Top 7 Best Roller Skates For Women [2024 Reviews]

Pick up this fun way to exercise, we break down this year's roller skates for women worth considering

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While we’re quite a ways away from the 70’s, which launched roller skating into fame, they’re still quite popular today.

From speed skating to casual fashion, we’ve taken safety, performance, and looks into consideration.

Whatever you’ll be using them for, they’re sure to bring you countless hours of fun and exercise. If you’re looking for a pair of the best roller skates for women, then keep on reading!

Best Women’s Roller Skates

VNLA Zona Rosa Jam Skate Chicago Women’s Classic Roller SkatesRiedell Skates Dart Quad Roller
Upper:Denim, LeatherVinylVinyl
Best For:Rinks, JamRinks, OutdoorsRinks

Quick Answer: The 7 Best Rated Women’s Roller Skates For 2024

  1. VNLA Zona Rosa Jam Skate Womens Skates
  2. Chicago Women’s Classic Roller Skates
  3. Riedell Skates – Dart – Quad Roller Speed Skates
  4. Moxi Skates Beach Bunny Womens Roller Skates
  5. Riedell RW Skates – Wave – Quad Roller Skates
  6. Chicago Bullet Ladies Speed Roller Skate
  7. Sure-Grip Purple Boardwalk Skates Outdoor

We’ve reviewed the top rated women’s roller skates, followed by a comparison table and buying guide to help you decide on a pair of skates that will work best for you.

Women’s Roller Skates Reviews

VNLA Zona Rosa Jam Skate at a Glance:

  • Upper: Denim, Leather
  • Wheel Size: 62mm
  • Bearings: ABEC-9
  • Best For: Rinks, Jam

VNLA is one of the most well respected names in the roller skate world, and their Zona Rosa Jam Skate is exemplary of why. If you’re willing to shell out a bit more cash in exchange for quality and comfort, then this may be the perfect model for you.

The premium-level skates come with a unique combination of leather and denim for the uppers. This gives them an interesting look, while also providing the flexibility you need for intense sessions.

In fact, they require no break-in period at all, so right when they land on your doorstep, you’re ready to go. Not only that, but they remain tough and won’t rip or puncture easily.

The skate itself is incredibly trendy-looking, with the neon pink and black color scheme and its low-profile design. This also serves to give a sleeker feel for increased speed and to eliminate the risk of chafing.

To aid in tight maneuvers, the frame provides 5-degree action to provide added stability so you can skate the way you want.

Ensuring you keep traveling fast and rolling smooth, Vanilla ABEC-9 bearings come along for the ride while aluminum trucks keep your skates lightweight and sturdy. 62mm, 93A backspin wheels come with the skate, making them the perfect hardness for use at a rink with excellent grip.

While the included wheels are made for indoor use, you can also purchase outdoor wheels to use the skates anywhere you please!

Keep in mind that these feature a low-profile jam plug which are great for spins, but not so much for beginners. However, you can also change these out to a toe plug if you’d like.

Finally you get laces that are nicely contained with a Velcro cover so they don’t accidentally come loose and trip you up. Overall, the VNLA’s are my top pick for the best roller skates for women!

Chicago Women’s Classic Roller Skates

Chicago Women’s Classic Roller Skates a Glance:

  • Upper: Vinyl
  • Wheel Size: 60mm
  • Bearings: 608Z
  • Best For: Rinks or Outdoor Use

If you’re just starting out and looking for a roller skate that will be easy to break in and give you what you need to improve your skills, then check out the Chicago Women’s Classic Roller Skates.

The white boots and pink wheels will turn heads, and match with any outfit.

Going back to the boots, the style is a traditional high top originally made to use in rinks, but you can use them indoors or outdoors without issue.

Made of vinyl, they’re not quite as flexible as leather, but they’ll still last for quite a long time. Lacing can often be annoying when all you want to do is get out there and skate. Thanks to the easy lacing system with both eyelets and speed hooks, you can adjust to your feet and ankles perfectly in seconds.

However, the top of the boot does tend to chafe the legs a bit, so it’s a good idea to wear long socks with these if you can.

The stunning pink wheels are 60mm, made of urethane which gives just enough softness for a smooth ride, while remaining durable for use on rougher outdoor surfaces.

