also allows for optimal pedaling and leg extension so you will be able to exercise more naturally and comfortably.

You’ll also find a rear rack to use with optional panniers, baskets, and other helpful accessories.

The full fenders will help keep you protected from rain and debris, making it great to use in various seasons throughout the year!

Including a dual spring seat and leather-stitched grips, comfort is always at the forefront of this design.

This model is ideal for single-ride trips of up to 30 miles, and speeds up to 30 miles per hour.

Retrospec Beaumont Lady’s Urban City Commuter Bike at a Glance:

  • Speeds: 7
  • Wheel Size: 700C
  • Color(s): 4
  • Style: Hybrid
  • Suspension: None

Nearing the end of our list, we have the Retrospec Beaumon Lady’s Urban City Commuter Bike.

Retrospec isn’t a brand that’s quite as well-known as most others out our guide, but there are many people who still consider this model to be the best bike for women.

You’ll get your choice of 4 eye-catching colors such as Olive, Eggshell, Blush Pink, and Black – all of which have a classic yet expensive feel to them.

While it is slightly more expensive than most others on our guide, it’s more than worth it. First off, it’s easily one of the most visually stunning models we’ve seen, especially at this price.

It’s sure to be the envy of other bikers in the city, no matter which kind of environment you’re in.

The 7 different speeds will let you take the bike just about anywhere you want to go, from steep inclines, to flat sidewalks, to bumpy terrain.

A Shimano rear derailleur and RevoShift grip shifter makes it smooth and simple to transition between gears.

To help with convenience and comfort, you’ll get nicely sized 700x35C tires for great grip and excellent shock absorption.

While it may be lightweight, the frame is made from high-tensile strength steel. This will ensure your bike withstands all kind of weather conditions and last you for a long time, even with regular use!

To finish things off, you’ll find a cushy seat and plush grips so even hours-long trips will keep you comfy.

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike at a Glance:

  • Speeds: 21
  • Wheel Size: 28″
  • Color(s): 2
  • Style: Hybrid
  • Suspension: Front shocks, Seat shock

We’re yet again bringing you another Schwinn bike – this time we present you with the Discover Hybrid Bike. This is easily one of the most versatile, high-performing bikes out there, and earning high praise from Amazon users.

It comes with a very reasonable price tag when you take all it’s features into consideration. You do only get 2 color options to choose from: White or Black.

While we would have liked to have seen a bit more versatility in this regard, they both look sleek and clean – Schwinn doesn’t need flashy colors when everything else is already impressive.

The frame is made up of a lightweight aluminum which is easy to maneuver, whether you’re pushing or pedaling it along.

It’s also very durable and resistant to rust/corrosion, so if you live in a humid or rainy area you’ll be able to count on having this best women’s bicycle for many seasons.

Coming with a Schwinn suspension fork and alloy crank, the hybrid features an adjustable stem with a backsweep handlebar for a very high level of comfort.

Anatomic grips with dual density construction are easy to keep a solid hold onto and feel natural to use, even on long rides.

The sport seat is wide enough to eliminate sore spots, and a built-in rack allows for optional accessories or extra storage/transportation.

If you live in San Francisco, Seattle, or any other hilly area, you’ll no doubt appreciate how easy it is to climb up a hill.

That’s all due to the 21-speed SRAM grip shifter and Shimano rear derailleur, alloy twist shifters, and 4-finger brake levers.

To keep the ride looking nice, you’ll find fenders to help keep dirt and grime away.

If that weren’t enough, you even get an adjustable angle option, a gear carrier, and Promax alloy linear pull brakes.

sixthreezero Around The Block Women’s Beach Cruiser at a Glance:

  • Speeds: 1, 3 Available
  • Wheel Size: 24″, 26″ Available
  • Color(s): 4
  • Style: Cruiser
  • Suspension: None

We thought we’d finish things off on a high note, with the sixthreezero Around the Block Women’s Cruiser Bike.

We’re aware that this is the third sixthreezero bike we’ve featured, but we wouldn’t feel right leaving this wonderful model off of our guide. Let us show you why!

Let’s start off with the most obvious – appearance. It’s definitely one of the most attractive bikes out there, coming in an array of retro shades like Mint Green, Navy Blue, Light Plum, Cream, and Coral.

Each one looks straight out of a magazine or movie, with blacked-out components for increased style and a modernistic edge.

The classic, curvy beach cruiser evokes a feeling of nostalgia, made perfectly for the city just as well as the beach.

The 17-inch durable steel frame easily holds up well against bumps and bangs, always looking brand-new.

However, we’d say it’s most appropriate for relaxed, casual rides in areas with low traffic. As it’s only 1-speed, it admittedly isn’t ideal for steep hills and rougher terrain.

