How to Stay Motivated to Keep Running

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When we start off running, we all have lofty goals and ideals of how we’re going to lose weight, run faster than ever before, or simply be healthier. However, accomplishing those goals takes action and consistency.

Sometimes, if you don’t see results as quickly as you’d like, it can feel disappointing or even frustrating. To keep yourself on the right track and feeling good, we’ve put together some of the best tips for how to stay motivated to keep running.

Time Management

As we just stated, one of the biggest keys to success is consistency. Consistency can be hard to accomplish if you aren’t managing your time well. By grabbing a planner or a white board, you can start planning out your runs. This can be a fun process and can help you hold yourself accountable if you miss a session.

After a while, you’ll notice that this will help you form a habit and you’ll actually start to look forward to your runs! Habits are going to be what keeps you going when the weather is bad, when it’s too early, when you have more attractive other plans, etcetera.

Run with Someone Else

If you usually run alone or with one certain running buddy, it may be a good idea to switch things up. If you can’t find another friend who’s also passionate about running, then there are plenty of other options out there! Running clubs are a good one.

Running clubs are found in the majority of US cities out there and are often clubs that belong to local gyms so if you already go to a gym you may want to ask staff or take a look at the bulletin board/gym website to investigate.

Not only are you going to feel more compelled to keep with your runs when there’s a whole group of people involved, but you will also be able to socialize and discover new routes and environments!

If you’re a new parent and are having a hard time finding time scheduling out a space of time for yourself, bring them along! Jogging strollers are amazing! They help keep your child(ren) nearby but also add in extra resistance to really strengthen the upper body as well!

Change Up Your Tunes

We don’t know about you, but music for us is one of the best parts about running! In fact, it can be particularly motivating to only listen to your favorite songs when you’re out on a run.

It’s kind of like when you hear one of your favorites in the car and you drive around the neighborhood an extra block so you can finish it, except this time you’ll be moving your legs instead.

If you’re already bored with your current playlist, try to change things up! No matter if you use Spotify, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, YouTube, or another platform, there are algorithms that can help you discover some new tunes.

If you’re feeling like something other than music, you can also check out the enormous selection of podcasts and audio books out there! If you want to work out your brain and body, this is a nice way to do both at once.

Track Your Runs

These days, it’s incredibly and simple and borderline effortless to track your runs accuracy. In just the last couple of years, technology has advanced in such a way that you can do so without spending much money, too.

All you have to do is decide how you’re going to track your performance! Heart rate monitors are great because they actually measure how hard you’re working and can help you stay in your ideal HR for your specific goals (fat loss, endurance, etc.).

GPS wrist watches and the like are also increasingly popular and give you all the feedback you need to reach your goals. GPS running watches are attractive options and can sync with 3rd-party apps like Strava.

Tracking can be particularly motivating because sometimes it can be hard to mentally track progress. You could be feeling like you aren’t improving on your runs at all, but when you look back at the hard data you’ll be able to see just how far you’ve come. This can be that extra push you need to keep on with the sport!

Get Some New Running Gear

Who doesn’t become extra motivated when shopping for new running gear is involved? If you’re coming close to wearing yours out or have put in 450 miles on them then get yourself a new pair of running shoes!

Maybe the seasons are changing and you’d like to get yourself a new running jacket or leggings. Even grabbing some new headbands or a cap can make a big difference and motivate you to get back out there and put your new investment to work!

Change Your Scenery

Humans are generally very motivated by their surroundings, both positively and negatively. If your current trail or route is getting a bit dull for you, then head out to explore new grounds. No, it doesn’t have to be the only place you run but at least switching off every now and then will add a bit of extra mental stimulation to the experience.

Again, a running club should be able to fill you in on some new places, but there are also plenty of running apps and websites that can give you some insider tips on new trails, what time to go, and more. You may even feel like changing up the timing of your runs.

Maybe if you normally go out in the morning, you could try heading out at night, instead. Sunrise and sunset runs are always beautiful and for many, motivating on their own. Just make sure if you are running in dim lighting that you’re wearing reflective clothing or lights so that motorists and others see you.


Now that you have read through out top tips for staying motivated to run, do you have some new ideas to put into practice? We hope that this guide has given you a few good ones to use. They’ve been proven to work for countless other runners, and for us, as well.

Of course, if you’re feeling exhausted or mentally burned out, there’s no shame in taking a break. Maybe take a week off and see how you feel the next. Remember, running should be good for both your mental and physical health. Thanks for tuning in, and we’ll see you again shortly!


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