The 7 Best Zumba Pants – [2024 Reviews & Guide]

Feel and look amazing during your workout, we break down this year's top Zumba pants

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So you love your Zumba dance exercise classes, but you are not completely happy with the pants you are wearing for your workouts.

You can both look great and feel comfortable if you choose the right pair of pants. This buyers guide will help you choose the best Zumba pants for your workout sessions.

To make your search for the best pair of Zumba pants just that little bit easier, were going to look at 7 quality capris, leggings and cargo pants.

All of these are ideal to wear during your Zumba dance routine, being well designed, flattering, comfortable, demonstrating great wicking, and easy to wash.

Don’t forget a pair of Zumba shoes for your workouts, try Zumba in your home with these Zumba DVD’s.

Here is a feature overview of my top picks for each style of Zumba pants with our buyers guide below.

Best Pants For Zumba

Zumba Fitness, LLC. Feelin' It Samba PantsRBX Active Lightweight Body Skimming Capri PantsZumba Fitness Women's Crave Worthy Cargo Pants
Material:70% cotton & 30% polyester95% Polyester/5% Spandex100% Nylon
Features:D-rings, Tassels, Waistline sash with belt loops for cinching"X-DRI" fabric offers quick sweat-wicking to keep you dry

Stretch fabric for comfort during workouts
Baggy loose fit for comfort during Zumba workouts

Best Capri Pants For Zumba

Rugged Bear X-Treme began distributing sportswear over a decade ago and evolved into RBX Active with the mission goal of producing sports clothing that made the wearer feel confident about her body.

They aim to enrich their customers’ lives through provision of affordable, quality and stylish workout outfits that are both practical and a great value for money.

These Zumba capris are super comfy and stylish. The lightweight fabric is loose and stretchy enough to allow complete freedom of movement yet still tight enough to avoid sag. The drawstring works really well, allowing the waist to be adjusted for an optimum fit.


  • 95% Polyester & 5% Spandex
  • Sweat-wicking fabric designed using X-DRI Technology to provide good coverage and support
  • Great shape retention with four-way stretch
  • Machine cold washable for minimum shrinkage
  • Adjustable waistband for good fit
  • Adjustable ankle closing for good fit
  • 2 pockets

However, be aware that the pockets are a little shallow and would not be suitable to hold your cellphone or money since they would be liable to drop out, especially if you actually kept things in your pocket while enjoying your Zumba dance workout. But if you just use these for Zumba or for jobs around the house, they’re perfect.

#2 BALEAF Women’s Active Yoga Capri Pants

The baggy fit on these capris makes them super comfortable when performing energetic workouts. The lightweight, high quality fabric absorbs sweat rapidly and dries quickly.

With a combination of elastic waist and a drawstring these pants will give you a perfect fit. The fabric is light and moisture wicking so if you workup a good sweat they will stay dry and comfortable.

BALEAF specializes in Zumba related accessories, so these pants are designed especially to make you feel great when performing your Zumba dance routine.

These pants are perfect for not only Zumba but jogging, working out at the gym or yoga.


  • 88% cotton & 12% Spandex
  • Moisture wicking fabric
  • Shape retentive
  • Shrink resistant
  • Side pockets and drawstring closure

The cotton rich fabric is really durable and can be washed loads of times without losing their color or excessive shrink. Note that hang dry is preferable to machine dry with this material to minimize the risk of shrinking.

The fit around the waist is super comfy, but a little loose, so beware of putting heavy items in the pockets when you’re planning an energetic dance routine if you want them to stay put.

Champion is a sportswear company that should need no introduction. They have manufactured sports uniforms and clothing in northern New York State since they were founded ninety-eight years ago, and their logo is instantly recognizable worldwide by athletes and sports fans alike.

As you would expect from a brand with Champion’s experience and reputation, these capris are really well made — a comfortable cut and flattering.

They are baggy in the butt area and help you stay cool when working out. Unlike many other Zumba pants on the market, the pockets on these are actually deep enough to hold your cellphone.


  • Available in a range of different breathable, lightweight fabrics: 100% cotton; 90% cotton & 10% Polyester; 60% cotton & 40% polyester. You can choose what you feel most comfortable with
  • Machine washable
  • Draw cord for better fit
  • 2 pockets

They do shrink a little after a few washes, but to an insignificant degree. They are very affordable for such a high quality product from a well reputed company. These are ideal for your Zumba dance workout.

