21 Day Fix Workout Reviewed For 2022

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If you are looking to lose weight, but need a little bit of help, or just are not sure where to start, a great place to begin is Autumn Calabrese’s 21 Day Fix.

In this 21 Day Fix Review I will cover all aspects of her various programs giving you the information so you can decide if its for you.

Read an interview with Andy Conway about her experience with the 21 day fix.

Here is a quick overview of Autumn Calabrese’s programs:

21 Day Fix Essentials Package21 Day Fix EXTREME Essentials Package21 Day Fix Ultimate Package
7 30-minute workouts on 2 DVDs7 extreme workouts on 2 DVDs9 total 30-minute workouts on 3 DVDs to help you lose up to 15 pounds in 21 days
Easy-to-follow 21-day portion control system with 7 color-coded food containersColor-coded portion control containers

Shakeology shaker cup with an easy-to-follow eating plan
21-day portion control system with 8 color-coded food containers
Includes 21 Day Fix Eating Plan and 3 Day Quick FixStep by Step guide on how to use your containersInsulated 21 Day Fix tote bag and a resistance band,
21 Day workout calendar and recipes included21 Day Fix Eating Plan and 3 Day Quick Fix

Who is Autumn Calabrese?

Celebrity trainer and fitness guru Autumn Calabrese utilizes her knowledge of healthy eating and optimized workout methods, to help you open new doors in your life.

As a national level competitor in bikini competitions, Autumn has made it her goal to help you achieve fitness through the use of portion control and high energy workout programs.

21 Day Fix Workout Review

How is the 21 Day Fix program different?

All too often our weight loss goals fail because we are not prepared to maintain our success in the long run. While

Autumn Calabrese 21 Day Fix Review
Autumn Calabrese – Creator of the 21 Day Fix

We may initially lose weight, old bad habits can easily creep up, adding to our waistline slowly over time.

Her main focus is on healthy eating and portion control. Her 21 Day Fix program provides the tools you need to re-structure bad eating habits. Healthy portions are key in beginning your weight loss journey.

She emphasizes that weight loss is a matter of calories being burned being greater than calories consumed.

Thus, you have much more flexibility in you eating choices, as long as your meals consist of moderate portions.

Autumn combines this knowledge, with intense workouts to help fight the problem of weight gain on two fronts.

Autumn makes it easy to make true lifestyle changes, and provides tips for long term success.

The Solution: Healthy Eating

Autumn’s solution to the problem of perfect portions is to provide portion control containers in various sizes. Color coded for different types of food, these containers take all of the guess work out of whether or not your portion is just right.

“Eyeballing” measurements may not seem like a problem when focusing on weight loss, but it is far too easy to overestimate the foods we do not want to eat, and underestimate the setbacks from our guilty pleasures.

This sets us up for failure and often causes a rebound back to the old habits. By providing exact measurements for portions, not only is counting calories easier, but we still get to incorporate our favorite foods without the guilt!

These color coded containers are simple to use, and the various sizes are a great reminder about what our diet should look like.

  • Green: This large container is reserved for our vegetable portions. Vegetables are ideal for weight loss because they provide a lot of filling fiber and protein, for less calories than meat. Incorporating large amounts of vegetables in your diet will help you stay fuller longer, and optimize your metabolism.
  • Purple: This second largest container in the program is for fruit. Fruit is a great alternative for your sweet tooth, and packs many needed dietary components like Vitamin C and Vitamin B.
  • Red: This protein container is useful for incorporating meat into your diet. Meat is a common source of overeating; as traditional meat portions do not always reflect the recommended 4 oz. serving.
  • Yellow: This container is for carbohydrates which include items, such as bread, pasta, or potatoes. These foods, while staples in our diet, are another common source of overeating, as heaping bowls of pasta and breadsticks are quick additions to many meals.
  • Blue: This small container is reserved for healthy fats. Healthy fats are an important part of our diet. Foods like avocados, olives and nuts, can improve cholesterol levels and decrease the risk of heart disease.
  • Orange: These small containers help you regulate toppings like dressings, and seeds.

These containers are your biggest asset when turning around your eating habits. Autumn also includes the famous Shakeology Shaker Cup for on the go nutrition.

Shakeology shakes have been sweeping the nation as a popular meal replacement alternative. Packed with protein and essential amino acids, as well as 23 vitamins and minerals.

These shakes are designed to help you reduce hunger, control cravings, and maintain a well-balanced diet, all while providing delicious sweet flavors like chocolate and strawberry.

Healthy eating is always challenging, but when you are on the go, it can be easy to fall back into bad habits. Autumn Calabrese’s partnership with Shakeology ensures that your goals will be sustained even with your busy lifestyle.

The Solution: All-inclusive workouts

Although changing eating habits drastically impacts weight loss success, adding a great full body workout routine will help you see results more quickly!

This is where Autumn’s all-inclusive workout DVDs come into play. The sets are complete with cardio programs that exercise your heart, and rev up your metabolism, as well as toning DVDs that focus on your upper and lower body muscle groups.

This collection is also supplemented with popular programs like Pilates and Yoga. This full set of training programs not only helps you burn calories, but provides muscle toning, balance and flexibility improvement, and strength training as well.

Once you complete the program, not only will your weight loss goals be obvious, but you will also be a stronger, leaner, and overall healthier person.

These DVDs are key in helping you reach your goals quickly. Research suggests that just 30 minutes of fitness activity a day can positively impact our health. These easy to follow, 30-minute workout sessions make long trips to the gym or early morning runs a thing of the past.

