The 7 Best Home Pilates Reformers For Women [2024 Reviews]

Transform your body with a home pilates reformers, we examine this year's top models

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Whether you’re a complete newbie or a Pilates pro, a good reformer can change your body both inside and out!

The hardest part is choosing a quality product among all of the sub-par and average models out there – and there are a lot.

We have done the research on the top Pilates machines on Amazon so you don’t have to. We don’t want to waste any time, so let’s get started!

Best Home Pilates Reformers

AeroPilates Premier ReformerBalanced Body Studio ReformerMerrithew Rehab Reformer
Resistance:Bungee CordsBungee CordsSprings
Size:N/A93" x 27"97" x 30"
Weight:68 lbs152 lbs322 lbs

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Quick Answer: The 7 Best Pilates Reformer Machines For 2024

  1. AeroPilates Premier Reformer
  2. Balanced Body Studio Reformer with Classic Footbar
  3. Merrithew Rehab V2 Max Plus Reformer
  4. Merrithew at Home SPX Reformer Bundle
  5. AeroPilates Reformer 287
  6. Stamina AeroPilates Pro Reformer with Cardio Rebounder
  7. AeroPilates Reformer Plus 379

We’ve reviewed the top rated home Pilates reformers, followed by a comparison table and buying guide to help you decide on one that will work best for you.

Pilates Reformer Reviews

AeroPilates Premier Reformer at a Glance:

  • Resistance Method: Bungee Cords
  • Size: 86″ x 20″
  • Folding: No
  • Weight: 107 Pounds
  • Extras: 1 DVD, Exercise Wall Chart

Quite possibly the best Pilates reformer available, the AeroPilates 700 Premier Reformer features heavy, pro-quality steel frame construction with 4 tough elastic cords to give you 4 different resistance choices.

Easily sculpt your body while improving strength and flexibility with over 50 exercises. You’ll notice it doesn’t allow for quite as many exercises as most on our guide, but it still provides a solid base if you’re just starting out.

Coming with ultra-smooth rollers and gliders, you can expect very quiet operation throughout the entirety of each workout.

Working out in the late/early hours of the day will now never be a problem!

As the reformer is elevated off the ground by 10 inches, you can perform more challenging exercises while allowing for a greater range of motion.

As far as comfort goes, this is one of the most luxurious, with an adjustable headrest and large, high-density foam shoulder pads to provide sufficient support.

Just as well, the ropes, straps, and hand grips are all adjustable and able to fit with pretty much any user.

Coming with a stand, cardio rebounder, 2 workout DVDs, and a wall chart, you have everything you need and more to get started right away!

Balanced Body Studio Reformer at a Glance:

  • Resistance Method: Bungee Cords
  • Size: 93″ x 27″
  • Folding: No
  • Weight: 152 Pounds
  • Extras: 1 DVD

While it’s not the heaviest/largest, the Balanced Body Pilates Studio Reformer is definitely up there. Featuring a large Strata Rock Maple frame, you can expect it to hold up to just about any abuse you put it through.

What’s more, is that it features the longest standard carriage ride currently available today, at an impressive 41 inches!

The carriage comes with a precision tracking system made to provide you with the smoothest, quietest ride money can buy.

Despite being quite bulky, assembly was straightforward and relatively easy to follow, coming with all tools and parts necessary. However, we do recommend having at least one other person helping you out!

What we enjoyed most about the reformer was the array of choices and adjustability which means it will work for pretty much anyone.

The 5 spring resistance configuration features tough nickel-plated springs with swivel hooks so you can easily adjust it. In total, you get 46 resistance configurations, which will work perfectly for beginners and pros, alike.

The heavy-duty vinyl padding comes in a whopping 51 different colors so you can add a bit of customization to fit your personality. Aside from that, you get the Revo foot par with a non-slip cushy cover and 4 locking positions.

Count on the headrest also being very well-padded, as well as adjustable up to 3 positions.