Best Leggings For Zumba

Established in 1989, Baleaf Sports provides a range of high quality sports clothes which they export worldwide. They aim to work in partnership with manufactures to provide functional and comfortable sportswear at the best prices on the market.

These leggings are well designed with feminine lines that provide the wearer with a flattering look during workouts. No matter how energetically you move, the elastic waistband will stay put — no roll down and no panties on display.


  • 87% Nylon & 13% Spandex
  • Breathable, sweat-wicking, stretchy fabric
  • Convenient, hidden mini-pocket in the waistband
  • Elasticated waistband, providing a comfortable, snug fit
  • Flat seams reduce the irritation that results from chafing
  • Ergonomically designed seams to allow for a natural range of motion

Some ladies have even used them for kickboxing sessions and suffered no slip, so the energetic movements of Zumba are no problem for anybody wearing these leggings. The fabric is durable and yet not too bulky or thick.

On the negative side, the mini pocket really is mini. It’s a good place to keep your locker key safe during your workout, but not somewhere you can store anything really bulky.

These leggings by Zumba Fitness, LLC are a pleasure to wear, absorbing sweat rapidly but they dry fast and help you feel cool.

They feel airy and super comfortable to wear not only during exercise, but also when you’re cleaning around the house or gardening. It’s great that they’re also easy to clean.


  • 70% cotton & 30% polyester
  • 2 pockets with Zumba logo printed on edge
  • D-rings on pockets where key rings can be attached
  • Tassels with metallic/neon Zumba logo
  • Waistline sash with belt loops for cinching
  • Inner ribbon and snap for rolling up leg

The fabric in these wears really well and will easily withstand multiple washes, but make sure to hang dry them rather than machine dry. Clothes dryers will tend to cause shrinkage.

Beware that with this design when you add too much weight to the pockets then the leggings will slip down during vigorous exercise.

It would be better to exercise with empty pockets and only load them up when you’re using these leggings to do moderate exercise or housework.With empty pockets, these are perfect Zumba leggings.

Best Cargo Pants For Zumba

These well-made cargo pants by Zumba Fitness, LLC. are flattering, lightweight, and super comfy when you’re performing Zumba dance routines.

Although the fabric is thin and helps you keep cool during your workout, it is also durable enough to withstand many washes without any fading of the color.


  • Cotton / Poly blend
  • All over weave print in contrasting color on waistband
  • 4 pockets: 2 front, 2 on side above the knee
  • Drawstring closure

Outside of dance classes, the multiple pockets are really useful when using these pants for odd jobs around the house or other leisure activities, such as hiking or kayaking.

The waist to crotch inseam measurement is a little on the short side with these pants, so some ladies may find that the pants slide a little too much when bending over during certain dance moves. With the widest variety of colors and styles, you are sure to find one that suits your style!

These high quality pants are cute, flattering, and comfy to move in. The snaps are great when summer comes for rolling up the pants to make them even cooler. They are really hard-wearing, so you will get a lot of use out of these stylish pants.


  • 100% nylon for breathability
  • Bungee cord and stopper inserted at hem to ensure a perfect fit
  • 6 pockets: 2 front, 2 rear, 2 on side at knee level
  • Official Zumba logo print on one leg
  • Snapped tie below knee allows the wearer to roll up

With all those pockets, they’re not just great to wear during your Zumba dance routine, they are practical for other occasions, too. You can also use them for jobs around the house or other leisure activities.

How to Choose the Best Zumba Pants for You

First developed by the Colombian dancer and choreographer Alberto “Beto” Perez during the nineties, the Zumba dance fitness program has come a long way over the past two decades.

It has been practiced everywhere from the Antarctic to the White House, and performed by all kinds of people from supermodels to the First Lady.

It is now a well-established international exercise phenomenon and lauded by many because of how effective it is. Zumba helps you to rapidly lose weight, become much healthier, and it is fun to do! No wonder it has become so popular so quickly.

Best Capri Pants For ZumbaJust like with any other exercise routine, you must ensure that you are preparing in the right ways: using all the right equipment, dressing appropriately, and getting the most out of the time you invest into the activity.

Serious participants in Zumba dance exercise classes will buy clothes especially for their workouts in order to maximize the benefits derived from each class, to make sure that they are as comfortable as possible while they are dancing.

They also like to look as good as they can while performing those demanding dance moves.

Obviously, you need to buy a pair of pants just to wear for your Zumba classes, but which make and style should you choose?

