The 7 Best Workout Leggings For Women [2024 Reviews]

Look and feel great while working out, we break down this year's top women's workout leggings

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We’re far from the days of just tossing on any old shorts and t-shirt to wear to work out.

Leggings are both comfortable and look great, which is a huge reason for their incredible popularity. However, not every legging is made the same.

What you need is a good pair of women’s workout leggings. We’ve found the ones that will keep you dry, feeling unrestrained, and looking great.

Best Women’s Workout Leggings

ODODOS High Waist Out Pocket Yoga PantsNike Womens Pro Cool Training TightsOalka Women Power Flex Yoga Pants
Styles:Capri & Full-LengthFull-LengthCapri & Full-Length
Pockets:2 OutsideNone1 Inner

Quick Answer: The 7 Best Rated Women’s Workout Leggings For 2024

  1. ODODOS High Waist Out Pocket Yoga Pants
  2. Oalka Women Power Flex Yoga Pants
  3. Nike Womens Pro Cool Training Tights
  4. Fengbay High Waist Yoga Pants
  5. Lululemon Wunder Under Pant III
  6. Under Armour Women’s HeatGear Armour Capris
  7. IUGA High Waist Yoga Pants with Pockets

We’ve reviewed the top rated women’s workout leggings, followed by a comparison table and buying guide to help you decide on a pair of leggings that will work best for you.

Women’s Workout Legging Reviews

ODODOS High Waist Out Pocket Yoga Pants at a Glance:

  • Fabric: Polyester/Spandex/Nylon
  • Colors & Styles: 20+ colors, Capri / Full-Length
  • Sizes: 6
  • Pockets: 2 Outside Pockets
  • Stitching: Flatlock

Would you like to be comfortable, have an instantly flatter tummy, and feel confident? Then check out the ODODOS High Waist Yoga Pants.

They come in a huge variety of unique and trendy colors, as well as two different styles: capri or full-length. That means you can select what works best for your tastes.

They also come in 6 sizes, which fits most consumers out there. So, they look great, but how do they feel?

The 4-way stretch fabric will make sure you can be nice and flexible without feeling restrained, like so many workout leggings impose on the wearer. This makes them ideal for just about any workout you plan on conquering.

As far as looks go, we really liked the high waist design with a tummy control panel that instantly flattens and “sucks” it in.

We also know that it’s difficult to find the perfect balance between tightness, but not so much that you can see through the fabric. The non see-through fabric on the ODODOS will make that worry a thing of the past.

While we doubt this will be the situation, but if you’re in any way unsatisfied with your leggings, they are covered by their 100% full money-back guarantee and our Editor’s Choice for the best workout pants for women!

Oalka Women Power Flex Yoga Pants at a Glance:

  • Fabric: Nylon, Spandex
  • Colors & Styles: 19 colors, Full-Length
  • Sizes: 6
  • Pockets: 1 Hidden Inner Pocket
  • Stitching: Flatlock

Are you looking for one of the best workout leggings for women but don’t want to spend a fortune?

If you’re shopping on a budget but don’t want to compromise quality, then the Oalka Women’s Workout Leggings may be the perfect pair for you.

Coming in almost 20 interesting colors, you’re bound to find the one that compliments your personality or wardrobe seamlessly.

Speaking of seams, we loved the flatlock stitching which makes sure it doesn’t chafe or irritate your skin. The gusseted crotch may not seem like a great deal, but it helps maximize free movement so you don’t feel stuffed into the leggings.

The elastic waistband, much like the previous product, aims for comfort while also providing a bit of tummy control. Another similarity between this model and the last is the 4-way stretchy material.

We did find this pair was more moisture-wicking, however, which we of course liked. It left us dryer and more comfy, even after intense workouts.

If you’re in any way unsatisfied, they also provide a generous complete money-back guarantee.

Nike Womens Pro Cool Training Tights at a Glance:

  • Fabric: Polyester Blend
  • Colors & Styles: 2 colors, Full-Length
  • Sizes: 5
  • Pockets: None
  • Stitching: Flatlock

Nike is undoubtedly one of the most respected sportswear brands in the world, so it’s no surprise their women’s Pro Cool Training Tights are on our list of the best athletic leggings..

