The 5 Best Zumba Shoes Reviewed For 2018

Best Shoes For Zumba

So you signed up for a Zumba class! Zumba is known for having its own unique dress code, unlike any other exercise program. Though you don’t need to rush out and buy the trendy Zumba pants and logo tank tops (unless you want to); wearing the best Zumba shoes are essential to maintain a safety and enjoyable experience. There are ...

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The 5 Best Zumba DVD’s Reviewed For 2018

Best Zumba DVD

If you are looking to shed a few pounds or get in better shape, Zumba is an electrifying option for you. Zumba is based on a spicy combination of salsa, cha-cha, merengue, hip-hop, mambo, flamenco, samba and other vivacious dance moves, with a unique Latin flair. Quick Answer: The 5 Best Zumba DVDs For 2018 Zumba Exhilarate Body Shaping System ...

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The 7 Best Zumba Pants Reviewed For 2018

Best Zumba Pants

So you love your Zumba dance exercise classes, but you are not completely happy with the pants you are wearing for your workouts. You can both look great and feel comfortable if you choose the right pair of pants. This buyers guide will help you choose the best Zumba pants for your workout sessions. To make your search for the ...

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9 Reasons To Try Zumba

Why You Should Try Zumba

Whenever I mention my favorite exercise to people, they usually answer, “Yeah I’ve heard of it”, and oftentimes that’s followed by a personal admission, “but I don’t have any rhythm.” What the rhythmless don’t realize is having good dance moves is unnecessary to enjoy Zumba.  After all, the friend who introduced me to it was about as graceful as Michael ...

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