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An Alternative To Running – Skipping!

alternative to jogging or running

The other day my boyfriend became aware that my Fitbit has a feature that reads your resting heart rate. So he promptly insisted I take it off so he could check his own.  As I was unclasping the strap, he caught a glimpse of mine. “84?’ he exclaimed, “That’s not very good.” When he put the Fitbit on, he noticed ...

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Zumba Results

Real Women, Real Results: Zumba An interview with Sophie Conner How did you first hear about Zumba?  What made you decide to try it? I heard about Zumba through my mom who had been doing it for about two years. She told me the instructor was nice, funny and a great dancer.  I liked the idea of dancing for fitness, ...

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The 21 Day Fix Results

21 Day Fix Results

Real Women, Real Results:  The 21 Day Fix An interview with Andie Conway What motivated you to try the 21 Day Fix? Well, I’m 45 years old.  Last year I made a big change in my personal life. Some people might refer to it as a mid-life crisis, but all I can say is I was feeling my age. I’m ...

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