The upright riding style makes it easy to pedal for long periods of time, promoting correct posture and eliminating stress and tension in the shoulders, neck, and back.

The wide handlebar makes it easy to control, and the foam grips are nice and plushy.

A dual-spring saddle makes for an even more luxurious experience, and the large waffle-tread tires contribute even more cushion!

Women’s Cruiser & Hybrid Bike Comparison Table

Women's Bikes SpeedsSizeColor(s)StyleRating
sizthreezero Body Ease Comfort Bike3, 7, 2126"4Comfort4.2 / 5.0
Firmstrong Urban Lady1, 3, 7, 2126"30+Cruiser4.3 / 5.0
Schwinn Wayfarer Hybrid Bike7700C4Hybrid, Cruiser3.7 / 5.0
sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women's Bike1, 3, 7, 2124", 26"12Hybrid, Cruiser4.6 / 5.0
Retrospec Beaumont Hybrid7700C4Hybrid4.1 / 5.0
Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike2128"2Hybrid3.9 / 5.0
sixthreezero Around The Block Bike1, 324",26"4Cruiser4.5 / 5.0

How to Choose the Best Women’s Bike – Buying Guide

best hybrid bike for women

Now that you’ve made it through each of the women’s cruiser and hybrid bike reviews, do you know which one you’d like?

If not, then there’s no need to worry! We realize it can be confusing trying to narrow it down to just one model, especially when there are so many wonderful options out there!

On top of that, a bike is a very personal thing, and everyone has different tastes. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to write up the user-friendly buying guide below.

This guide will take you through each step of the process to ensure you’re 100% certain which bike is for you, by the time you’re done reading. Let’s jump right in!


First off, it’s necessary to determine the kind of environment you’re going to be riding your bike in.

You’re going to need something quite different riding on a flat sidewalk then you would be pedaling up steep inclines, after all.

In addition, if you’re riding on a slick, smooth surface then you’ll need something that will keep you from skidding around or losing your balance.

If you will be riding on bumpy, uneven surfaces, then you need something to provide extra cushion and absorb shocks and vibrations.

Bike Size

Another essential part here is figuring out which size of bike you need! It’s extremely unsafe to ride a bike that doesn’t suit the size of your body and leg length.

If it’s too small, you may hit your knees on the handlebars which may impede upon proper pedaling.

If it’s too big, then you can easily lose your balance, and when you stop you may not be able to place your feet on the ground to safely stand up or stop.

There are bikes of all sizes, so we’re confident that there’s at least one model to fit your individual body!


The frame makes up the bulk of the bike, making it a pretty big factor in how well it performs for you.

The materials used for the frame impact the strength and durability of a cruiser bicycle, so you must pay attention to that factor.

The 2 most common materials you’ll see here (in the top models, at least) are steel and aluminum. The materials are very similar, with a few different traits.

Steel frames are overall the most durable, but also more hefty so they may be a tad bit more difficult to maneuver.

Aluminum frames are also very tough but are slightly lighter in weight. Aluminum, due to the lighter weight, is going to be a little more expensive, too.

best cruiser bike for women

Gears / Speeds

You may have seen that each model has a different number of gears, but what does it mean? Should you get a 1 or a 21-speed?

We’ll fill you in. In general, cruisers are going to be a single-speed, or have 3 or 7-speed gears.

Single-speed bikes are made for very casual, relaxed riding like you may do through your neighborhood or at the beach.

3 or 7-gear bikes are ideal for traveling long distances or climbing hills.

Any higher than that, and you’re going to be able to climb just about the steepest hills out there, so if you live in an area with different types of terrain/environments, then the higher the number of gears, the better.


Also take into consideration the types of brakes you’d like to have. There are three major types:

Coaster Brakes – are what most of us used as children so are often more intuitive or natural for us to use. Since they only stop the rear wheel they will not be able to stop the bike as quickly as rim or disc brakes. They’re not as quick nor responsive as hand brakes, so that’s something to think about!

Rim Brakes – are by far the most common type of brakes and for good reason. They work well and are inexpensive. They work by compressing rubber pads on the rim of the wheel. The work far better than coaster brakes but not quite as well as disc.

Disc Brakes – These are the most expensive and responsive brakes you can get on a bike. They work just like the brakes in your car. Pads compress a disc that is attached to the wheel. The primary advantages are they work better when the wheel gets wet and they can stop the bike faster.


No matter how expensive or high-tech your bike is, it doesn’t matter at all if it’s not comfortable for you.

Even if you’re just intending on using your bike for short distances, like to the grocery store or around campus, comfort is important.

There are various aspects to consider here: the seat/saddle, handlebar width, and hand grips.