If you make the right selection, your workouts will be enhanced because you’ll be more comfortable and look better.

You need to make a well informed decision. In this guide the types of Zumba pants are explained, considerations you should have when buying are outlined, and seven recommendations are presented to you for consideration along with reviews.

Types of Zumba Pants

The most popular styles of pants people wear during their Zumba dance exercise classes are capris, leggings or cargos.

Capris – are close-fitting and tapered, leggings are elasticated, close-fitting pants, while cargos are loose-fitting casual pants with multiple pockets.

When adapted especially for Zumba, each of these classic styles will be altered to be more comfortable and practical, specifically for vigorous dancing moves. Capris will tend to be a bit looser than more casual capris.

Leggings – will be elasticated or cinched, but will have a little more give. The pockets on cargos will be smaller and flat compared with casual cargo pants for practicality when exercising.

Cargos – loose fitting and comfortable, cargos are usually baggy and asa result very comfortable. They are more practical for everyday wear.

But what you must consider is: which cargo pants, capri pants or leggings would it be best for you to buy in order for you to wear them to your Zumba dance exercise class?

Considerations for Zumba Pants

There are dozens of makes and styles out there to choose from, but what are the most important factors that you must consider when selecting the ideal pants to wear during your Zumba dance routine? Three factors you really must keep in mind when looking at what’s available on the market are: flexibility, fabric, durability and size.


Best Leggings For ZumbaObviously, when you’re performing an energetic dance routine, you need to be able to perform kicks, wiggle around, bend over, and generally stretch in every direction. That’s not something you can do in pants that are too tight.

But if you choose really baggy pants, those hip accenting moves that look so cool will be lost in an ocean of fabric.

Basically, baggy isn’t a great look for Zumba. Also, excessively baggy pants will be an encumbrance when you’re performing the twists and turns characteristic of the best choreographed Zumba dance routines.

What you really need are pants that exhibit a flattering look when worn to Zumba classes — loose enough to move but tight enough to stay put when you get energetic.


Best Cargo Pants For ZumbaDuring your Zumba dance routine, you burn between 500 and 1,000 calories. Burning that much energy, your body will get hot, and you will sweat… a lot.

If your pants are made from the wrong kind of fabric, that material will hold the moisture and cause chaffing and skin irritation.

What you really want when you’re sweating but still moving vigorously is fabric that is comfortable, ie.

Lightweight, moisture wicking, and breathable. Material like that will absorb the sweat and so help you keep dry and avoid the discomfort of sweaty, damp clothes.

Cotton is a material manufacturers have used to produce clothes that aim to provide cool comfort, but unfortunately pure cotton can hold the moisture.

For that reason, many clothing companies involved in the manufacturing of sportswear have researched synthetic or blend options in order to maximize wicking and comfort.

No fabric can actually prevent perspiration, but synthetics or blends will not hold the moisture so much as pure cotton. A good blended fabric will keep you drier and more comfortable during your Zumba dance routine. In fact, many fitness companies market their own special brand of fabric designed to keep you feeling cool.


The pants you wear during your energetic Zumba dance routine are going to get a lot of rigorous use and absorb a lot of sweat. Obviously, you’ll have to wash them between every exercise session.

So you need pants that are hard wearing and also withstand repeated washes without too much shrinking or color loss.

You want pants that will survive those frequent losses without bleeding their bright and beautiful colors or shrinking.


One of the biggest problems many ladies have when selecting a new pair of Zumba pants is choosing what size to buy. If they are too tight, your dance sessions will be difficult and not at all comfortable. If they are too loose, your pants will fall down while you’re dancing. It’s essential to get the size right when ordering.

Check and double check the order you make. Glance at the reviews previous customers have written for their comments on sizes when ordering that product.

What strikes me when I search around the net for Zumba pants is that negative reviews are almost always not because of any deficiency in the pants, but rather because the customer bought them in the wrong size. Make sure that you are not one of those unhappy customers.

Order the right size.

Enjoy Your Zumba Dance Routines!

Once you have selected the Zumba pants that are best for you, your regular Zumba dance classes will become more comfortable, and you will look great. Now that you’ve seen what’s available for you to buy right now, what are you waiting for? Buy yourself a new pair of pants and enjoy getting fit and losing weight to that energizing music.

I hope this guide was helpful for finding the best Zumba pants to fit your needs. If you want to comment or recommend a pair of pants I didn’t include, please use my contact form to get in touch.

Have fun and enjoy your workout!


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