The 608Z semi-precision speed bearings provide a good amount of traction, but if you’re trying to reach high speeds, I’d opt for something different. For both versatility and strength, Chicago has included an aluminum base plate and double adjustable truck and chassis.

A jump bar gives the skates additional stability which is great if you’re still iffy with your balance, and a 5/8” adjustable toe stop will let you stop easily if you go too fast.

Overall, I’d consider these the best roller skates for beginners. If you have children that can fit these, they’re great for them too.

Riedell Skates - Dart - Quad Roller Speed Skates

Riedell Skates Dard Quad Roller Speed Skates at a Glance:

  • Upper: Vinyl
  • Wheel Size: 62mm
  • Bearings: ABEC-5
  • Best For: Indoors

Riedell is one of the longest-standing brands in the roller skating world, exceeding 70 years of experience. That’s a lot of time to get your product perfected!

If you’re searching for a bit more color in your skating world, check out the Riedell Dart Quad Roller Speed Skates.

Coming in Aqua, Pink, Purple, and Black with red wheels, you are sure to find some that complement your personality at the rink or derby.

For belonging to one of the most reputable names, they’re quite the bargain. If you’ve tried their R3 models, they’re very similar, but at a more affordable price.

Experience improved stability with the sturdy composite base plate, strong metal trucks, and solid toe stops. If you’re a beginner or just stretching into intermediate territory, the ABEC-5 ball bearings will give you a perfectly smooth ride with minimal friction.

While we’re reviewing women’s models, these can also be used for men and children.

62mm, 93A polyurethane wheels give an excellent grip on the rink, and while they’re not recommended for outdoor use, you’ll be able to put in many hours on these indoors. It’s also important to be able to remove or put on your skates at a moment’s notice.

Due to the adjustable lacing system, this is no problem. In addition, they’ve included a Velcro cinch strap to make this easier, while keeping laces nice and safe.

Moxi Skates Beach Bunny Womens Roller Skates

Moxi Skates Beach Bunny Fashionable Women’s Roller Skates at a Glance:

  • Upper: Vinyl
  • Wheel Size: 58mm
  • Bearings: ABEC-5
  • Best For: Outdoors

When you have a pair of the Beach Bunny Moxi Skates, you’re sure to turn some heads. Coming in bright colors like Peach Blanket, Blue Sky, and Periwinkle Sunset, you can choose the combo that suits you most.

Each one is made with drum-dyed vinyl for long-lasting strength, and Dri-Lex lining which will keep you dry and comfortable in the sun.

To add on to the durability of the skate, high-impact Marvel aluminum plates and metal trucks can take years of rough use.

As far as comfort goes, these will take a few runs to get them properly broken in. However, once that’s done, they’ll start to form to the shape of your feet and the easy lace system will help with a snug fit.

The padded tongue makes it easier to take them on and off, and add a bit of cushion for long sessions.

With ABEC-5 steel ball bearings, you’ll get a smoother ride than most beginner skates provide, which is the class I’d consider the Moxi.

These, along with 58mm 78A wheels will help you develop the muscles you need to advance to a higher level. The recreational skates are ideal for outdoor use, so they’re perfect for casual rides at the beach or park.

No matter what skill level you’re at, safety is important. We really appreciated the extra ankle padding to prevent you from rolling anything you don’t want to, and the replaceable PowerDyne Adjustable Black Toe Stopper.

If you are looking for the best roller skates for dancing, the Moxi’s are a good choice!

Riedell RW Wave Quad Roller Skates at a Glance:

  • Upper: Vinyl
  • Wheel Size: 58mm
  • Bearings: ABEC-5
  • Best For: Indoors/Outdoors

Perhaps you want a skate that is more fashion-forward but still has the Riedell quality you can trust. If so, then take a good look at their RW Wave Quad Roller Skates.

This pair looks great, is one of the most durable on the market, and can be used both indoors and outdoors for the ultimate in versatility.

The RW Waves come in either white with pink wheels for a more traditional look, or all-black for a sleek, modern appeal. However, these are so much more than just fashion.