Sported by pro athletes, Instagram stars, and average gymgoers alike, there’s much to be said for this model. First off, let’s talk about looks.

These are sleek and clean-looking with a silky-smooth body and mesh panels on the calves which not only add a bit of a dynamic design but added breathability.

This particular model only comes in black and dark grey, but they go well with just about anything. The fabric is their signature “Dri-FIT”, which is essentially just a polyester/spandex blend.

The fabric works well to absorb sweat, while also remaining lightweight and quick to dry.

While the fit overall was nice and solid, while remaining stretchy, it was a bit tighter than we would have preferred. In regards to the waistband, we appreciated this snugness, as it really held everything together without being over-compressive.

They are a bit more expensive than many of the options on our guide, they’re also one of the most durable and well-constructed. We felt like for what you get, they’re well worth the extra bit of cash.

Fengbay High Waist Yoga Pants at a Glance:

  • Fabric: Polyester, Polyurethane
  • Colors & Styles: 15 colors, Full-Length
  • Sizes: 5
  • Pockets: 1 Hidden Inner, 1 Outer
  • Stitching: Interlock

The Fengbay High Waist Yoga Pants not only look great, but feel wonderful, too. There aren’t a ton of color options available, but the ones that they do have are gorgeous.

They come in many jewel tones, as well as your classic grey and black. Made of polyester and polyurethane, they’re made to last throughout countless workouts.

The strong composition also makes them great for use in your day-to-day life, like for hiking or going grocery shopping.

The interlock seams work to make sure they stretch well, but still remain sturdy enough to keep you streamlined with a snug fit. Thanks to their compression technology, you’ll get improved blood circulation, which also helps speed up muscle recovery.

We know you’re wondering; yes, it will still leave something up to the imagination.

Despite being so durable, the leggings are incredibly lightweight and the best high waisted workout leggings on our list. This makes them great to use in any season or environment, as they both absorb sweat while being super quick to dry.

So you don’t have to bring a wallet or purse along, they’ve provided you with two different pockets. One is a little hidden pocket to keep small items like a key or cash, while the other is an outside pocket that can easily accommodate smartphones, cards, and IDs.

Lululemon Wunder Under Pant III at a Glance:

  • Fabric: Polyester, Lycra, Spandex
  • Colors & Styles: 6 colors, Full-Length
  • Sizes: 6
  • Pockets: 1 Waistband
  • Stitching: Interlock

Lululemon is quite possibly the most well-known brand for making the best workout tights, and particularly just workout tights. Their Wunder Under Pant III is one our personal favorites.

It doesn’t have as many color options as some of the other brands, but due to the amazing fit and comfort level, we felt this wasn’t as important. In addition, certain colors are reversible, so it’s kind of a 2-in-1 kind of deal.

What are they made out of?

The super-soft Full-On Luon fabric is the main material here. It works to provide you with support and structure. They’re rather tight, but surprisingly stretchy once you start moving around.

Some may not like the “second-skin” fit, but we felt they were perfect for checking to make sure you have proper form while working out. The sweat-wicking, four-way stretch fabric holds its shape quite well, and yours, too.

However, the soft waistband will make sure there are no bulges or bumps where you don’t want them.

While they are one of the best women’s leggings for the gym, they translate perfectly to casualwear to happy hour, or even a night out.

You can even keep your valuables in the waistband pocket instead of carrying a purse with you the entire time!

Under Armour Women’s HeatGear Capris at a Glance:

  • Fabric: Polyester/Elastane
  • Colors & Styles: 3 colors, Capri
  • Sizes: 6
  • Pockets: None
  • Stitching: Interlock

If you’ve been involved at all in athletic activity before, then we guarantee you’ve heard of Under Armour.

Another favorite among pro athletes, they’re known for their supreme quality while remaining stylish and ultra-comfortable. While they make many of the best fitness leggings that we love, we had to choose just one, and their HeatGear Capris can’t be beat.

If you’re going to be outdoors, then we highly recommend using this pair of workout capris.

The fabric is made of 100% waterproof Pertex, which is great if you’re going to be in the rain or accidentally spilling water on yourself as you take a drink.

