The 7 Best Slam Balls – [2024 Reviews]

Create new workouts with a slam ball, with look at this year's top models

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It’s a well-known fact that challenging your body is the key to achieving your fitness goals. If you do the same-old gym routine daily, you’re bound to stagnate, grow frustrated, and maybe even fall off the healthy lifestyle train.

Fortunately, the world of workout equipment is vast and unending. There are plenty of ways to shake things up on your fitness journey!

One of the best ways is with a slam ball – a weighted, rubber-coated sphere specially designed for high-impact throwing exercises.

Often used as a dynamic replacement for free weights, these versatile balls have soared in popularity recently. To help you chose, we’ve researched the top slam balls on Amazon to help you decide. Let’s Get started!

Best Slam Balls

ProsourceFit Slam BallChampion Sports Rhino Promax Slam BallDay1 Fitness Weighted Slam Ball
Weight:10 - 50 Pounds10 - 30 Pounds10 - 50 Pounds
Construction:RubberRhino skin leather Rubber
Fill:SandCork centerSand
Grip:Tire treadNon-slip leatherTextured

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Quick Answer: The 7 Best Rated Slam Balls For 2022

  1. Champion Sports Rhino Promax Slam Ball 
  2. ProsourceFit Slam Ball 
  3. Day1 Fitness Weighted Slam Ball 
  4. TRX Training Slam Ball 
  5. Power Systems Premium Slam Ball 
  6. Yes4All Slam Ball
  7. Jfit Dead Weight Slam Ball 

Our reviews of the top rated slam balls with our comparison table and buyers guide will help you choose the right one for you.

Slam Ball Reviews

Champion Sports Rhino Promax Slam Ball at a Glance:

  • Weight: 10 – 30 Pounds
  • Construction: Rhino skin leather
  • Fill: Cork center
  • Grip: Non-slip leather

Lets start our list off strong with the Champion Sports Rhino Promax Slam Ball.

Featuring the brand’s patented rhino skin leather shell, this ball offers a comfortable yet controlled, non-slip grip.

The durable leather easily holds up against the wear-and-tear of vigorous slams.

Better yet, you don’t have to sacrifice style for quality here – it’s available in vibrant shades of red, orange, yellow, pink, blue and black. You’ll be showing it off at the gym all day!

The Rhino Promax is especially versatile due to the wide range of weight options it offers. Available in sizes between 10 and 30 pounds, gym enthusiasts of all levels can comfortably use it.

Because of its cork-filled center, it won’t bounce back after being thrown. You’ll never have to worry about it springing up and smacking you in the face mid-workout!

With such a wide range of weight, size, and color options, Champion Sports has created what we’d consider the best slam bell set on the market.

ProsourceFit Slam Ball at a Glance:

  • Weight: 10 – 50 Pounds
  • Construction: Rubber
  • Fill: Sand
  • Grip: Tire tread

The ProsourceFit Slam Ball is the perfect option for full-body conditioning exercises or cross training.

With an extra durable rubber shell, this ball is designed to absorb consistent high-velocity impact while still maintaining its shape and quality.

The outer shell is covered in a water-resistant rubber tread grip, offering security for even the sweatiest of palms.

Available in weight options from 10 to 50 pounds, it is also accessible for individuals of all fitness levels.

Because this model is filled with sand, it has zero bounce back for one of the safest workout experiences possible.

With its high quality construction, durability, and expansive range of weight and size offerings, the ProsourceFit is the best slam ball for CrossFit enthusiasts.

Day1 Fitness Weighted Slam Ball at a Glance:

  • Weight: 10 – 50 Pounds
  • Construction: Rubber
  • Fill: Sand
  • Grip: Textured

The Day1 Fitness Weighted Slam Ball is the ideal choice for those seeking durability and longevity in a ball. 

With a thick rubber outer shell that absorbs multiple impacts, it can endure powerful slams, offering a demanding work out for even the most advanced gym rats out there.

Its core is filled with sand for resistance that challenges the muscles while leaving your walls, floors and hands intact.

This slam ball is available in sizes between 10 and 50 pounds, making it a versatile tool to replace free weights, or simply add resistance to your sit ups and squats.

It also comes in 3 eye-catching colors – hot pink, navy blue and classic black, each covered with a textured grip for secure handling.

Improve your overall body muscle mass, cardiovascular endurance, and hand-eye coordination with the Day1 Fitness slam ball. 

TRX Training Slam Ball at a Glance:

  • Weight: 6 – 50 Pounds
  • Construction: Rubber
  • Fill: Sand
  • Grip: Textured

The TRX Training Slam Ball is not just the best TRX slam ball available – it’s also one of the best weighted exercise balls on the market at large!

The TRX brand is well known for their high quality workout programs and training equipment, and this model is no exception. 

Designed to survive the toughest workouts, it features an ultra-durable rubber shell that absorbs impact with absolutely no bounce-back.