A durable vinyl upper with a soft, padded lining will give you the comfort and support you need to skate confidently and freely. Whether it be in the sun or on a rink, you don’t have to worry about your ankles rolling.

A fully-adjustable Prism Aluminum plate along with sturdy metal trucks are made to give you the stability you need if you’re still finding your balance, while lasting long enough to put them through a beating.

An excellent combination of polished, chromed steel ball bearings and high-rebound urethane wheels will give a smooth ride with extra grip which can be hard to find at this price point.

When you’re done for the day, these boots are super simple to remove, with an adjustable, easy lace system. The padded tongue will help when you’re taking them on/off, while making sure you don’t feel uncomfortable.

Chicago Bullet Ladies Speed Roller Skate

Chicago Bullet Ladies Speed Roller Skate at a Glance:

  • Upper: Vinyl
  • Wheel Size: 62mm
  • Bearings: ABEC-1
  • Best For: Indoors

Finding a solid pair of roller skates on a tight budget can be an adventure in ourselves. There aren’t many to choose from that give you the kind of quality you deserve.

However, the Chicago Bullet Ladies Speed Roller Skate has that solved with their low pricing and durable design.

The Bullet features a more controlled, low-profile boot which doesn’t protect the ankles as well but does allow for a greater amount of freedom.

For some people, they find this design more comfortable than the taller ones, making them great for recreation indoors. The vinyl upper is tough and will easily last many seasons, which will save you even more money, too!

No matter what skill level you’re skating at, the 62mm urethane wheels, precision bearings, and premium fixed axels will give you the control and stability you need.

Double-action, adjustable aluminum trucks also aid in this, while making sure the skate stays nice and light. High-rebound speed urethane wheels and ABEC-1 bearings roll nice and smooth, helping you to build your skills.

The laces weren’t quite as convenient or adjustable as some others on this guide, but what we did like was the Velcro strap which kept the laces nice and tucked in.

Sure-Grip Purple Boardwalk Skates Outdoor

Sure-Grip Boardwalk Outdoor Skates at a Glance:

  • Upper: Suede Leather
  • Wheel Size: 65mm
  • Bearings: ABEC-3
  • Best For: Indoors/Outdoors

In contrast, if you aren’t on a budget and don’t mind spending a bit more in exchange for quality and feel, we highly recommend the Sure-Grip Boardwalk Outdoor Skates.

Made of suede leather, these are nice and luxurious, while remaining durable enough to last you for years. The stitched sole only makes the design stronger, so the price is more than worth it.

While suede leather itself looks pretty unique, the four colors they come in (pink, purple, teal, and red) make them stand out even more.

Each color comes with matching wheels, that are clear, for an even trendier look. To finish it off, you’ll also get a specially-stitched logo right on the tongue to show they’re originals.

They will take a bit of breaking in, but it shouldn’t be any more than 4 or 5 rides. After all, the suede is made to stretch and form to the shape of your individual feet.

Outdoor/indoor 65mm wheels are just soft enough to give a smooth ride while remaining hard enough to resist rocks and other sharp objects you may come across.

ABEC-3 bearings help you to achieve the levels of speed you desire, and an indestructible ROCK plate will make these the best women’s outdoor roller skates.

Roller Skates For Women Comparison Table

Women's Roller SkatesUpperWheelsBearingsBest ForRating
VNLA Zona Rosa Jam SkateDenim, Leather62mmABEC-9Rinks, Jam5.0 / 5.0
Moxi Skates Beach Bunny Roller SkatesVinyl58mmABEC-5Outdoors4.5 / 5.0
Riedell Skates Dart Quad RollerVinyl62mmABEC-5Indoors4.3 / 5.0
Chicago Classic Roller SkatesVinyl60mm608ZRinks / Outdoors4.2 / 5.0
Riedell RW Wave Quad Roller SkatesVinyl58mmABEC-5Indoors/Outdoors4.0 / 5.0
Chicago Bullet Ladies Speed SkateVinyl62mmABEC-1Indoors4.2 / 5.0
Sure-Grip Outdoor SkatesSuede Leather65mmABEC-3Indoors/Outdoors4.3 / 5.0

How To Choose an Awesome Pair of Women’s Roller Skates

best women's roller skates

Now that you’ve read about all of the top ladies roller skates on the market today, which pair is the one for you? If you’re still on-the-fence about your decision, that’s okay.

