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The 5 Best Resistance Bands Reviewed For 2018

Whether you are a complete exercise beginner, a workout fanatic or are looking for a convenient way to alleviate pain and perform rehabilitative physical therapy movements at home, resistance bands are a great addition to your workouts.

Incorporating resistance bands into your exercise routines provides you a great way to mix things up without compromising your wallet. There are so many exercises that involve resistance bands you can try.

Some of the products reviewed even come with e-books and guides that will walk you through new routines if you have no idea where to begin.

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Quick Answer: The 5 Best Resistance Bands For 2018

  1. WACOOL Resistance Bands – 12 Piece Set
  2. WODFitters Resistance Bands
  3. Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands
  4. TheraBand Professional Latex Resistance Bands
  5. Fit Simplify Stretch Resistance Bands

First let’s take a look at the top rated resistance bands, then we’ll talk about how to choose the best set for you in our buyers guide.

Best Resistance Bands

 WACOOL Resistance BandsWODFitters Resistance BandsFit Simplify Resistance Exercise Bands
Weight Min-Max:8 - 105 pounds10 - 175 pounds2 - 30 pounds
Band Weight:Red (8-10 Pounds)
Orange (12-15 Pounds)
Purple (16-20 Pounds)
Blue (20-25 Pounds)
Grey (30-35 Pounds)
Red: (10 to 35 Pounds)
Black: (30 to 60 Pounds)
Purple: (40 to 80 Pounds)
Green: (50 to 125 Pounds)
Green: (2-4 Pounds)
Blue: (6-8 Pounds)
Yellow: (10-12 Pounds)
Red: (15 - 20 Pounds)
Black: (25 - 30 Pounds)
Features:12 Piece Set with 5 bands and carry bag4 band set with eGuide and carry bag5 band set with eGuide and carry bag

Exercise Band Reviews

This is the complete resistance set for any active person looking to spice up their workouts. These bands are awesome! When you purchase this set, you will receive 5 colored bands of incremental resistance levels, a tube spring exerciser, a door anchor, 2 foam handles, 2 ankle straps, and one carrying bag.

This set of equipment is very lightweight and easily transferable. You can take it with you anywhere you go!

WACOOL Resistance Bands
WACOOL Resistance Bands

The bands are made from strong latex. These bands are great for families looking to work out together. They are also great for individuals who need various resistance levels for their exercises.

This set is a nice, basic kit that is easy to use and store. The bands are a higher quality than many single bands you will find online or in stores.

Plus, you get many additional equipment pieces for a very inexpensive price. The ankle straps are a nice feature and make these the best resistance bands for legs and add a new dimension to the possibilities of your resistance training as well!

The best addition to this product is the mounting appliances. They are sturdy and allow you to switch up your resistance workouts.

Overall, this set is a great way to add resistance training to your life without needing to spend a lot of money or deal with a great hassle. I think the Wacool are the best exercise bands.

These exercise bands are heavy duty and very resilient. You can either purchase a single workout band or a full set. These bands are great for pull-up assistance and more robust workouts. The strongest band (blue) can support up to 300 pounds!

These bands are a good choice if you want to finally learn how to do pull-ups. You can taper the assistance with the set of bands, and eventually you will feel strong enough to complete the movements without any assistance.

The best thing about these bands is their versatility. You can combine multiple bands for more efficient workouts, or use one at a time for a more challenging workout.

You can also use them in many different exercises and you won’t have to worry about them breaking. Use these portable resistance bands in your home, gym, or as you travel.

They are small and bendable, so you can fold them and put them in your suitcase.

The bands come with a handy string bag for portability, so you may use this if you prefer. These resistance bands allow you to maintain your workout routines anywhere!

For this quality of the workout bands, they are amazingly low priced. Sporting goods stores can charge up to 3 times this price.

These bands also have a nice thickness to them. They feel sturdy. You will feel very supported as you perform your exercises. The WODFitters are resilient, consistent, durable, and long-lasting and are the best resistance loop bands.

These exercise resistance bands are top notch. They are great for people looking to get fit in a simple way. They are heavy duty, and made completely from latex. You won’t have to worry about these snapping or tearing!

For the price, you get a set of 5 bands. Each is a different level of resistance, so you can switch it up whenever you want.

This set is great if you are new to working out with resistance bands, or if you are very experienced. Beginners can start with the loosest band and work their way up.

Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise 5 Bands
Fit Simplify Resistance Bands

Advanced users can work out regularly with the stiffer bands and incorporate the looser bands into different exercises.

The set is also great if you will be working out with multiple people, or if you own a gym. You will get great use out of these bands regardless of your situation.

This set also comes with a lifetime guarantee. You can send them back anytime for a refund if you are not satisfied.

Resistance bands are great because they enhance any type of workout. Whether it be cardio, strength training, CrossFit, Yoga, or anything else, you can find a way to incorporate these bands.

You may also use these bands for physical therapy or rehab. They are even great for pregnant women looking to exercise lightly to stay in shape!

This set is also very affordable! For a little over $10 you get 5 fantastic bands. Each band is tested for durability before being packaged too.