It has a tacky, textured surface which provides secure grip in all scenarios, as well as a sand-filled core for weighted resistance.

A key feature of this model is its vast array of weight options. Available in sizes ranging from 6 to 50 pounds, this ball is accessible to literally everyone of all fitness levels.

Replace your free weights with this ball and elevate your workout routine to new heights!

Power Systems Slam Ball at a Glance:

  • Weight: 4 – 30 Pounds
  • Construction: Rubber
  • Fill: Sand
  • Grip: Textured

Next up, we have the Power Systems Premium Slam Ball.

This is a sleek weighted ball with durable rubber construction to withstand years of heavy use. Its no-bounce design makes it perfect for plyometric slamming exercises. 

With its chic chrome coloring and tacky textured surface, this model offers a superior grip without compromising style.

It is available in 8 different weight options, ranging from 4 to 30 lbs. The lighter options are perfect for beginners or those interested in light-intensity exercises.

Each ball has a 10 inch diameter, which makes them the ideal size for the average palm. This will be very useful when maneuvering the ball throughout your drills.

Regardless of your reason for picking one of these up, just know you’re in for one of the best slam ball workouts you’ve ever had!

Yes4All Slam Ball at a Glance:

  • Weight: 10 – 20 Pounds
  • Construction: PVC
  • Fill: Sand
  • Grip: Grooved

The Yes4All Slam Ball is another high quality, durable option for gym enthusiasts everywhere.

With a grooved PVC shell for firm grip and a sand-filled core, this model does not bounce, roll, or change shape even with constant wear and tear.

Its shell is specially formulated and rotationally molded for a seamless construction – so you won’t have to worry about it splitting open, no matter how powerful your throws are.

This ball was designed specifically for CrossFit exercises and conditioning workouts, but it can suit any general athletic purposes as well.

It is available in 2 size options, so you can choose between a 10 pound and a 20 pound model.

Though the limited weight options may deter more seasoned athletes looking for a heavier lift, the quality of this ball simply can’t be denied.

The Yes4All is what we’d consider to be the best 20 lb slam ball on the market.  

J/fit Deadweight Slam Ball at a Glance:

  • Weight: 10 – 50 Pounds
  • Construction: PVC
  • Fill: Sand
  • Grip: Textured

Our final recommendation is the J/fit Dead Weight Slam Ball.

Engineered for precision and durability, this slam ball has actually gone through over 10 re-designs in past years,  in order to become one of the most quality options on the market.

It has a tough PVC shell with 20% more thickness than that of its competitors. It’s also covered in heavy-duty treads that are specially designed for your fingers to fit perfectly between them.

With a weighted, sand-filled core, this ball has absolutely no bounce back, and will retain its shape for years to come.

Each slam ball has a diameter of 9 inches and is offered in a wide variety of weights, ranging from 10 pounds to 50 pounds.

Choose according to your strength level, and upgrade as your endurance increases. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself coming back for more – these slam balls are a must-have!

Slam Ball Comparison Table

Slam BallWeightConstructionFillGripRating
Champion Rhino Slam Ball10 - 30 lbsRhino skin leather Cork centerNon-slip leather4.5 / 5.0
ProsourceFit Slam Ball10 - 50 lbsRubberSandTire tread4.5 / 5.0
Day1 Fitness Slam Ball10 - 50 lbsRubberSandTextured4.7 / 5.0
TRX Slam Ball6 - 50 lbsRubberSandTextured4.7 / 5.0
Power Systems Slam Ball4 - 30 lbsRubberN/ATextured5.0 / 5.0
Yes4All Slam Ball10 - 20 lbsPVCSandGrooved4.6 / 5.0
J/fit Slam Ball10 - 50 lbsPVCSandTextured4.5 / 5.0

How to Choose the Best Slam Ball – Buying Guide

best slam balls

Now that you’ve seen the best slam balls on the market, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. How do you pick just one when there are so many equally great options?

We’ve written up this handy buying guide to help you through the process. When you’re done, you’ll have no doubts about which ball is right for you.

Understanding Slam Balls

There are so many different types of exercise balls – it can be all too easy to mix them up. Before purchasing a recommendation from our list, be sure that it is indeed a slam ball you’re looking for.

Slam balls are constructed with a thick exterior (usually tough rubber) and weighted with a filling like sand or gel. Designed to withstand the high-impact velocity of being literally slammed to the ground, they do not bounce!

Lack of bounce is a crucial feature in all slam balls – they don’t bounce so they can’t spring back up from the ground to whack you in the face. If these could bounce, they’d be a serious safety hazard!

Slam balls are often mixed up with medicine balls and wall balls – both of which can look deceptively similar. In reality, these are 3 very different workout tools.

Slam balls are the most heavy duty and durable of all three ball types.

Medicine balls are another type of weighted sphere for throwing exercises, but they aren’t meant to be thrown against the ground.

