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Our Content

Best Women’s Workout publishes 4 kinds of content: round-up product reviews, individual product reviews, “how-to” articles, and informational articles.

Round-up product reviews introduce you to the best-quality and top-rated women’s health products. We research a specific category of product, for example, Vitamin D Supplements, and discover which are the most popular and best quality products within that category.

Once we have identified what experts, customers, and our reviewers feel are the best products, we write an in-depth review of a reasonable number of choices. Typically, this will be 5 or 7 products within the category that we have identified as the best. The choice of which products are the best is based on a combination of our writer’s exhaustive research, the opinions of existing customers, other expert opinions, and field testing.

In these reviews, we break down the main features of each product. These features will be heavily dependent upon the type of product we are reviewing. For example, for Women’s Weight Benches, we will mention the bench weight limit, its size, whether it folds for storage, and any special features each bench possesses, but for Women’s Long-Distance Running Shoes, we would consider the material used to make the soles, the uppers, the color schemes, and the available sizes.

Within these reviews, we will often make recommendations. We may identify the product that we believe is the best budget buy. We will identify the product that, in our opinion, is the best. However, we will also identify an Editor’s Choice.

The Editor’s Choice product is the one that we feel represents the best overall choice for most women. It may not be the “best” if the best costs 10 x the price of all the other choices, and it will not be the cheapest unless the cheapest also beats its competitors for quality and features. It will be a product that represents the best value for our readers.

Individual product reviews focus on one specific women’s health product. For example, a specific workout routine such as the Focus T25 Workout. Such reviews will go into much more depth than the round-up product reviews and produce a detailed analysis of the product’s strengths and weaknesses.

Individual product reviews may make a recommendation concerning the product. This will not be a simple “it’s good” or “it’s bad” conclusion. Some pieces of exercise equipment are ideal for beginners but not so much for more experienced sportswomen. Some may be too challenging for beginners and only suitable for more experienced athletes. Typically, the review will make a recommendation about which women will most benefit from using the product.

“How-to” articles are designed to empower women to make healthier choices in their lives and improve their fitness level. For example, we have articles about how to Strengthen Your Upper Body, How To Start Yoga, and How To Buy Walking Shoes. We hope that we can have a positive impact on the lives of the women who visit our website by teaching them something practical and beneficial.

Information articles provide more general information about an area of women’s health. For example, our article on the Benefits of Massage and our article on the Best Foods To Power Workouts. Such articles do not tell you how to give a massage or how to prepare healthy food. They simply provide useful information about the subject that enables you to make an informed decision about whether you’re interested in learning more about that health-related subject.

You will find that all our articles are clear, informative, helpful, and objective. We want to help you by informing you and not confusing you.

Our Process

The high quality of our content is entirely due to the great team of authors here at Best Women’s Workout. We take pride in our highly motivated group of writers who are all passionate about women’s health, fitness, and mental well-being.

All of our contributors are actively involved in sports and fitness training, and that is reflected in the engaging content they produce. Our readers deserve expert-written articles, and so that is what we deliver.

When assigning an article topic to a specific writer, the priority is that the author must have expertise about and extensive real-life experience of the activity or product concerned. Our contributors have sweated in the gym and worn holes in their running shoes to get to where they are today.

Having said that, nobody can know everything about a subject. That is why our writers draw from a wider pool when creating an article. They not only consider their own opinion, but they also gather customer opinions, other expert opinions before reaching any conclusions. Working in collaboration, our authors can create a more accurate and informative article.

And that is not where our process ends. We employ editors to check our articles to ensure that they are as clear as possible so that our readers can feel informed rather than confused when they read about the latest women’s exercise gear or how to do begin in a new sport.

Equipment & Revenue

Sometimes we may receive samples of exercise gear for testing, but we never solicit donations from manufacturers. Manufacturers do not pay us to review their products or to place their products in our lists of recommended women’s health products. We preserve editorial independence and all our reviews are objective.

Most of our revenue comes from affiliate links. If you read one of our reviews, decide to click on a link to one of the products featured, and then buy that product, the seller will sometimes pay us a small commission. This commission does not increase the price you pay for the product. But this commission does enable us to keep on reviewing new women’s health products and to continue producing informative and helpful articles for our readership.

We would never attempt to mislead our readers about the quality or features of a product. For example, we would never claim that an exercise machine will turn you into the next Serena Williams within 6 weeks when we know it will not even make you the next Marge Simpson.

We would not do this not only because it is dishonest but also because it would ruin our reputation and reduce our readership. Unless we maintain a good reputation and increase our readership, we will not receive the commissions we need to keep the site going.

In order to grow our reputation and readership, we always aim to create clear, honest, accurate, and helpful content. Such well-written articles are as beneficial for us as they are for you.

Our Ethos

We love informing you about women’s health products and showing you how you can do bigger and better things. However, we understand that sometimes it’s necessary to have face-to-face communication with qualified professionals. That means not only fitness trainers like Ericka but also sometimes medical professionals and dietary experts.

Please understand that reading a “how-to” guide on Best Woman’s Workout is no substitute for going to the gym and getting guidance in using the equipment from a fitness expert there. Nor is an article about the best way to treat a foot injury as good as visiting your physician, a physiotherapist, or a chiropractor.

Before you start any course of physical exercise, you should consult with a medical expert. This is especially true if you suffer from any serious medical conditions or you have recently suffered an illness.

Best Women’s Workout wants you to get healthier, stronger, and happier. We encourage you to exercise more and eat sensibly. However, you must understand that you need to do more than just read informative articles to improve your health and fitness.

Giving Is Better Than…

At Best Women’s Workout, we believe it is important to contribute to the wider community. That is why we support Feeding America. Feeding America is a not-for-profit organization that helps those who cannot help themselves.

It is shocking to hear that children are going hungry in America every day. It is the twenty-first century! We must work together to end hunger in America forever.

We urge you to check out Feeding America and the wonderful work they are doing all around the nation. If you are one of the fortunate individuals who has more than they need, please consider making a small donation of your own to Feeding America.

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