Merrithew Rehab V2 Max Plus Reformer at a Glance:

  • Resistance Method: Springs
  • Size: 97″ x 30″
  • Folding: No
  • Weight: 322 Pounds
  • Extras: Mat Converter, Reformer Box, Foot Strap, Padded Platform Extender

Finally, we have the monster of a Pilates reformer, the Merrithew Rehab V2 Max Plus. Easily the biggest and heaviest model we tried, this one will easily last you for whatever you put it through.

While it’s great for at-home use, it’s also often used for physical therapy clinics due to how well it operates with an array of different people.

Coming with the machine, you’ll find a Mat Converter, Reformer Box with foot strap, padded platform extender, and maple roll-up pole – all crafted with precision and care.

This package will provide you with everything you need and more to be on your way to an advanced level of fitness.

The aluminum rails, vinyl upholstery, and EVA foam padding are there to provide you with the highest level of performance but are also made to last.

The padding isn’t quite as squishy as some of the others, but it is comfortable and works to keep your body properly aligned at all times.

With high-traction reformer feet, you’ll experience excellent grip on every type of flooring, even during Cardio-Tram power. The vertical frame also comes with 2 push-through springs, 2 roll-down springs, and 2 arm springs with foam grip handles, plus much more.

With the long, adjustable ropes, you’ll receive a wider range of motion and fluidity to allow for more exercise options.

Merrithew at Home Pilates Reformer Bundle

Merrithew at Home SPX Reformer Bundle at a Glance:

  • Resistance Method: Springs
  • Size: 95″ x 26″
  • Folding: No
  • Weight: 117 Pounds
  • Extras: Reformer Box, Metal Roll-Up Pole, 2 DVDs

The Merrithew at Home SPX Reformer Bundle is the perfect Goldilocks machine – not too heavy, not too small.

Made to boost your overall core strength, flexibility, mobility, and endurance, it’s no surprise why it ranks as the best home Pilates reformer for us.

The sleek design features clean lines made with durable metal and wood, and you can select from Black or a unique bright Blue.

The metal roll-up pole gives you more focus on scapular stabilization which will help you better perform many of the 250+ exercises this machine allows for.

The comfort footbar is covered in foam, allowing for 5 different positions so you can move it to your preferences.

With padding on all sensitive areas along with a carriage and extender, you get excellent tactile feedback as you use the model. The extender is handy for keeping seated if you have challenges with your hip flexors.

With the uniquely enhanced spring system, it’s made to last for various years while operating smoothly. Whisper-smooth glide technology moves the carriage about without squeaking or any other noise, making it perfect for use without disturbing others.

While it is a pretty pricey piece of equipment, the machine, along with the valuable extras/accessories are more than worth it if you’re serious about your physical and mental fitness!

AeroPilates Reformer 287

AeroPilates Reformer 287 at a Glance:

  • Resistance Method: Bungee Cords
  • Size: 85″ x 18″
  • Folding: Yes
  • Weight: 56 Pounds
  • Extras: 2 DVDs, Workout Wall Chart

Having one of the best Pilates reformer machines doesn’t have to empty out your wallet.

While we’ll admit that there aren’t too many budget-friendly products that are worth purchasing, the AeroPilates Reformer 287 stands out from the rest of the pack.

First off, we loved the elevated design and stand which make performing exercise and getting off/on the machine very easy.

Comfort is a bit better than average with this model, coming with a padded foot bar, high-density shoulder pads, 3-position adjustable head rest, as well as foam hand and foot straps.

The black steel frame with the padded gray platform looks sleek and modern and is made to hold up against regular use.

Featuring adjustable resistance, you’ll get 3 tough elastic bungee cords to let you sculpt your body while increasing strength and flexibility.

If you’re an absolute beginner, then you’ll love the introduction to AeroPilates and AeroPilates level 1 Pure Pilates DVDs which come included in your package. Not only that, but you’ll also receive a full-color workout wall chart.

Not only is this machine easy on the wallet, but it’s also great if you’re tight on space in your home. It easily folds away when not in use, and features wheels for simple portability.

