Focus T25 Workout Reviewed For 2022

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Focus T25 is a trendy workout routine that promises a better body in just 25 minutes a day. Though it has dominated the fitness market since 2015, it continues to attract new followers every day. The appeal of an express workout with impressive results is a perfect fit for all busy women.

Famous fitness guru Shaun T. in conjunction with Beachbody workouts created this all-inclusive program for those women who want to making a lasting lifestyle change.

Shawn T. used this concept to create a challenging, yet time-saving workout program that can whip you into shape, within a matter of weeks.

Beach body workout company is known for their diverse ‘at home’ fitness programs—including the popular DVD workout series, P90X, INSANITY, and 21 Day Fix. The Focus T25 workout is based on research stating that most of the fat your body can burn happens in the first half hour of a fitness workout.

Here is an overview of the T-25 Programs:

FOCUS T25 - Get It Done in 25 MinutesFOCUS T25 GAMMA Cycle DVD WorkoutFOCUS T25 Deluxe Kit - DVD Workout
11 nonstop 25-minute workouts on 9 DVDsFour 25-minute workouts on individual DVDs: (1) RIP'T UP; (2) Extreme Circuit; (3) The Pyramid; (4) Speed 3.0Alpha, Beta, and Gamma phase workouts (15 total 25-minute workouts)
Quick-Start Guide, Nutrition Plan, Workout Calendars, B-LINES Resistance Band (15 lb.)Pure Gamma calendar and Pure strength hybrid calendar integrating strength-based workouts from Alpha, Beta, and GammaWorkout tools: 3 B-LINES Resistance Bands (15 lbs, 20 lbs, and 25 lbs), MiniMat, Quick-Start Guide, Nutrition Plan, Workout Calendars, and 5-Day Fast Track Guide

What is Focus T25?

Focus T25 is a DVD series containing a comprehensive fitness program. This is not just another workout that you can casually pick up from the DVD stack next to your TV– when you get the itch to burn some calories.

No, this home fitness program comes with a few key components that promise a full body transformation– if you strictly follow the regimen proffered in the set.

A key component to a successful transformation is the integration of the Focus T25 diet plan. Followers are encouraged to adhere to Shaun T’s strict food regimen, meant to boost your fat-burning potential. The box set features a 5-day food plan designed for your first week of training.

Focus T25 Review

The diet plan requires you to restrict your calorie intake to between 1,200 and 1,600 calories per day—regardless of gender or starting weight, which is enough in itself to cause weight loss in any individual. Ladies—we all know that hunger can cause crankiness and fatigue— so use your calories wisely! Focus on lean meats and veggies to stretch out your calorie count.

The fitness program is made up of nine DVDs offering two phases of workouts: Alpha phase and Beta phase. Each phase should last for a month, beginning with the Alpha, which lays the groundwork your body will need to tackle the Beta phase.

Shaun T’s plan includes a commitment to working out five days per week with a double session (meaning 50 minutes) on the final day of the week.

Focus T25 Workout Review

Day six of each week is a stretch day (which has its own DVD), and day seven is the highly anticipated ‘rest day’—though you will likely crave your workout days, once you experience the rush of the program.

The workouts are precisely 25 minutes long with a recommended cool down of two to three minutes at the end, pushing the workouts to approximately half an hour.

Each DVD has a different workout to add variety to your routine. During the alpha phase, your weekly workout plan follows the schedule below:

  • Day one: Cardio workout
  • Day two: Speed-based aerobic routine
  • Day three: Intense total body workout
  • Day four: Abs workout
  • Day five: Legs workout

For the beta phase, three DVDs finish you off in a way that will push your body to tone up and burn off even more fat. You will find the following workouts:

  • Cardio core workout
  • Speed-based aerobics (more intense than in the alpha phase)
  • Full-body routine (amped up version of alpha phase)
  • Intense core workout
  • Upper body workout

The kit can come in two versions: a base kit or a deluxe kit. Both sets have the DVDs and diet plan, as well as workout calendars, a resistance band, and quick start guide.

The deluxe kit adds some equipment, including another level of intense workouts (five “gamma” level routines), a workout mat, more resistance bands, and another calendar. The equipment is not necessary for beginners, as the alpha phase does not require anything extra.

There is a lot to this program, but it is worth it for people who want to lose weight and tone up fast.

What are the benefits of T25?

The benefits of Focus T25 are precisely why people are drawn to this routine. For one thing, it is short. The program is a better fit for people who struggled through the hour-long workouts of P90X or similar programs. The short daily time commitment makes you less likely to give up.

You can get out of bed, do your workout, and get to work while hardly losing any sleep. It is also great for those stay at home moms and women who work from the home— you do not have to go to the gym in the midst of a busy day, and the block of time you devote to exercise is the same as you might spend reading a couple of articles in a magazine.


The results are also a huge motivator. On the Beachbody website, the ‘before and after’ photos of toned adults glisten throughout the description, not excluding images of the powerhouse build of creator Shaun T.

The ‘invisible’ results of a fitness routine, that helps you lose weight, is also worth mentioning. Cardiovascular exercise is known to improve your overall heart health by increasing circulation, lowering blood pressure and heart rate, and reducing your risk of heart disease.

Not to mention that getting rid of excess fat lowers your risk of numerous other diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, kidney disease, and liver disease. Maintaining an active lifestyle and healthy diet can add several years to your life!