Video: Overview of the Fit Simplify Resistance Loops.

Plus, the set is color-coded so you will know exactly which level of resistance band you are selecting. You won’t have to search and sort through your collection every time you use them.

This set is great for anybody looking for a quick and easy upgrade to their training! In my opinion these are the best workout bands.

TheraBand Professional Latex Resistance Bands

These exercise bands are amazing. They are unique. They are perfect for resistance training and rehabilitation. They provide both positive and negative forces on muscle groups to help develop and tone major muscle groups.

Unlike other exercise resistance bands, these bands are 5 feet long and 4 inches wide. This makes them ideal for specialized training and movements that require using a larger surface area of band.

This set of bands is ideal for any beginner looking to upgrade their workouts with resistance training. These bands are made from natural rubber latex. They are color-coded too, so you can organize and select your appropriate resistance band easily.

TheraBand Professional Latex Resistance Bands Review
TheraBand Professional Latex Resistance Bands

With this purchase, you get a set of 3 bands varying in resistance levels.

This way, you may start with the easiest band and work your way up to the most difficult. This set is likely the most affordable you will find.

You get all 3 bands for just under $10! These are ideal for anybody looking to incorporate mild resistance into their workouts.

You don’t need to spend a ton of money on heavy duty bands to enjoy the benefits of resistance training!

The bands are soft, making them perfect for beginners or individuals working on physical therapy movements. If you need more resistance, the bands are very easy to combine and tie together.

This set of bands is functional, helpful for recovery, and a great introduction to resistance movements. These resistance bands are not for people looking for intense workout supplements.

However, they are great for mild exercising and toning. You won’t be disappointed with the best flat resistance bands available!

Canway offers 4 different great resistance bands to choose from! Each band varies in resistance level, but the green one supports up to 125 pounds! These bands are worth the investment for anybody looking to perform serious and intense exercises with them.

This product is great for anybody looking for a serious upgrade to their training. The band comes with an e-book that describes multiple exercises involving the band. This makes it great for anybody new to resistance training too. The book is fully illustrated and the instructions are clear.

Fit Simplify Stretch Resistance Bands
Canway Stretch Resistance Bands

The black band is 2.5 inches wide. This makes it easy to grip and adjust. It also makes it sturdy enough to support full bodyweight for some individuals. Fit Simplify bands are incredibly durable.

You won’t have to worry about replacing these bands due to breakage. In fact, each band comes with a lifetime guarantee. Even in the worst cases, you will be supplied another band.

Given that other exercise aids can cost hundreds of dollars, these bands are a great addition at just over $30. This is one of the highest-quality, most premium resistance bands you will find anywhere.

You may consider buying multiple bands if you need many different resistance levels, or if you plan on working out with friends. We felt these are the best exercise resistance bands.

Resistance Band Comparison Table

Resistance Bands Weight Min-MaxBandsOtherRating
WACOOL Resistance Bands - 12 Piece Set8 - 105 pounds512 Piece Set & carry bag4.6 / 5.0
WODFitters Resistance Bands10 - 175 pounds 4eGuide workout and carry bag4.6 / 5.0
Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands2 - 30 pounds5eGuide workout and carry bag4.5 / 5.0
TheraBand Professional Latex Resistance Bands2 - 21 pounds3Wide easy to grip bands ideal for physical therapy 4.2 / 5.0
Canway Stretch Resistance Bands
15 - 125 pounds4Heavy duty resistance bands with carry bag4.7 / 5.0

How to Choose the Best Resistance Bands

Best Resistance BandsTraining with resistance bands is a great way to get creative with your workouts. Resistance training lets you develop and tone nearly all muscle groups. It also helps you shed unwanted pounds quickly. Sticking to the same workout routine can be boring, and your body can become tolerant.

This means you won’t be maximizing your training potential. It is wise to frequently alter your routines for optimal results and enjoyment. Resistance bands provide an easy and inexpensive way to do just this!

Types of Resistance Bands

There are a few different types of resistance bands. When selecting one to purchase, you want to be aware of its level of resistance, size, and durability. Some resistance bands are designed more for physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Others are more robust and are better for intense exercises and a lot of weight support. It is important to ask yourself why you are searching for resistance bands in the first place.

Resistance bands can range from just 1 pound of resistance up to nearly 400 pounds. Some are great for strengthening very specialized parts of the body, such as hands and feet. Others are great for aiding in rigorous movements like pull-ups. Additionally, some are color-coded.

Others are thicker, wider, or longer than other bands. Make sure you are buying a band with the appropriate features for your training or rehabilitative needs.

What Are the Qualities of Good Resistance Bands?

Best Exercise BandsIf you are going to purchase resistance bands, you want to make sure they are of high-quality. There are simply things you may look for when finding the resistance band that is correct for you.

The qualities of good resistance bands include:

  • They are made from durable material.
  • They come with a lifetime guarantee.
  • They are versatile.
  • They are portable.

The best resistance bands are typically made from strong and natural latex. This gives the bands a special elasticity and strength to support you through every movement. High-quality resistance bands are usually also thicker and wider, allowing you to place greater tension on them.

