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The 7 Best Walking Shoes For Women Reviewed – 2018

Do your feet hurt? Perhaps your work requires you to stand for hours or walk long distances. Maybe you enjoy walking for leisure.

For whatever reason, you spend a lot of time on your feet, and they are suffering. This buying guide will help you choose the best pair of Women’s walking shoes for you.

Read on For:

  • Reviews of seven high quality Women’s walking shoes
  • Why you should buy a pair of Women’s walking shoes
  • Important things to look for in a good pair of Women’s walking shoes

Quick Answer: The 7 Best Women’s Walking Shoes

  1. Easy Spirit Women’s Romy Sneakers
  2. KEEN Women’s Presidio Walking Shoes
  3. Reebok Women’s Cloudride DMX Walking Shoes
  4. New Balance Women’s Walking Shoes
  5. ASICS Women’s MetroLyte Walking Shoes
  6. Ryka Women’s Devo Plus 2 Walking Shoes
  7. New Balance Women’s 496v3 Walking Shoes

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Best Walking Shoes for Women

 Easy Spirit Women's Romy SneakerKEEN Women's Presidio ShoeReebok Women's Cloudride Dmx Walking Shoe
Features:Padded collar with cushioned foam sock-liner Waterproof with supportive cushioned footbed and collar Breathable mesh upper with DMX Flex comfort midsole

Reviews of Women’s Walking Shoes

The following seven reviews examine Women’s walking shoes that are ideal for anybody who has to be on their feet all day. They are also suitable for Women who like to walk around parks, or enjoy sightseeing.

#1 Easy Spirit Women’s Romy Sneakers

Easy Spirit Women’s Romy SneakersEasy Spirit is a manufacturer that focus exclusively on women’s shoes and women’s needs. When designing their Easy Spirit Women’s Romy Sneakers, they emphasized the importance of comfort for working women who are on their feet all day. They are suitable for use at home or the gym for moderate athletic pursuits.

Easy Spirit Women’s Romy Sneakers feature leather uppers for durability and easy maintenance. These shoes can endure years of regular wear. Their lacing is designed to achieve a snug fit when tied, and they have a fashionable, casual appearance.

The cushioned foam sockliner inside Easy Spirit Women’s Romy Sneakers provides both support and comfort for your feet. Even larger than average ladies will find adequate support inside these shoes.

The flexible rubber sole of Easy Spirit Women’s Romy Sneakers affords them good traction on any floor surface. They are ideal wear for when you take long walks through the country or around town. Overall, I would say the Easy Spirit’s are the best walking shoes for Women.

#2 KEEN Women’s Presidio Walking Shoes

KEEN Women’s Presidio Shoes are a modern version of the classic Oxford shoe but designed specifically to fit women. They have a casual yet sporty look and are available in a range of tones so that you’ll easily find a pair that complement your wardrobe.

Their nubuck leather upper is especially durable and has the added advantage of being water resistant. The front lacing with metal eyelets allows a very snug fit to be achieved.

The removable EVA Metatomical footbed is designed to hug the actual shape of your foot to provide optimal arch support. Inside the KEEN Women’s Presidio Shoes, the cushioning of the footbed and collar protects your feet from the impacts endured in each stride, and the lining is moisture-wicking.

For extra safety when you’re so busy or distracted that you walk into things, KEEN Women’s Presidio Shoes include a patented toe guard called KEEN Protect. The entire toe bed is reinforced to keep your little piggies protected.

The durable rubber outsole of KEEN Women’s Presidio shoes is designed to give great traction on a variety of floor surfaces without leaving behind any unsightly marks. Who wants black marks on their shiny white kitchen floor tiles?

If you work in a demanding environment where your shoes could get wet, KEEN Women’s Presidio Shoes would be a great choice for you.

Reebok Women’s Cloudride DMX Walking Shoes

Reebok Women’s Cloudride DMX Walking Shoes are designed to look sporty and make you feel like you’re walking on a cloud. If you’re forced to stay on your feet all day, you will appreciate a breathable, supportive and well-cushioned pair of shoes like these.

Reebok Women’s Cloudride DMX Walking Shoes utilizes Reebok’s proprietary CloudRide DMX moving air technology. The rubber soles contain a moving air component that is able to respond immediately to every step you take providing cushioning that is exactly right for your stride. The Memory Tech Massage sockliner also cushions your feet for added comfort.

The DMX flex mid-sole makes Reebok Women’s Cloudride DMX Walking Shoes flexible throughout the range of foot movements during each stride. The flex grooves in the front portion of the sole add to this effect. The sculptured grip from toe to beveled heel in the durable rubber sole provides great traction, ideal on slippery surfaces.

