The 5 Best Leg Extension Machines – [2022 Reviews]

Tone your legs for summer, we look at this year's top leg extension machine

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The leg extension is one of the most well-known exercises to exist – and for good reason.

An essential part of building leg muscle, this exercise works the quads, adding coveted definition to the front of the legs. It’s a necessary part of every lower body workout!

Perhaps this is why home leg extension machines have been so popular this summer – getting your own allows you to train at your convenience from the comfort of your home.

But how do you pick the right one? There are an abundance of choices available, but not all are created equally.

That’s where we come in! We’ve reviewed the top leg extension machines on Amazon to help you get one step closer to your fitness goals.

Best Leg Extension Machines

Marcy Impex Home Gym BenchMerax Utility Weight BenchBodySolid Leg Extension
Max Weight:600 Pounds550 Pounds210 Pounds (included)
Muscles:Legs, ArmsMultipurposeLegs
Transport Wheels:YesNoNo
Dimensions:65 x 23 x 47 Inches75 x 26 x 36 Inches42 x 39 x 72 Inches

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Quick Answer: The 7 Best Rated Leg Extension Machines Foe 2022

  1. Marcy Impex Home Gym Bench 
  2. Merax Utility Weight Bench + Leg Extension
  3. BodySolid ProClubLine Leg Extension Machine
  4. JYKJ Weightlifting Bench 
  5. Gold’s Gym Workout Bench 

Our reviews of the top rated leg extension machines with our comparison table and buyers guide will help you choose the right one for you.

Leg Extension Machine Reviews

Marcy Impex Home Gym Bench at a Glance:

  • Max Weight Load: 600 Pounds
  • Target Areas: Legs, Arms
  • Transport Wheels: Yes
  • Dimensions: 65 x 23 x 46.5 Inches

The Marcy Impex is a space-saving home gym essential.

This versatile bench features an adjustable back pad that moves into six different positions, offering both upper and lower body workouts with the aid of a dual position leg developer.

Built with quality and durability as priorities, it features top-grade high density foam padding and a powder-coated steel frame.

This sleek black bench also has a convenient transport handle and wheels, so you’ll be able to relocate and reposition it around your home with ease. 

Due to its high quality construction and thoughtful design, it can support a whopping 600 pounds of added weight.

The Marcy Impex is one of the best leg workout machines around because it doesn’t stop at the lower body.

In fact, you’ll be able to perform leg curls, leg extensions, and incline presses all with the help of one tool. Buy it and you’ll be elevating your home gym to new heights.

Merax Utility Weight Bench + Leg Extension at a Glance:

  • Max Weight Load: 550 Pounds
  • Target Areas: Multipurpose
  • Transport Wheels: No
  • Dimensions: 75 x 26 x 36-48 Inches

The Merax Utility Weight Bench is ideal for the leg extension, leg curl, bench press, and pretty much every other upper or lower body exercise you can think of.

This versatile product is constructed with 12-gauge solid steel, and features extra steel plates at its base for enhanced stability and floor protection.

6 ladder adjustments and 3 different seat positions offer ergonomic support as your back angle changes, so you can target both larger and ancillary muscles efficiently. 

The Merax is designed for comfort, with high density, dual-layered padding coated in waterproof leather. Your body will feel cushioned and secure throughout even the most high intensity workouts.

There is also a non-slip grip handle below the seat which helps with transport, maneuverability and convenient storage.

This unit comes with a one year warranty in the case of defect or malfunction. Just be sure to tighten down all the bolts/nuts when you plan to lift, as this ensures maximum safety and stability. 

Body Solid ProClubLine Leg Extension Machine at a Glance:

  • Max Weight Load: 210 Pounds (Weight stack included)
  • Target Areas: Legs
  • Transport Wheels: No
  • Dimensions: 42 x 39 x 72 Inches

Next up, we have one of the best leg exercise machines on the market today – the BodySolid Pro Club Line.

This unit delivers a bio-mechanically precise range of motion for a smooth, solid and efficient lift. The back and feet pads are fully adjustable for users of any stature.

It’s also the only model on our list which comes with an included weight stack of 210 pounds!