Despite being waterproof, they’re very breathable and lightweight, so you feel like you’re free while running or lifting weights.

The 2.5-layer bonded fabric is smooth yet incredibly durable. These are made to take a beating; so much so, that you’ll probably have these for years to come if you treat them right. The windproof construction keeps you safe from the blistering cold days, too.

If you want to take them with you on a trip or just want to pack them into your gym bag, you’ll appreciate the fact that they pack simply into the included pocket for quick and convenient storage.

IUGA High Waist Yoga Pants with Pockets at a Glance:

  • Fabric: Polyester/Elastane
  • Colors & Styles: 14 colors, Full-Length
  • Sizes: 6
  • Pockets: 1 Inner, 2 Outer
  • Stitching: Interlock

While these leggings are designed by yogis, for yogis, we found them to be an excellent budget option no matter what kind of exercise you’re participating in.

The design comes in 14 unique colors, with deep reds, light blues, various greys, and more. No matter which color we selected, we were surprised that they were never see-through.

These are made to be just as much activewear, as you’re everyday athleisure. They aim to blend trendiness with sportiness, and they do it well.

Our first impression, was wow, these are comfortable. We’re going to go out on a limb here and say that they were probably the most comfortable pair we tried on out of the dozens.

The fabric is nice and soft, with a four-way stretch that gives simultaneous compression and support. The gusset crotch allows for more freedom of movement, and the waistband was wide and high.

This provided excellent tummy control, and as it had a hidden pocket, was easy to keep valuables close by.

The moisture-wicking material proved to fare well in the indoors and outdoors, while the interlock seams made sure that chafing wouldn’t happen with these. We also found an additional pocket to easily store a smartphone or ID.

If you are looking for some of the best gym leggings at a bargain price, look no further!

Women’s Workout Pants Comparison Table

ODODOS High Waist PantsPolyester/Spandex/NylonCapri & Full-Length2 OutsideFlatlock4.1 / 5.0
Oalka Power Flex PantsNylon/SpandexFull-Length1 InnerFlatlock4.5 / 5.0
Nike Pro Cool TightsPolyester/SpandexFull-LengthNoneFlatlock4.1 / 5.0
Fengbay High Waist PantsPolyester, PolyurethaneFull-Length1 Inner, 1 OuterInterlock4.5 / 5.0
Lululemon Wunder Pant IIILycra, SpandexFull-Length1 WaistbandInterlock3.5 / 5.0
Under Armour HeatGearPolyester/ElastaneCapriNoneInterlock4.4 / 5.0
IUGA High Waist PantsPolyester/ElastaneFull-Length1 Inner, 2 OuterInterlock4.6 / 5.0

How to Choose the Best Women’s Workout Leggings – Buying Guide

best workout pants for women

Now that you’ve had the chance to learn a bit about each of the best workout leggings on Amazon today, have you decided on which ones are perfect for you? If you’re still on-the-fence, not to worry! We’ve gone ahead and come up with the user-friendly buying guide below to make sure you know just the ones to get.


What type of fabric will your new leggings be comprised of? This is a pretty big deal, as they can affect the level of comfort, the fit, and the compression. Okay, they basically affect everything. The longevity of your leggings are primarily based on the fabric used, and how well the seams are holding it together.


Cotton is of course soft and relatively breathable, although not the best in that regard. The real downside with cotton is that it has a tendency to stretch out just after a few uses. It also doesn’t keep brighter colors as well.

Nylon or Spandex

This fabric is more popular, as they’re both great at retaining their original shape, and are great for wicking moisture away from the body. They also dry quite rapidly, and are usually machine-washable. The “con” here is that body odors seem to be amplified with synthetic fibers such as these two.

As with everything, it’s important to just read the instructions on the tag of your leggings before you use them and wash them. If you tend to sweat a lot, then you’re going to need to wash them more frequently. Make sure that you can throw them in the wash if you don’t want to wash them by hand.


A huge reason why we love workout leggings, even in non-workout settings, is because of how they make us look. They can compress and support our lower half, making us look more streamlined and even just feel better! They can even help speed up the recovery process due to the increased circulation they provide.