Their low-cut design and mesh upper make Reebok Women’s Cloudride DMX Walking Shoes very lightweight. This is particularly helpful if you must be on your feet for a long time. The mesh not only aids in keeping the weight low, but it also allows Reebok Women’s Cloudride Shoes to remain well ventilated for comfort and coolness throughout your day.

The ripstop, half-bootie collar of Reebok Women’s Cloudride DMX Walking Shoes means that when laced they form an especially snug fit around your feet making them the most comfortable walking shoes you can buy.

With a locked in heel, they won’t slip around your feet while you’re walking. More of the energy you exert goes directly into propelling you forward.

New Balance Women’s WW511BB1 Walking Shoes provide an affordable foot wear solution for the busy woman who needs durable yet comfortable walking shoes.

New Balance have been making shoes for over a century, so they know what they are doing. These walking shoes offer a surprising number of beneficial features for such reasonably priced shoes.

With a breathable mesh upper, New Balance Women’s WW511BB1 Walking Shoes allow your feet to keep cool, and yet they’re comfortably lightweight.

Their Ortholite footbed effectively cushions your feet from each impact as you walk around. These shoes are designed to reinforce natural foot movements while you walk.

Laces provide a snug fit so that your feet don’t slip around inside. The durable rubber soles of New Balance Women’s walking sneakers for women help you to avoid sliding on those slippery surfaces.

These are probably the best Women’s walking shoes for the money that will keep you comfortable while at work.

ASICS was originally founded with the goal of helping its customers to achieve a healthy mind and a healthy body. These shoes reflect that aim. ASICS Women’s MetroLyte Walking Shoes get their name from the fact that they are the lightest women’s walking shoes in ASICS’ range. If your work forces you to walk around a lot, you’ll really appreciate this.

Their mesh upper makes ASICS Women’s MetroLyte Walking Shoes breathable and lightweight. They weigh a mere 4.8 oz. Laces help ensure a snug fit so that they don’t slip around when you’re wearing them. A convenient heel tab makes it easier to put them on and take them off.

Underfoot comfort is enhanced by the full length memory foam sockliner inside ASICS Women’s MetroLyte Walking Shoes. This is designed to contour to your foot.

The COMFORDRY removable sockliner provides cushioning and moisture wicking for a healthier, dry, and cool environment. A contoured arch also contributes to support and comfort.

ASICS Women’s MetroLyte Walking Shoes have an OrthoLite insole and a Wet Grip outsole manufactured from a unique mix of non-organic and organic materials to optimize traction on wet surfaces.

That’s handy if you have to work in any environment where you might come across slippery floor tiles. Overall an excellent pair of lightweight Women’s walking shoes.

#6 Ryka Women’s Devo Plus 2 Walking Shoes

Ryka employs only women to design sporty footwear only for women. They believe that the shape and movements of the female foot are different to those of a man, and so create shoes specially to suit ladies’ feet.

The Ryka Women’s Devo Plus 2 Walking Shoes are a great addition to their product line. They are suitable for any woman who needs to look good and stay comfortable on her feet all day.

A mesh upper makes Ryka Women’s Devo Plus 2 Walking Shoes both breathable and light. This is great if you have to be on your feet all day in an environment where your feet will get hot and may sweat.

Seamless, supporting synthetic overlays create a practical walking shoe style with a rounded toe. The lace-up front makes them snug and comfortable to wear.

Inside Ryka Women’s Devo Plus 2 Walking Shoes you will find a smooth lining and an insole using Anatomical Precise-Return footbed for great cushioning. The internal insert is full length. The technology utilized in this design is aimed to support you each step you take.

The re-zorb® active foam midsole in combination with the eight-piece radiused skeletal rubber outsole provide lightweight cushioned support. There is also an external-pod network between midsole and outsole.

The durable rubber outsole provides great traction, something you’ll be glad of if you must cross slippery surfaces. Added to this the cobblestone engineering, Ryka Women’s Devo Plus 2 Walking Shoes are one of the most comfortable pair of shoes you will ever wear.

#7 New Balance Women’s 496v3 Walking Shoes

New Balance Women’s 496v3 Walking Shoes are affordable footwear for anybody who requires comfortable and durable walking shoes. New Balance are a well-established manufacturer of  ladies walking shoes with decades of experience under their belt. You may be pleasantly surprised to discover how many great features these shoes boast for their price.

Their breathable mesh upper means that New Balance Women’s 496v3 Walking Shoes are super lightweight and also help your feet to keep cool.  The lacing allows you to obtain a snug fit. Inside, their New Balance Ultra Soft Comfort insert provides great cushioning for your feet, protecting them from impact.

New Balance Women’s 496v3 Walking Shoes feature durable rubber soles to prevent sliding on those slippery surfaces. If you work long hours and are always on your feet, these are great, affordable shoes.

How to Choose the Best Walking Shoes for Women

Best Womens Walking Shoes

Why Wear Specific Walking Shoes?