Of course we can’t mention the benefits of a fitness routine without covering the emotional aspects. Intense fitness produces powerful endorphins. In other words, you are going to feel really good after your workouts, sore muscles aside. Endorphins will improve your mood and improve your over-all quality of life.

Focus T25 removes the time and location barrier for fitness and gives you a way to look great, feel good, and get healthier. It is a pretty tempting combination.

Things to Keep in Mind

Focus T25 is a high-impact workout that pushes your body, so that you burn fat and lose weight. It is bit less intense than Beachbody’s INSANITY, which is a great alternative, if you found INSANITY to be, well—insane! Though less intense, Focus T25 works your body in a different way, still producing impressive results.

Once your body gets into fat-burning mode, you may actually need to eat more protein to help your muscles recover more quickly. This is another issue to consider when factoring in calorie restriction—so do not spend your valuable calories on pizza and donuts!

The moves in Focus T25 are high impact, which means you will be slamming your feet into the ground– A LOT. It is best to use a fitness mat like the one provided in the kit, or any yoga mat would suffice. The thin cushion of these mats can reduce impact to your feet, knees, and back.

 During a workout, you will be sweating profusely and moving around, as you complete the various movements in the routine.

Shaun T Focus 25

You should consider the space you need for your workouts and carve out an area of your home (unless you already have one) in which you can sweat freely and do your moves without being afraid of hitting furniture, your family members, or shaking the floor.

It is a good idea to have towels or sweatbands on hand to keep sweat from irritating you as you exert yourself.

Safety in Focus T25

As with any fitness routine, you should evaluate your initial physical fitness level or any previous injuries/illnesses that could be affected by the routine.

If you have any concerns prior to starting the program or experience any unusual pain after beginning the program— always consult your doctor. While Focus T25 is a great fit for beginner and intermediate fitness levels, the high impact moves can be a problem for some individuals.

It is best to take it slow for the first few weeks. Watch the DVDs a determine ways to modify the workouts to reduce high impact. A few weeks of doing low-impact Focus T25 prepares your body to be pushed to its limits. After two or three weeks, feel free to engage in the recommended regimen.

Review of Focus T25

People with joint or hip problems should not participate in Focus T25. These exercises use the hips and other joints to their full extent, placing a lot of stress on them. Consider doing a modified version of the DVD series if you have back pain.

Remember that water is not a luxury when it comes to beginning a fitness lifestyle—it is a necessity. Have lots of water on hand for the workout, drinking before and right after. Additionally, drinking water throughout the day can prevent dehydration during and after workouts.

Dehydration can happen when you least expect it, such as hours after a workout, and can be problematic for your health. Unless you want to ‘revisit your lunch’ refrain from eating immediately before your workout.

Getting Started

Beginning Focus T25 is quite simple and straightforward. Obtain the box set, open it, read the materials, and push play. If you are already in reasonable physical shape, you can jump right in with the recommended diet and alpha phase.

If you are close to peak physical condition and have picked up Focus T25 in order to try something new, you may find the alpha phase to be too easy. Feel free to skip ahead to the beta level—and you can consider going for the gamma phase, available individually as well as part of the deluxe package.

If you have not worked out in a while and your body is definitely out of shape, find a way to modify the exercises for a couple of weeks before starting the program in earnest and following the accompanying calendars. Your body needs time to adjust to the rigors of this non-stop fitness routine.

Alpha phase requires no special equipment, but an exercise mat is recommended. You may want to use the resistance bands provided by Shaun T. (or find your own if you are borrowing the DVDs) in the later phases of the program.

Eating clean is an important component of the program. You need to shoot for foods that provide lasting energy– cutting out junk food, sugar, and excess carbs is a good place to start. Focus on lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables. Add in a ‘living multivitamin’ (non-synthetic), to replenish your body after sweating out toxins and burning fat.

FOCUS T25 Shaun T’s NEW Workout DVD Program-Get It Done in 25 Minutes

Cram a full hour’s worth of full-body workout into only 25 minutes with Shaun T’s latest home workout program. The set is priced around $75 and comes with a host of amenities—nine DVDs with 11 workouts (including a stretching workout), a quick-start guide, a diet plan, workout calendars for each phase of the program, a fast track program, and a 15-pound resistance band to help increase intensity. Called the “base kit,” this kit will jumpstart a lifestyle of working out.

Shaun T’s FOCUS T25 GAMMA Cycle DVD Workout

Although Gamma is purchased separately from the basic Focus T25 kit (or with the deluxe kit), it is the third phase of this conditioning system. You will find workouts that push your beta phase from basic Focus T25 to the next level.

This workout will carve muscles and build strength. The kit includes four DVDs, a workout calendar, and a hybrid calendar that pushes you deeper into strength training.

Shaun T’s FOCUS T25 Deluxe Kit – DVD Workout

The deluxe version of Focus T25 is a kit that contains a few other amenities beyond the basic. In addition to everything in the basic box, you will get the Gamma workouts (a set of four advanced DVDs with workout calendars), a workout mat, and two more resistance bands of 20 and 25 pounds.

If you want the full Focus T25 set, including all three phases, as well as the recommended diet and equipment– the deluxe kit is for you.

Time to Begin!

Once you start a Beachbody home fitness program, you are likely to get hooked. As you get a fabulously toned body, you will not want to lose it. Upon completion of Focus T25, maintaining your fitness level is easier than ever, even addicting– especially after swimsuit shopping. Just stay hydrated and eat right so that you maintain the energy and focus to get this job done.


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