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Best Women’s Workout wishes to see as many women as possible around the world become stronger, fitter, healthier, and happier.

We aim to inspire our readers to exercise more, eat healthier, and live a less sedentary life. In this way, they will not only improve their physical health but will see significant improvements in their mental health too.

We want to see them do this in a safe environment with due consideration for the potential bad consequences of over-exercising or poor nutrition.


  1. Knowledge empowers women. Through our content, we share our experience and knowledge about women’s health and fitness with our readers in order to empower them. Our articles enable women to learn about the differences between women’s health products within a particular category or provide information that helps women to begin to enjoy a new physical activity or helps them improve their skills in a sport.
  2. Exercise is good for women’s physical health. The CDC recommends that adult women spend 150 minutes a week or more performing moderate exercise. Nowadays, our lifestyle is becoming more and more sedentary, and that is extremely bad for a woman’s health. We often sit all day at work, then sit while commuting, then sit at home viewing TV or checking out Facebook. Finally, we go to bed, and that is also sedentary. Medical scientists have discovered that a sedentary lifestyle can potentially decrease your lifespan.
  3. Exercise is also good for women’s mental health. Medical studies have proved that physical exercise has a positive impact on women’s mental health. It improves mood, prevents depression, lowers anxiety, and decreases stress levels.
  4. Exercise should be fun. You may have heard men say, “No pain no gain!” This is simply not true. You can participate in fun exercises, such as Zumba, without any pain and gain.
  5. Eating well is also important for good health. It is not enough to just exercise. If you do not consume the necessary nutrients (the vitamins and minerals your body needs) you will not become healthy. Eating a balanced diet and supplementing it with vitamins where necessary is essential if you want to be stronger, fitter, and healthier.


We do not accept money from manufacturers to place their products in our content.

Manufacturers do not compensate us when we review their products in our articles.

This website has no advertisements.

Without readers, we would not survive.

Most of our revenue comes from commissions. If you click on a link on our website and then purchase a product from a seller, we get a small commission.

This seller pays this commission and not you. You pay nothing more than the stated price. You lose nothing.

We would never encourage you to purchase a more expensive women’s health product in order to gain a higher commission. We often make recommendations, but these are tailored to specific groups of women. For example, we may state that a particular product is better for experts in a sport while another is better for beginners.

We will often state that a particular women’s health product is the best for readers on a budget even though this will result in less commission for us if you buy something cheaper. We want you to buy the product that is best for you, not us.

We will give our opinion about which is the best women’s health product overall in a round-up review. We call this best product our Editor’s Choice.

The Editor’s Choice is the product that we feel provides the best value for money overall. However, this is only our opinion. We would encourage you to make up your mind from the information we provide. It is better if you purchase nothing at all rather than choose a product that is wrong for you.

One important reason why we do this is that we want you to be happy with our recommendations and continue reading our articles. If we make poor recommendations or give out incorrect information, we will lose readers and get a bad reputation.

Since we rely on readers to earn commissions, losing readers would be bad for us. So, we will always strive to be clear, informative, honest, and helpful. We will tell you about a product’s cons as well as its pros.

Our main aim is to gain the trust of our readers by making the right calls. This will help us to grow our readership. The more readers we gain, the more we will thrive as an organization.


Our contributors gather information from multiple sources before writing reviews. Nobody can know everything, so it makes sense to use as many data points as possible.

Our content is written by experts who bring their own opinions to the table. But they also take into consideration customer feedback about a women’s health product when making any recommendation. Other important factors when reviewing a product will be the opinions offered by other experts they consult and field testing.

Our multiple data point approach means that our reviews are more trustworthy. They are not biased by the opinion of just one person. In this way, Best Women’s Workout can save our readers money and time by making recommendations that they can trust.

If you want to know more, check out our section on Why You Can Trust Best Women’s Workouts.


Ericka Parker is a personal trainer who is passionate about helping women to achieve their personal goals. She loves to see women become healthier, fitter, and happier. She established the Best Women’s Workout website so that she could reach more women around the world and share her knowledge and experience.

Ericka wanted to create a website where women could find advice about how to start getting fit. A place where women could learn about the pros and cons of specific pieces of exercise equipment. An online resource to find everything they need to become the best woman they can be.

Best Women’s Workout are interested to hear your thoughts about our reviews and informational articles. Please check out the comments section beneath each article and drop us a line.

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