The 7 Best Yoga Blocks Reviewed For 2018

Best Yoga Blocks

In this guide we will help you to find the best yoga block that is perfect for you whether you are new to yoga and need it for stability or you are looking for one to deepen your poses and practice longer. The blocks featured here are perfect for every Yoga practitioner. In this buying guide, we have featured seven ...

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The 5 Best Yoga DVD’s For Beginners Reviewed – 2018

Best Yoga DVD

While it is common to feel somewhat awkward and maybe even a little embarrassed when starting anything new, yoga’s focus is primarily inward. The instructor will encourage participants to focus on various parts of their body while feeling specific muscles stretching and following their own breath. This leaves no time to check out the newbies in the back of the ...

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The 5 Best Yoga Mat Bags Reviewed For 2018

Best Yoga mat bags

You will find having a yoga mat bag a very useful accessory. Not only does it protect your mat and make it easier to carry, but it is also helpful for storing your valuables during your yoga class. Many mat bags will only be big enough to carry just your yoga mat and some misc other small items but the ...

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The 5 Best Yoga Towels Reviewed For 2018

Best Yoga Towel

A Yoga towel is an absolute must have accessory for your Yoga workouts regardless of your level of experience. They are typically the same size as the Yoga mat and the best yoga towels are usually made of a soft, absorbent and non-slip material. You just put it over your mat to keep it from getting sweaty and slippery or ...

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The 3 Best Yoga DVDs For Weight Loss – 2018

Best Weight Loss Yoga DVD

Yoga has been relied on for centuries to help maintain both physical and mental health, and has rapidly been spreading across the Western world as a fitness alternative to traditional gym workouts. While perfect for balance, and strength training, can doing Yoga for weight loss really work? The short answer is yes and here are my favorite DVD’s that can ...

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The 5 Best Yoga Pants Reviewed For 2018

Best Yoga Pants

If you plan on taking up yoga, you should know that your clothing plays a huge role in your comfort while you are exercising. Because of the strenuous poses, your clothing should be stretchy and have good breathability. The best Yoga pants can make all the difference between a pleasant workout and a frustrating experience. If you are uncomfortable, your ...

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The 5 Best Yoga Swings Reviewed For 2018

Best Yoga Swing

A yoga swing (aka trapeze or hammock) has a lot of benefits. Not only can you get deeper into your yoga poses but you can hold them longer. This allows you to increase your flexibility and your mobility. Plus, the longer you are able to practice yoga, the more you will see the mental and emotional benefits as well, such ...

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The 7 Best Yoga Bolsters Reviewed For 2018

Best Yoga Bolster

When you practice yoga poses, do you hate the discomfort of pressing your body against a cold, hard floor? Do you want to be able to perform the same, full range of positions at home as you can in a yoga studio? Using the best Yoga bolsters, you can get the firm support you need and stay comfortable. The following ...

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How To Start Yoga

How To Start Yoga

Stretch, reach, twist, breathe, and now hold for two more deep breaths…. These commands are frequently heard during Yoga sessions, as participants contort their bodies in the name of improved health. How To Start Yoga classes are now commonly found in the lineup of exercise classes at most gyms and fitness centers across the US You may see Spin Class, ...

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The 5 Best Yoga Mats Reviewed For 2018

Best Yoga Mat

There are many different types of Yoga and the same generic yoga mat you find on sale at your local discount store won’t be the best option for every type. Using the best Yoga mat for the type of Yoga you are doing will improve your workout. Each type of Yoga has specific requirements and it may be best to ...

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