With its precise pivot-point alignment and center-drive, the BodySolid offers a full range of motion that is conducive to building muscular legs and stronger knee joints.

You’ll experience enhanced comfort during intense training sessions with the durable double-stitched upholstery.

To top it all off, it comes with a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. If you experience defects with your unit, simply contact the manufacturer for an inspection or replacement.


JYKJ Multifunctional Weightlifting Bed at a Glance:

  • Max Weight Load: 660 Pounds
  • Target Areas: Legs
  • Transport Wheels: No
  • Dimensions: N/A

The JYKJ Multifunctional Weight Lifting Bench is another commercial-grade machine that will completely transform your quads.

In fact, it was designed under the guidance of professional fitness coaches for maximum lift efficiency and quality.

All leather seat pads are filled with 2 inches of soft foam, while the bench itself is constructed with heavy-duty steel and a triangular support base.

It even has an impressive load-bearing capacity of 660 pounds!

The JYKJ features a fitness chair with 8 backrest positions and 4 seat positions for a full-body workout that leaves no muscle groups behind.

You can easily adjust the position to suit yourself by pulling the quick bolt, which automatically locks for safety. 

If you thought this machine couldn’t get any better, think again – it’s completely foldable, which means it requires next to no assembly and can be conveniently stored in small spaces.

This is one of the best knee extension machines available because of its versatility and quality. What’s not to love?

Gold’s Gym Workout Bench at a Glance:

  • Max Weight Load: 610 Pounds
  • Target Areas: Legs
  • Transport Wheels: No
  • Dimensions: 65 x 49.5 x 73 Inches

Rounding out the list, our final recommendation is the Gold’s Gym Workout Bench. This unit comes with everything you need to sculpt and tone your body like a pro.

It features a six-roll leg developer, removable curl yoke and preacher pad. These accessories will work wonders for both your legs and upper body!

The bench is fully adjustable and able to accommodate flat, incline or decline positions as needed.

It can also support up to 610 pounds of added weight load for all the heavy lifting enthusiasts out there.

Moreover, the Gold’s Gym Bench requires minimal assembly, and comes with instructions and an exercise chart in order to guide your form.

This makes it an ideal product for beginner weight lifters looking to solidify their training routine.

Leg Extension Machine Comparison Table

MachineMax Weight LoadTarget AreasTransport WheelsDimensionsRating
Marcy Impex Home Gym Bench600 lbs Legs, Arms Yes65" x 23" x 46"4.3 / 5.0
Merax Utility Weight Bench + Leg Extension550 lbsMultipurposeNo75" x 26" x 36-48"4.5 / 5.0
Body Solid ProClubLine Leg Extension Machine210 lbsLegsNo42" x 39" x 72"5.0 / 5.0
JYKJ Multifunctional Weightlifting Bed660 lbsLegsNoN/A5.0 / 5.0
Gold's Gym Workout Bench610 lbsLegsNo65" x 49" x 73" 
3.7 / 5.0

How to Choose the Best Leg Extension Machine – Buying Guide

best leg exercise machines
The Marcy Impex Weight Bench vs. The JYKJ Weightlifting Bench

Now that we’ve taken you through the best leg exercise equipment the market has to offer, it’s time to decide which machine you’ll be taking home.

Choosing from so many good options can be tricky, so we’ve put together a comprehensive buying guide to help you through the selection process!

Once you’re through, you’ll have no doubts about which the ideal option for you and your fitness goals.


Above all, safety should be your top priority. Leg extensions enjoy continued popularity for the quick results they offer, but they also present some serious health risks that you must consider.

While the exercise is great for building and toning the quadriceps, it will also place strain on your knee ligaments in the process.

If you suffer from a prior knee injury or any sort of degenerative bone disease, a home leg extension machine is probably not in the cards for you.

Be sure to chat with your doctor before investing in a machine you can’t use!

Another common mistake people make is lifting too heavy, too soon.

Lifting heavy can be an enthralling experience for gym enthusiasts, but a leg extension is not the right movement to max out on – you’ll risk seriously injuring your knees.

Be sure to start low and go slow with the weight you choose. As resistance increases, don’t forget your form.

