The 5 Best Zumba DVD’s – [2024 Reviews]

Get moving with these fun workouts, we look at this year's top Zumba DVDs

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If you are looking to shed a few pounds or get in better shape, Zumba is an electrifying option for you.

Zumba is based on a spicy combination of salsa, cha-cha, merengue, hip-hop, mambo, flamenco, samba and other vivacious dance moves, with a unique Latin flair.

Quick Answer: The 5 Best Rated Zumba DVDs For 2024

  1. Zumba Exhilarate Body Shaping System DVD Set
  2. Zumba Fitness Target Zones Abs and Legs DVD
  3. Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation System DVD Set
  4. Zumba Fitness Incredible Results
  5. Zumba Fitness Gold Live It Up DVD Set for the Baby Boomer

Here is a feature overview of the DVD’s with our buyers guide and full reviews below.

Best Zumba DVD’s

Zumba Exhilarate Body Shaping SystemsZumba Fitness Total Body TransformationZumba Fitness Incredible Results
DVDs:Seven-disc DVD collection4 DVD's with 6 total workouts4 DVD's each with a different theme
Features:30 Rhythm dance routines for variety6 Workout routines & 20-minute express workoutCardio-conditioning blend of Zumba routines plus step aerobics tone and strengthening routines
Extras:Zumba Toning SticksZumba Toning SticksZumba Rizer

Best Zumba DVD’s Reviews

This set includes the Zumba Toning Sticks as well as seven DVDs, including a breakdown of the steps and six unique routines. The variety will allow you to “switch it up” and avoid getting bored.

It has a 20 minute rush workout, for those days when your time is limited, and the five additional workouts ranging from 45 or 60 minutes. If you are looking for a set with lots of variety, this would make a great choice.

Most of the workouts have a Learn-It and a Feel-It version. The Learn-It version has cueing from the instructors; whereas in the Feel-It version you can turn the cueing off.

This set is a little flashier than the traditional videos, but it gives that little ‘extra push’ that will keep you going for the duration.

This is the best beginner Zumba DVD, as well as someone who is looking for something a little bit different to add to their workout.

Just as the name says, the Zumba Fitness Target Zones Abs and Legs DVD is a 26-minute long workout meant to tighten and tone your legs and abs.

It is great for a beginner since there is verbal and visual cues throughout the entire workout. If you are looking for a shorter workout that targets these specific areas of the body, you will really enjoy this DVD.

This is another great set for you to add to your collection. This set includes four DVDs including a basic “learn the moves” workouts, a 20 minute express workout, and four additional full length sessions so you can change things up and keep yourself motivated.

You also get the maraca workout sticks with this set. This is a great mid-price range option for anyone looking to get started with Zumba or add to their collection.

Zumba Fitness Incredible ResultsThis comprehensive workout system includes almost everything you need to get started with Zumba. It includes the Zumba Rizer to help you burn more calories and tone the muscles in your lower body.

There are nine DVDs and two rhythm CDs, which should be more than enough workouts to keep you going for a long time.

Exercise is just the first step in a workout program. The helpful program guide included is a wonderful asset to those needing a jump-start.

It includes three workout calendars and a nutrition book with a ‘seven-day rapid results’ eating plan, providing an excellent start to meeting your fitness goals.

The only thing that is missing from this program is a set of toning sticks. However, you do not need them to get started and you can always pick them up later.

With a variety of intense dance routines this is the best Zumba DVD for weight loss.

This is a lower intensity workout set made to fit the needs of the baby-boomer generation. It includes toning sticks, a Healthy Living guide and three workout DVDs that are easy to follow.

A systematic DVD teaches you all of the steps you need to know to get started. The Gold Toning DVD will strengthen and tone your muscles, while getting you in the “Zumba zone”.

It is helpful to use the toning sticks to increase the intensity of this workout, at your own pace. In the Cardio workout, you will get a 45-minute dance workout, including a seven-minute warm up and an eight-minute cool down.

Zumba is a fun and energizing way to get your body slim and toned, whether you choose to attend a class or workout at home using a DVD.

There are plenty of options to choose from and when you are ready, you can pick up a more challenging DVD and learn some new moves.

Before long, you will gain confidence in your impressive dance moves and be ready to show off your toned and slim fitness results. This is the best Zumba DVD for seniors.

How to Choose the Best Zumba DVD for You

Zumba combines traditional exercise, intervals of cardio fitness, and a Latin beat that energizes the participant. Many Zumba lovers express that once they get into “Zumba-mode” it feels more like dancing in a nightclub, than participating in an exercise class.

How To Choose a Zumba DVDYou can get a total body workout from just one session with this zesty exercise program.

It has become so popular that communities across the world offer classes for the ambitious beginner level to the seasoned expert.

These classes are great if you enjoy working out with others or if being in a group helps keep you motivated.

For those of you who cannot make it to a class or feel shy about showing off your rusty dance moves in a room full of people, you are in luck.

You can actually get the same adrenalizing Zumba experience through Zumba DVDs for use at home. Zumba DVDs cover a large range in levels and are perfect for a Zumba enthusiast (or curious beginner) to go mobile with the fitness program.

There is a large variety of options available when it comes to Zumba workouts on DVD. When you get ready to purchase one, you should look for some specific things to maximize your experience. It is crucial to make sure the DVD fits your Zumba experience level.

If you are an expert Zumba fan and you purchase a beginner DVD (or DVD set), you are likebest zumba dvd ly to get bored very fast. If you are a beginner seeking to try the program out with an advanced DVD (DVD set), you may become frustrated, as it moves beyond your skill level.

Early frustration could lead to quitting, which not only waste your money, but also will cause you to miss the Zumba experience.

Though Zumba is a lot of fun and adaptable to various skill levels, it is essential to learn the basic key moves in the beginning to get the most out of your experience.

Some videos are even tailored to teach basic moves or components of the various key foundational dances (i.e. mambo, cha-cha, and salsa).

As you make your selection, another thing to look for is a high quality DVD. It should have clear, detailed instructions, and be easy to learn.

You do not want to spend the entire hour of your workout trying to figure out the moves or become bored, if the instructor is not engaging. Some videos offer verbal and visual cues. These might be helpful if you need a little extra help getting things figured out.

One way to find out all of this info about the various DVDs is to do some research online and read reviews. The DVDs below are some of our favorites for getting into the spicy world of Zumba without having to leave the comfort of your home. Don’t forget to wear appropriate attire, like good shoes, pants and top. It’s ok to dress with pizazz, it’s Zumba!

I hope this guide was helpful for finding the best Zumba DVD to fit your needs. If you want to comment or recommend a DVD I didn’t include, please use my contact form to get in touch.

Have fun and enjoy your workout!


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