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Real Women, Real Results: Zumba

Sophie Conner

An interview with Sophie Conner

How did you first hear about Zumba?  What made you decide to try it?

I heard about Zumba through my mom who had been doing it for about two years. She told me the instructor was nice, funny and a great dancer.  I liked the idea of dancing for fitness, especially because I love Spanish music.  It seemed like a fun way to exercise

What was your first class like?

The class was inclusive and welcoming.  It didn’t feel awkward. I felt like I fit in right away.  It wasn’t like the feeling you get at a gym where you can tell everyone is concerned about their appearance.

The instructor had lots of energy which was contagious.  His style was upbeat and he kept me motivated during the whole hour.  When I left that first class, I felt as though I had gotten a good cardio workout. I didn’t feel guilty about the piece of pizza I ate afterward.

How would you compare Zumba to other types of fitness programs you have tried?

Zumba isn’t boring which helps to distract you.  It’s so fun that you don’t realize you’re doing something hard.  It gives you the ability to work harder but not feel as though you’re having to push yourself to do so.  It’s good for someone who is weak-willed when it comes to physical exertion.

What type of person do you think would enjoy Zumba?

Someone who is lazy and wants to do an activity that doesn’t feel like exercise. Also, it’s good for people who want to choose the intensity of their workout because if one day you are feeling kind of  unmotivated, you can follow the instructor but not exert yourself too much; or if are having an energetic day, you can push yourself.

Did you have any positive results from practicing Zumba?

When I leave a class, I feel overall refreshed and energized.  It definitely boosts my mood.

Physically, I feel healthier.  I think my stamina improved.  A lot of the moves in Zumba involve the hips, abs, calves, and thighs.  I feel like those areas on my body are stronger, more toned.


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