There are a lot of great options out there. That’s why we’ve decided to go ahead and whip up a handy buying guide. This guide will lead you through every aspect of the buying process, ensuring you’re selecting the best model for your needs. Let’s get started!

High Top vs Low Top Skates

Which one is the best? There’s no way to answer that; it’s ultimately up to your own personal preference and affected by how you like to skate.

best roller skates for dancingLow: Do you enjoy jamming? Then it’s a good idea to opt for a low-profile boot, which have grown in popularity in recent years.

High: If you like more flashy, rhythm skating, then go with a high-top. These not only tend to look more stylish with a bit of nostalgia, but also add the extra support for your ankles that is essential for performing spins and jumps. For outdoor riding, you can use either low or high boots.

Upper Materials

With roller skates, you’ll typically find the uppers made of either vinyl or leather.

best roller skates for beginners


Vinyl is very durable and can handle intense use. It’s very simple to clean and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. However, it doesn’t form very well to your feet, nor stretch much. This can make the boot a bit uncomfortable and also make for a long break-in period.


Leather is also very durable, but requires a good amount of maintenance. The upside to this, is that they mold perfectly to the shape of your feet, especially when you add heat into the mix. Leather is generally going to be found only on more expensive, higher-quality boots.


You may have noticed that some models feature a raised heel, almost like you’d find on a pair of actual boots. These are typically, or almost exclusively, found on the more artistic kind of skates, to help make spinning and performing tricks easier.

Insole Plates

Plates typically come in two main materials: nylon and aluminum.


These are going to be very lightweight, and are often found on skates with a lower price point. They provide a bit of flexibility, which is great if you need to take off quickly, and help absorb momentum when taking off. This also means that they’re not ideal for racing.


These are also lightweight, but in contrast to nylon, are heavier. Due to this, we wouldn’t recommend them for a smaller/beginner skater. They’re ideal if you’re looking to achieve high levels of speed, and are also more durable.

Toe Stops

quad roller skates

These are the projecting piece that you see on the toe of a quad skate. These are the equivalent of the heel brakes you’ll find on rollerblades. They’re made for stopping, and in some cases, used for quicker take-offs and other movements. There are two types: fixed toe stops and adjustable toe stops.

Fixed Toe Stops

These come in a wide array of sizes and colors, but always come with a tiny hole in the middle where you’ll find a screw to hold it onto the plate. The opening with these is 5/16”.

Adjustable Toe Stops

These aren’t fixed, but also come in many colors and sizes. The benefit of these, is that they can be set at various heights, just how you like it. They also come with a bolt to connect, but you won’t see it. The opening with these is 5/8”.

Jam Plugs

On a couple models on our list, you may have seen “jam plugs”. As the name would suggest, these are popular with those who do jam skating, or other forms of skating that don’t need a toe stop. They’re actually not made for stopping, but rather to plug the hole in the metal housing.

While you can fill it with a screw, if you accidentally have it come into contact with a rink floor, it can create an unsightly gash! The jam plug prevents this from happening, and also come in two different sizes.

Skate Bearings

Bearings are placed inside the wheel hub, allowing the wheels to roll. Each wheel comes with two bearings, meaning you’ll need 8 for each skate.

They’re essentially what allows you to turn and spin on the axle of the wheel. They also play a huge part in how smooth your ride is. Most are rated by an ABEC rating scale, which you read about above.

There’s a common misconception that the higher the ABEC rating, the faster they are. That’s not entirely true. Rather, the higher the rating, the better the bearing is. For example, an ABEC 1 bearing is generally going to be less smooth and a bit more bumpy.

That being said, if you can afford it, it’s a good idea to go with at least ABEC-3 bearings. If you’re just starting out and are trying to improve your skills, ABEC-1 bearings may also serve you well.

Wheel Hardness

womens outdoor roller skates

Wheel hardness is a huge factor in purchasing the best roller skates for you and measured on the Durometer scale. The hardness determines how you should use the wheels, and what surface you should skate on with them. The higher the number, the harder the material.