Bands for physical therapy are typically thinner and less tough, but they allow you to manipulate them for rehabilitation. Regardless of your needs, it is important to research the bands before purchasing one. All the bands reviewed here are great quality.

High-quality resistance bands also come with lifetime guarantees. The best resistance bands are very durable and likely will never break. However, in the case they do, you should be provided a warranty to receive a new one for free.

You will also want to search for versatility. Good resistance bands allow you to do multiple things with them. Examples of versatility include being able to combine many bands together for increase resistance.

Additionally, you may wish to mount the bands to the wall or floor to aid with specific exercises. These features allow you to mix up your workout routines in multiple ways using the same product!

Finally, the highest-quality resistance bands are portable. A great aspect of resistance bands is that they are compact and travel-friendly. It is best to avoid bulky sets and products. Resistance training is simple. You do not need lengthy manuals and numerous components to enjoy resistance training. Search for simple, compact bands that you can take with you anywhere you go.

What Are Some Workouts That Involve Resistance Bands?

There are many different types of workouts that utilize resistance bands. You should not feel overwhelmed. It is important to select workouts and exercises that match your skill level but are also challenging. Given the versatile nature of resistance bands, you have many options.

There are virtually endless possibilities when you use resistance bands, but here are a few exercises you may wish to try:

  • Assisted pull-ups
  • Trap pull-aparts
  • Assisted curls
  • Assisted tricep extensions
  • Iron-cross holds

Assisted Pull-Ups:

To perform assisted pull-ups, tie your resistance band securely to your pull-up bar. You want to make sure it will not come undone. You also want to leave some slack in the band so you can place your feet on it.

Grab the pull-up bar with your hands, place either one or both of your feet on the band, and pull your body upwards. Placing some of your weight on the band will lessen the amount you must carry upwards. The looser the band, the more difficult the exercise becomes.

This is a great exercise for those who have never tried pull-ups before, or individuals looking to complete more reps at lighter weights. Either way, this is a great way to incorporate resistance bands into your workouts!

Trap Pull-Aparts:

To perform trap pull-aparts, find a sturdy vertical pole or bar. Wrap the resistance band around it once and hold the ends of the band in each hand, leaving an even amount of slack on each side. Make sure your palms face inwards, towards each other.

Keep your arms straight, and slowly pull them backwards until they form a horizontal line perpendicular to your torso. Hold for a few seconds and then slowly move them forwards again. You should feel the tension between your shoulder blades.

Assisted Curls:

To perform assisted curls, step on one end of the band and hold the other end in one hand. You may want to wrap the band around your hand a few times to ensure it does not slip. Perform curls as you normally would. If you need to increase the difficulty, remove excess slack by wrapping the band around your hand more times.

Assisted Tricep Extensions:

To perform assisted tricep extensions, step on one end of the band and hold the other end behind your head. Your back should face the band. Your palms should be facing outward and your wrists should bend back slightly.

Lock your elbows above your head and squeeze your arms into your ears. Next, keep your arms pressed against your ears, and bend your elbows backwards, allowing the band to scrunch. Then, using your triceps, pull the band, increasing the tension of it.

The key is to not let your arms move away from your ears. If this is too difficult with the band, allow for extra slack in the band.

Iron-Cross Holds:

To perform iron-cross holds, you will need a longer resistance band. Step on the middle of the band with both feet and hold each end of the band in a different hand.

Keep your arms straight and lift each end of the band until your arms form a horizontal line perpendicular to your torso. This should look like a cross. Hold this position for 30-seconds. To increase difficulty, wrap the band around your hands a few times to remove excess slack.

Resistance Bands and Physical Therapy

In addition to great exercise supplements, resistance bands are also perfect for physical therapy and rehabilitation. Resistance bands are frequently used by professional physical therapists. You may purchase a set to recover at home as well.

Now you won’t have to limit your rehabilitation efforts to visits with your PT. With resistance bands, you may exercise and stretch as often as you feel you need, and you can relieve pains as soon as you feel them. It is a good idea to have resistance bands on hand if you struggle with recurring muscle or joint pains.

These bands are also great if you have sore muscles or joints you wish to alleviate. You can incorporate resistance bands into stretching routines, yoga, or recovery practices.

TheraBand sells wonderful bands for rehabilitation that are very inexpensive and easy to use. The TheraBand products reviewed here are great candidates for you if you need something simple to help you recover.

You don’t need a heavy-duty product that supports 400 pounds if you are only looking to stretch or rehabilitate. Fortunately, resistance bands are versatile enough to provide you with what you need at affordable prices.


Regardless of your needs, it is important to research potential resistance bands before making a purchase. Also, it is important to have fun and enjoy your experience with whatever product you select.

I hope this guide was helpful for finding the best resistance bands to fit your needs. If you want to comment or recommend a set of bands I didn’t include, please use my contact form to get in touch.

Have fun and enjoy your workout!

Weights Available

I found the 12 Piece Set WACOOL Resistance Band set to be the best quality and most versatile bands on the market.

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