Her fun and intense workouts give a balanced variety. The program makes it easy to determine which types of fitness routines you should be following, and at what intensity to follow them.

With Autumn Calabrese’s 21 Day Fix the confusion and uncertainty of losing weight is long gone.

Does it work?

Beachbody.com gives this program 4.5 out of 5 stars! Users rave about the portion control containers, and workouts which easily fit into busy lives.

This program is producing results across the board for women at all levels of fitness. Perfect for those who want to slim down after having a baby, or those who simply want to understand what it takes to lose weight and keep it off.

Autumn’s motivating, supportive, and informative style makes weight loss achievable. This program is unlike any 21 Day Fix Reviewother. It does not rely on “quick fixes” or costly supplements, and its success is based in the trusted science of weight loss—that has stood the test of time.

We have known for decades that the only true way to lose weight is by consuming healthy, portion controlled meals, and working out.

Autumn does not claim to have a special secret to weight loss, she just breaks down the science into easy to use formats that fit into our everyday lives.

The focus on healthy eating means you no longer are “dieting”, but are truly eating as your body is meant to. With this program you will not feel hungry, or pushed past your limits.

You can be assured that each meal you take in, consists of exactly what your body needs to reach your goals. This program produces great weight loss results, and if you are ready to start hearing compliments, it is time to focus on what the science of weight loss says, and embrace it with Autumn Calabrese.

Where to start?

Autumn Calabrese’s program is designed to help you on the first 21 days of your weight loss journey. Consider the following 21 Day Fix packages to help get you started on your new life!

The Essentials package combines all of your basic needs to get started on your new goals.

This program includes all of the 30-minute workouts on two DVDs, and includes all seven color coded containers for healthy eating.

You also get the added bonus of the Shakeology cup. Important resources like the 21 Day Fix Eating Plan, and the 3 Day Quick Fix for a quick “beach ready” body are also included.

Although this package provides only the basic tools to help you achieve weight loss, everything is included to help you be successful in just 21 days.

Perfect for beginner or intermediate levels, the color coded containers, meal planning guide, and easy to follow work outs are sure to help you see results, without making difficult lifestyle changes.

Those who purchase the Essentials package have seen weight loss of 10 to 15 pounds in just 21 days, and are excited by the important changes they have made in their long term health.

Similar to the basic Essentials package, the EXTREME Essentials Package is geared towards those who want a more intensive jumpstart into their new healthy lifestyle.

This package also includes seven workouts on two DVDs, as well as the convenient portion control containers, but this package relies on “clean” eating and more intense workouts.

With a 21-day calendar, and recipe book included, this package will help you plan out your 21 Day Fix, and learn a wealth of information about “clean” eating.

This package also includes the Countdown to Competition Meal Plan, designed after Autumn’s demanding bikini competition preparation.

This program helps meet the needs of those who want maximum results in a minimum amount of time. More demanding than the Essentials Package, the EXTREME Package requires intensity and drive to reach your goals.

Users agree that the EXTREME Package requires about five times as much effort as the basic 21 Day Fix program, but the benefits are worth the extra input.

With more challenging and advanced exercises, and a more rigorous meal plan (no cheat days!), Autumn Calabrese ensures that you are on an intensive fast track towards health improvement.

Weight loss and increases in strength and stamina are guaranteed!

This package includes all of the basic tools from the Essentials packages, but provides additional support to reach your goals. With nine 30-minute DVDs and eight color coded portion containers, this program offers everything you need and more to achieve weight loss.

The additional large portion control container is a great tool to carry a complete meal anywhere you need to go.

Additionally, the 21 Day Fix tote bag is helpful for carrying your portion containers or workout gear, so that you can keep on track even when life gets busy.

The included resistance band will help tone your muscles to get that leaner body faster too. The Ultimate Package is the optimal choice for those who want to accomplish maximized weight loss goals with convenience.

This program includes all of the traditional workouts including the cardio fix, upper and lower body fix workouts, and Pilates and Yoga programs.

However you also get the added bonus of a Flat Abs fix program and Barre Legs program. This plan is built for changing your entire body.

The Ultimate Package is being raved as the “Forever Fix”, and users appreciate the emphasis on eating healthy from all food groups.

If you are someone who is already dedicated to their workout plan, or simply is not interested in working out with DVD programs, you can still use the methods founded by Autumn.

Her cookbook FIXATE delivers all of the nutrition and healthy eating information available in her 21 Day Fix workout programs, combined with the portion control containers to help carry out the concepts of a healthy balanced diet.

This cookbook reaches into all areas of healthy eating and includes recipes for Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-Free, and Paleo lifestyles. Packed with 101 recipes, this book will be your go-to resource for healthy eating.

FIXATE is packed with easy to follow recipes that do not require trips to the grocery store for un-heard of ingredients. With meal plans for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, this book easily replaces all of the uncertainty around healthy eating while trying to achieve weight loss.

Studies show us that what we eat is the greatest contributor to our weight loss success. This educational and motivational cookbook, will give you certainty that your new healthy kitchen will be your biggest asset.

Start Now!

Autumn Calabrese’s 21 Day Fix programs are successful because they do not rely on the traditional gimmicks that you see in the weight loss world.

The truth is there are no magic pills, special powders, or expensive drinks that will help you lose weight. Although there are no quick fixes, weight loss is easy to understand. Autumn’s program takes hold of basic science, and integrates it into our busy lives in a way that is successful and long lasting.

Her driven and motivational personality will give you the inspiration you need to succeed, and her knowledge will open the doors to a lifetime of healthy eating.

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