For example, a soft wheel would be best for outdoor use, or even slippery indoor flooring. Harder wheels are ideal for sticky indoor floors. The lower the number is, the softer the wheel is going to be.

Generally, softer wheels will allow for a bit more grip and give a softer ride which is great for rolling over sharp objects like small pebbles and bumpy surfaces.

Harder wheels are great for coated indoor flooring due to the lack of grip on these wheels. They’re ideal for high speeds, and slide a bit more on tight flooring. If you’re advanced, then you can use these to your advantage and reach even higher speeds. They’re also great for artistic skating due to facilitating spinning.

78A-80A: These are extremely soft and grippy, and should only be used on asphalt, concrete, or slippery indoor floors.

84A-85A: These are also very soft, but are generally used for both indoor and outdoor environments. They’re great if you’re just starting out due to the grip and control they offer.

86A-89A: These are the softest wheels for indoor surfaces like slippery indoor wood or gym floors.

90A-93A: These are somewhat hard, and give an “average” level of grip. They’re ideal for somewhat-grippy floors such as polished concrete.

94A-96A: These are the initial level of the “hard” category. They provide minimal grip and are made for sticky flooring.

97A-103A: These are the hardest wheels you’re going to find, and are only to be used for roller rink floors and rubberized gym floors that are sticky. If you have a wheel rated over 100, they’re going to be so hard that they’re not even in the “A” category anymore and should only be used by advanced skaters.

FAQs About Women’s Roller Skates

Q: How should I take care of my skates?

A: The most important part is to make sure they’re kept dry. Through sweat or skating in wet environments, they can obviously get a bit wet. However, once you’ve taken them off, make sure they dry naturally. Do not ever use a hair dryer on them.

Q: What is a “double action” plate?

A: These feature two cushions – one above and one under the truck. These help muffle movements a bit, making tricks and spins easier. They’re often more expensive, but this isn’t a rule.

Q: What are jump bars made for?

A: These are all in the name of stability. They essentially connect both trucks which makes turning more efficient and gives you a quicker response time. Contrary to what the name may refer to, they have absolutely nothing to do with jumping.

Q: How do I care for my wheels?

A: Make sure to check them regularly to make sure they spin correctly and aren’t overly worn out. If they don’t spin freely, check to make sure they’re not damaged or some kind of debris isn’t lodged in them. If they are damaged, you must replace them to avoid yourself from getting injured.

Q: Do I need to rotate my wheels?

A: You don’t need to, but we highly recommend doing so if you want to make the most out of your skates. Doing this will lengthen the life of your wheels, as they’ll wear more evenly. If you see one side is wearing down faster than the other, it’s time to do it. It may feel weird after you do this, but to avoid this, try rotating them more frequently.

Tips For Roller Skating

#1: Adjust your wheels depending on your weight

Did you know that your weight will affect your acceleration and roll time? It’s true! For example, if you weigh over 200 pounds, you’ll have more of a grip than your average skater will. If you’d like to balance this out, you could go up 2 or 3 steps on the hardness scale. So, if you’re on a 90A, you could bump up to 92A.

#2: Make sure to check how sizing works

While roller skates are going to fit the same as your standard shoe size, there are some unisex skates out there. In this case, you’ll typically want to go down a size. If you have any doubts, consult the manufacturer’s site.

#3: Make sure you always wear protective gear

Even pros wear their gear to keep themselves safe! You’ll need a helmet, kneepads, and elbow pads. This has all the main points covered and can seriously save you from injuries.

#4: Also remember to wear thick, long socks

This is because the edge can quickly and easily rub your legs raw if you don’t. Again, they should be thick to provide a bit of cushion. Even if you’re wearing low tops, pick a pair of socks that go above your ankles to ensure they don’t slip down.

Final Thoughts

After reading all about women’s roller skates, I’m sure you’re ready to go out and get rolling already. So, which of these pairs will be making its home on your feet?

No matter which model you choose, it’s always important to select the kind that suits you and your needs best. We want to thank you for tuning in, and we’ll see you again shortly. Happy skating!

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The Chicago Classic's are our Editor's Choice for the best roller skates for women with their combination of versatility, comfort and support.

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