Proper Form

When sitting on a leg extension machine, make sure your back is pressed flat against the back rest.

Your shins should rest against the leg pads, with your knees flush against the seat’s edge. Check that your knees, legs and hips all line up at a 90 degree angle.

Finally, focus on lifting using with your quads only. If you feel that you’re straining and using other parts of the leg, you should remove resistance.

Go easy on your body when starting out – it will thank you later!

How to Do Leg Extensions With Perfect Technique

How To Do Leg Extensions With Perfect Technique (Grow Every Quad Head)

Quality & Durability

The best leg extension and curl machines can have steep price tags. That’s why it’s important to invest in quality – you’ll want something with guaranteed longevity.

Look for a machine that sits firmly on the floor with padded or rubber feet. – stability is essential to proper form and a good lift.

Without the proper grip or floor traction, your machine may wobble or shake.

Moreover, look into the materials used – double padded back and ankle rests will do wonders in terms of your comfort.

You should also keep an eye out for double stitching, which prevents the padding from ripping at the seams.

In regards to durability, most leg extension machines on our list are constructed with high-grade steel. Be sure the one you choose is built with a comparable material to ensure its strength and safety.

Versatility & Adjustability

Everyone has a different stature and build, so a machine with an adjustable seat is essential. No machine is one size fits all!

Most back rests have pop pins or sundial mechanisms for easy adjustment. The more positions available, the better your form will be.

Ankle rollers also often come with adjust pins. Remember to never have the ankle rollers rest against your knees – they must always be against your ankles, near the feet.

Remember to out the adjustment and assembly instructions provided by the manufacturer – often, images or tutorial videos are provided for the more visual learners.

FAQs About Leg Extension Machines

Q: What are the benefits of leg extensions?

A: Leg extensions are so popular in the fitness community because they are a quick and efficient way to isolate the quadriceps, which will gain you visible definition in the front of your legs.

Being a machine-assisted movement, they are great for beginners because they guide your form and posture, reducing risk of injury.

They are also useful to perform as a finisher, to accompany more complex and involved movements such as squats or dead lifts.

Incorporating leg extensions into your lower body workouts will really tone and strengthen your entire bottom half, and build explosive kicking power. (Which makes it the ideal exercise for soccer players or martial artists!)

Q: Can leg extensions hurt you?

A: Yes! Any exercise performed incorrectly can hurt you.

Leg extensions in particular can place unnecessary strain on the knee ligaments, especially if performed with a weight that is too heavy.

As a general rule, start low and go slow. There’s no point in maxing out on a leg extension unless your sole goal in life is to injure yourself.

Q: How do you do leg extensions safely?

A: Start with the proper form – back flush against the back rest, and shins against the leg pads. Your knees should be lined up at a 90 degree angle.

After selecting a weight, simply grip the hand bars and extend your legs outward until they are straight, without locking your knees or arching your back.

Then, exhale and lower the weight back to starting position.

It is best to start with a lighter weight and more repetitions. If you’re just starting out, don’t go above 3 sets of 12 reps.

Q: Can leg extensions help remediate knee pain?

A: Leg extensions are infamous for causing knee pain and injury, so in short, the answer is no!

If you’re feeling knee pain, the last thing you need is to put stress on your knees and patellar ligaments. 

Tips For Choosing A Leg Extension Machine

#1: Safety first!

Always check in with a licensed medical professional to ensure that your body can safely perform leg extensions. A doctor knows best!

#2: Maintenance is key.

Like all fitness equipment, leg extension machines require periodic inspection and regular maintenance.

Check for rusting parts, squeaking noises and irregularities in the range of motion.

#3: Remember your form.

Leg extensions can cause serious knee damage due to the amount of strain they place on the patellar ligament.

Make sure you’re performing the exercise correctly and playing it safe in terms of added weight load. It’s tempting to lift heavy from the get-go, but this will set you back in the long run.

If your weight is so heavy that it compromises your form, you should lighten the load.


Now that you know the criteria for selecting a good leg extension machine, it’s time to make the final decision!

No matter which product you choose, know that you’ll be getting one of the best on the market.

Thanks for reading & happy shopping!

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