Keep in mind that (usually) the more compressive the material is, the more expensive it’s going to be. They will also hold their shape easier and generally be more durable, so it’s worth shelling out a few extra bucks for these.

best workout tights for women


Think about what you’ll be using your leggings for. If you’re going to be using them for just about everything under the sun, then get something tighter that’s going to last you longer. The tighter fits usually mean they’re not going to lose their shape easily.

If you’re going to be using them to lift weights, climbing, running or any another activity where freedom of movement is essential, you may want to go with something a bit more loose.


Is color really important? Yes! Of course!

You want something that suits your personality, and that goes along well with the rest of your workout wardrobe.

In addition, if you’re going to be selecting a lighter color, you need to know that the fabric isn’t going to be see through. This is a common issue with lighter and tighter fabrics. The higher quality ones are never going to be see through, no matter which color you select.

Also think about how well the color will hold. Blacks are obviously not going to be much of an issue, nor will other darker colors.


When you’re working out, you probably don’t want to feel suffocated. You want something that’s going to let the sweat and moisture be absorbed and escape.

You want a fabric that’s going to remain lightweight regardless of the moisture it carries, and you want there to be some kind of moisture-wicking going on so it’s transported away from your skin. No one likes that slick, humid feeling when they’re trying to exercise!

Tummy Control

If you have a perfectly flat stomach, then you can just skip over this. The rest of the 99% of the population would like to keep on reading.

If you’re looking for tummy control, then search out one of the models on our guide that have a dedicated waistband for it. These are usually wide and a bit thicker than the rest of the leggings. These will hold the stomach in and provide a bit of support.


How many things are you planning on carrying with you? Perhaps you just want to bring the essentials but don’t like leaving them alone in the lockers, or don’t want to bring along a bag just for a few things.

If that’s the case, then make sure your leggings have a little pocket for things like keys, cards, gloves, and maybe an extra hair tie. If you want a pocket to hold a smartphone for listening to music or answering messages, then you’ll want a bigger exterior pocket.

FAQs About Workout Leggings

Q: What size should I order?

A: Each legging is going to vary a bit. You may be a medium in one model, and a small in the next. Our best advice to you is to take a look at the sizing charts that most manufacturers will have readily available to you. If you’re in-between sizes, take a look at the hip measurement in the chart as that’s typically the best measurement to go off of.

Q: Can I wear them in hot and cold weather?

A: Yes, you should be able to wear every option here with both climates. However, some do better than others in cold and in hot weather. Some can block out the cold wind, while others do not. Some wick away moisture better than others, which is ideal in the summer.

Q: How do I know if they’re too tight or just compressing?

A: Compression leggings will never feel painful or restrict blood flow. In fact, they work to boost circulation, so if you have any signs of restriction, know that they are too tight.

Tips For Your Workout Leggings

Tip #1: If you’re planning on using your leggings outside of the gym, opt for a matte material/finish. The shiny ones tend to look more sporty, so if you want a more variable option, go with the matte.

Tip #2: To care for your leggings, make sure not to toss them in the machines every time. Each product will vary. With some, you’ll be able to just toss it into the washing machine and go. Others, you’ll need to hand-wash. If you really want them to last, though, hand washing and air drying is really going to prolong their life.

Tip #3: Darker fabrics are typically going to look better, longer. This is because they’re not going to fade as easily. Ones with no pattern also usually hold better, as well.

Final Thoughts

So, which one of the best women’s workout leggings will you be sporting during your next workout? We hope that our guide has helped you find the perfect pair for you. Thanks for tuning in, and we hope to see you again shortly!

How We Researched

To come up with the top women’s workout leggings, we researched a variety of sources for reviews such as REI, Walmart, Target and Dick’s Sporting Goods along with our own personal experience.

The authors consulted sources such as online magazines for research and reviews unbiased information.

By using we tried to eliminate fake reviews and use only genuine ones.

With so many options available, the authors narrowed down the selections by using products they felt were the best value for the money.

The staff authors have a wide and varied background as fitness trainers, yoga instructors and runners. The authors have decades of experience and are eager to share their knowledge with readers.

In order to narrow down the options, we used personal experiences plus recommendations from other trainers and instructors.



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