If your work, your leisure activities, or your day to day life mean that you have to spend hours standing up or walking around, then a pair of good walking shoes will benefit you. These are many shoes designed specifically to provide your feet with the maximum protection and comfort level possible while walking.

Men and women have different foot shapes, a different ratio of height to foot size, and a different walking gait. Responsible shoe manufacturers make walking shoes with different designs for men and women. You need to ensure that what you buy for your feet was designed specifically for you, and not for a man then scaled down to your foot size.

The benefit of wearing women’s walking shoes that perfectly fit your feet and are comfortable to boot is that they may help prevent you incurring injuries, such as blisters and calluses. Good quality women’s walking shoes will provide a good level of shock absorption and also be lightweight so that you don’t feel like you have bricks tied to your feet all day.

Consideration for Women’s Walking Shoes

There are four parts of women’s walking shoes that you need to pay particular attention to when choosing a new pair:

  • The upper
  • The insole
  • The midsole
  • The outsole

The upper may be leather or synthetic, which is usually mesh in women’s walking shoes. The emphasis of the design will often be on making your shoes as lightweight and breathable as possible.

Uppers made of leather may be more durable than those made from mesh. They also tend to be more water resistant. If you work in a harsh environment or somewhere where your women’s walking shoes are likely to get wet, then leather uppers would probably be best for you. Leather uppers may also make the shoes longer lasting.

Mesh is lighter than leather, so you may find them less tiring to wear. Additionally, mesh is more breathable than leather, which means feet are better ventilated so they stay cooler and sweat less than in leather. Working long hours, feet can get hot and sweaty. If you are working long hours and have to walk around a lot, you may find women’s walking shoes with mesh uppers more comfortable.

Fastening mechanism – on women’s walking shoes is mainly a matter of personal preference, and laces are still the most common and course work well. You need the shoes to have a snug fit for comfort, and lacing achieves this.

Sockliners – add padding to the inside of women’s walking shoes, making them more comfortable to wear and more snug. A snug fit is especially important to prevent blisters, calluses, and even falls when you misstep.

Insole – is a very important part of women’s walking shoes. Good insoles will provide adequate support throughout the whole movement of your foot in each stride.

But they should also provide cushioning to protect your feet from the impact of each step. Many manufacturers have developed proprietary footbeds designed to provide maximum benefits for your feet.

Some insoles are removable, allowing you to replace them with an orthopedic insole. However, some are not. If your chiropodist or physician has recommended that you use a specific orthopedic insole inside your walking shoe, then ensure that the manufacturer supplied insole is removable so that you may use your prescribed insole. Another benefit of removable insoles is that they may be dried and cleaned easier than those fixed inside shoes.

Midsole – of your women’s walking shoes provides most of the protection from impact when your foot hits the ground. Each step you take while walking sends a shock impact through your feet. Over a period of time on your feet, this will build up and become painful.

In recent years, many sports shoe manufacturers have focused on the midsole during marketing campaigns, highlighting increased in technology in this area.

Cushioning – may be provided by gel, foam, air, or a mixture of these. Proprietary mechanisms are often designed to somehow transform impact force into take-off force, so that your feet literally bounce off the floor with each step.

The insole and midsole together must provide adequate arch support in a good pair of women’s walking shoes. This is of particularly importance to women who suffer from medical problems like over-pronation or flat feet. The combination of a good quality insole with a well-designed midsole should be that you feel like you’re walking on air.

Outsole – is the part of your women’s walking shoes that makes contact with the floor surface. Rubber provides good grip on slippery surfaces, and groves molded into the base usually aid better grip and traction when walking.

You need outsoles that are flexible enough to follow the natural movements of your feet yet durable enough to endure the wear and tear of your busy lifestyle.


There is an ideal pair of women’s walking shoes for every woman. Only you know what your feet feel like and what the environment is like where you must walk or stand for long hours.

You must decide what you actually need from your shoes and then choose the pair best suited to your requirements. Shoes are an important investment, and you want to ensure that you get value for your money.

Read through the section above about what you should find in good women’s walking shoes, and make a list as you go. Think about how long you want your shoes to last.

Think about whether you’ll be using them somewhere wet or somewhere dry. Will there be slippery surfaces? Do you need to use a special orthopedic insole? Do your feet get hot when you work? Do they sweat a lot?

Once you have a clear list of what your needs are, then run through the section reviewing specific women’s walking shoes.

Within that selection, you should be able to find at least one pair that would suit your needs. If not, at least you will have a clearer idea of what you really need. You need a pair of women’s walking shoes that keep your feet feeling comfortable all day long.

I hope this guide was helpful for finding the best Women’s walking shoes to fit your needs. If you want to comment or recommend a pair of shoes I didn’t include, please use my contact form to get in touch.

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