Seat/Saddle – This is quite possibly the most crucial part when it comes to comfort – aside from the bike’s size, that is.

A saddle that isn’t the right size for you is going to cause you discomfort the moment you get on it, and you can expect that discomfort to only increase the longer you ride it!

For cruisers, wider seats are usually preferred, and double-spring models offer a bit more give over bumps and such.

Handlebar Width – The width of the handlebars is going to affect how much control you have over the bike, with wider handlebars generally offering a bit more control.

Not only that, but wider bars often allow your upper body to relax a bit more and helps to promote upright sitting and correct posture.

Hand Grips – If the grips on your bike are hard and unforgiving, you’re going to have to deal with hot spots, callouses, and possibly even a less secure grip which then becomes a safety issue.

Ideally, you’ll want well-cushioned grips with a great amount of traction to inspire more confidence, control, and of course comfort.


Maintenance is an often-overlooked factor when purchasing bicycles, though is very important in how your experience is.

For example, your bike may perform great on the road or at the beach, but if you have to constantly keep track of the conditions it’s in then it’s going to take a bit of joy out of the experience.

Some people don’t mind this, so focus on how much you’re realistically willing to put in to maintain your bike, as it’s necessary to have your bike always working at 100%.


Usually these extras are going to come in the form of both hand and pedal brakes, which is always nice to have that option – or a rear rack which allows for optional panniers, baskets, or other cool accessories.


How much are you willing to spend on a good women’s cruiser or hybrid bike?

It’s a wise idea to come up with a number and set a budget for yourself before you start looking around as it’s also quite easy to fall in love with a certain bike and spend more than you’d originally intended on.

This can create buyer’s remorse, which we don’t want. We want you to be completely happy with your bicycle – whichever one you choose.

When you spend a bit more, you can expect to receive some extras like those mentioned above, and perhaps a bit more comfort (though this is not a rule).

FAQs About Bikes For Women

Q: What is a hybrid bike?

A: Hybrid bikes feature different characteristics from more specialized road bikes, touring bikes, mountain bikes, and even cruiser bikes.

This essentially offers you the best of all worlds, with great amounts of comfort from cruisers, and the ability to ride in various types of environments and weather conditions.

Q: What is a cruiser bike?

A: Cruiser bikes are easy to get confused with hybrid bikes, mainly because they’re not all that different from one-another.

They’re also made for casual riding and feature a comfortable/natural upright seated position and wide seat.

Most are going to be 1-speed or 3-speed and often come with the coaster brakes which are intuitive for most casual bikers.

Q: Should I get a hybrid or cruiser bike?

A: This all depends on your personal preferences and where you’re planning on using your bike.

If you’re going to be taking it in varied environments like on flat ground and steep hills, then a hybrid is going to be your best bet.

If you just need a bike for relaxed rides to class, around your apartment complex, etc. then cruiser bikes are going to be what you’ll probably prefer.

Q: What is a good entry level hybrid bike?

A: Each of the hybrid bike models we’ve featured on our guide are perfect for entry level riders.

They are easy to get on and off of, they’re durable, easy to maneuver, very comfortable, affordable, and look great! What more could you want?

Tips For Choosing Women’s Bikes

#1: Make sure you pick the correct bike size for you.

Your height is going to determine the frame size and wheel you require. For women, you’ll have 24” – 26” in wheels and 12-15 inches in frame.

This is the standard, however, and people all have different bodies!

A 15-18” frame should be great for most average-sized adults though if you’re over 6 feet tall then you’ll want to consider an extended frame!

#2: Make sure to make yourself aware of what your bike is capable of.

What we mean by this, is to not take, for example, your single-speed bike up a steep hill on a rainy day.

This is not going to end well and could cause you and your bike some serious injuries.

We covered this briefly above, but if you have any doubts, the manufacturer will also typically elaborate on this.

#3: Always make sure to properly maintain your bike.

This includes making sure the chains are well-oiled, that the wheels have enough air in them, that they don’t have holes, that nothing is loose, etc.


Now that you’ve had the chance to read everything you could ever want to know about the best cruiser and hybrid bikes for women, which one will you be riding in the near future?

If you still haven’t made a decision, you can rest easy knowing that whichever one you select will be one of the best in the world.

However, what’s most important is that you choose one that perfectly suits your environment, body, and preferences.

We hope that our guide was able to help you do just that. Thanks for tuning in and we’ll see you again shortly. Happy riding!

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With so many options available, the authors narrowed down the selections by using products they felt were the best value for the money.

The staff authors have a wide and varied background as fitness trainers, yoga instructors and runners. The authors have decades of experience and are eager to share their knowledge with readers.

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