Rather, they are better suited for partner catch/throw drills, rotation-based core exercises and in place of free weights. They also have hard outer shells, but are significantly less durable than slam balls.

Medicine balls often have a bit of bounce to them, but that doesn’t mean they can survive being manhandled. If you throw a medicine ball to the ground, it can easily split open at the seams and fall apart.

Meanwhile, wall balls are designed with high bounce capacity, to be thrown repeatedly against a wall or other hard surface for single person catch/throw drills.

Keep these differences in mind, because many weighted fitness balls are incorrectly labeled as being slam balls although they aren’t. If it bounces, it is not a slam ball!

Slam Balls vs. Medicine Balls vs. Wall Balls

Choose Your Weapon: Medicine Balls, Slam Balls, and Wall Balls

Size & Weight

Size and weight are the key determinants of which ball you’ll end up taking home. Luckily, most slam ball brands and manufacturers carry a reasonable range of weight options.

That said, some brands are best suited to those with advanced fitness levels, while others are more compatible with beginner-level gym enthusiasts.

Experts recommend getting a ball that weighs 30-50% of whatever your 1-rep max is on a comparable lift. You should experience resistance and muscle fatigue, but not a deterioration of form.

If your ball is so heavy that it compromises your correct form, you should size down.

You must also consider the diameter of the ball – the way the ball fits in your hands can greatly impact your grip, mobility and power.

Make sure you’re not getting a ball that’s too big for your hands, or you could risk hurting your wrists.

Grip & Fill 

Most slam balls have a hard, rubber outer shell that is textured or tacky for secure grip during workouts. Some may have thick, cloth-like outer shells which are slip-resistant.

The ease of your grip can heavily influence the quality of your slam ball workout, so make sure you’ve considered what surface texture works best for you and the workouts you intend to pursue.

In regards to fill, most slam balls are stuffed with sand, cork, or rubber. The type of filling can also affect the range, ease and quality of your workouts.

For example, if you’re using a sand-filled slam ball, you may experience a shifting of weight as the filling moves around inside during throwing drills.

However, if you’re using a slam ball with cork filling, your ball will be evenly weighted no matter how you handle it.


As always, safety is key!

To perform high-level weight ball workouts, you must have a healthy back, and the capacity to twist and stretch with ease.

If you have suffered a back or abdominal injury in the past, you may need to consider using other types of strength training first.

If you’re unsure, chat with your doctor to find out if ball workouts are appropriate for you.

Smaller and lighter versions of medballs are often used in physical therapy and rehabilitative care, so it really depends on your body.

FAQs About Slam Balls

Q: How heavy should my slam ball be?

A: As mentioned above, experts recommend getting a ball that weighs 30-50% of whatever your 1-rep max is on a comparable lift.

As a general rule, your ball should be heavy enough to pose a challenge, but not so heavy that it impairs your form and control.

If you feel your posture slipping or control diminishing, you may want to size down.

Q: What do you do with a slam ball?

A: Slam balls are typically included in workout routines to improve dynamic strength and general cardiovascular health.

They can be used as a replacement for free weights, but are best for the heavy duty throws of slamming exercises. The most common exercise used with these is the ball slam.

A traditional ball slam works your shoulders, triceps, abdominals, quads, glutes, calves and back for what is essentially a full-body workout.

To do a simple ball slam, stand with your knees slightly bent and feet shoulder-width apart.

Extend your arms straight up to lift the ball overhead. Then, use your core to throw the ball down as hard as possible. Squat down to pick the ball up, engaging your glutes and quads.

If you’re looking to improve muscle mass, cardiovascular endurance and hand-eye coordination, slam balls are definitely the tool for you.

Q: What muscles do slam balls work?

A: Depending on the work out, slam balls can work your shoulders, triceps, pecs, calves, back and core. They’re especially good for building abdominal muscles.

Q: Do slam balls bounce?

A: No! Slam balls have a compact design and a hard shell to prevent bounce. This enables you to throw them with force, without risk of them bouncing back in your face.

Tips For Choosing a Slam Ball

#1: Safety first!

Always make sure that your body is ready to handle a new piece of workout equipment.

If your ball is so heavy that it compromises your form, you should size down.

If you’ve had a back or abdominal injury in the past, weighted exercise balls may not be for you.

#2: Know your goals

Be sure you know your weighted exercise balls!

Though slam balls share many similarities with medicine and wall balls, they are distinct in their construction and will offer your body different benefits.

Make sure you’ve given thought to your fitness goals and are sure that a slam ball can help you achieve them.

#3: Challenge your body

Slam balls are a great way to shake up your fitness routine and raise your cardiovascular health. Be sure that as you get stronger, you continue to size up in weight and challenge yourself.


Now that you know how to select a good slam ball, it’s time to finally take one home.

Rest assured – no matter which ball you choose, you’ll be getting one of the best options on the market today.

Thanks for reading – you’re now one step closer to building a new healthy habit!

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