Stamina AeroPilates Pro Reformer with Free-Form Cardio Rebounder

Stamina AeroPilates Pro Reformer Cardio Rebounder at a Glance:

  • Resistance Method: Springs
  • Size: 100″ x 23″
  • Folding: No
  • Weight: 155 Pounds
  • Extras: 2 DVDs

In our eyes and those of many other consumers, the Stamina AeroPilates Pro Reformer is the best Pilates machine available today.

The model is reliable and sturdy, elevated off the ground for even easier operation.

Weighing 155 pounds, it’s definitely one of the larger and heavier designs on our guide. With that being said, if you’re limited on space in your home, this is probably not the one for you.

However, if you can swing it and are focusing on functionality and durability, keep on reading. Made of solid oak, it’s not easily portable, but it will last you for years of use without losing its integrity or good looks.

Assembly is required, and we’ll admit that it took us a good amount of time to put together. It’s not necessarily that it’s difficult to do, because it’s not.

It’s just that there are quite a few parts included and the overall size and weight make it more challenging if there’s no one helping you.

With a plush, thickly padded headrest that can be adjusted to 3 different positions, you can alter it to perfectly fit your height and proportions. The ropes work the same way – adjustable to suit your body and your goals.

Operation is smooth, thanks to the sturdy aluminum rails and efficient rollers. Not only that, but you’ll find that the rails are almost a foot longer than your standard model which is perfect if you’re larger/taller than average.

The amount of exercises you can perform with this reformer, free form cardio rebounder, and foot/leg bar makes it easily one of the most versatile models we’ve had the pleasure of using.

AeroPilates Reformer Plus 379

AeroPilates Reformer Plus 379 at a Glance:

  • Resistance Method: Bungee Cords
  • Size: N/A
  • Folding: Yes
  • Weight: 68 Pounds
  • Extras: 4 Workout DVDs, eating guide download, wall chart

If you’re looking for a machine that works perfectly in apartments and other limited spaces, then do yourself a favor and take a look at the AeroPilates Reformer Plus 379.

First off, the frame is much smaller and lighter than the former model. What’s more, is that you can also fold up the frame to easily store in a closet or under a bed.

With the addition of wheels, you can easily transport it from room-to-room.

With four cord resistance levels and multiple intensities, you can perform over 300 exercises, covering every inch you could want to work out! The elevated platform only makes this easier, allowing you a full range of motion.

The included straps, handgrips, ropes, and footrest are all adjustable to ensure this best home Pilates machine works with your body type.

The platform cushion is also quite comfortable, but notably firmer than most others on our guide. We did particularly appreciate the foam shoulder pads to encourage proper body alignment while you’re exercising.

Due to the overall smaller and lighter characteristics of this reformer, assembly was pretty simple, taking no longer than 20 minutes with just one person.

You’ll also find a generous 4 workout DVDs so you can get started on the right track immediately, a free easting guide, and a wall chart to hold yourself accountable!

Home Pilates Reformer Comparison

Home Pilates ReformersResistanceReformer SizeFoldingWeightRating
Stamina AeroPilates ProBungee Cords100" x 23"No155 lbs4.1 / 5.0
Balanced Body Studio ReformerBungee Cords93" x 27"No152 lbs5.0 / 5.0
Merrithew Rehab V2 MaxSprings97" x 30"No322 lbs4.8 / 5.0
AeroPilates Premier ReformerBungee Cords86" x 20"No107 lbs4.3 / 5.0
AeroPilates Reformer 287Bungee Cords85" x 18"Yes56 lbs4.2 / 5.0
AeroPilates Reformer Plus 379Bungee CordsN/AYes68 lbs4.4 / 5.0
Merrithew at Home SPX ReformerSprings95" x 26"No117 lbs4.1 / 5.0

How to Choose the Best Pilates Reformer Machine

best home pilates reformer
AeroPilates Reformer Plus 379

While Pilates reformers are undoubtedly one of the best pieces of equipment for a home gym and for training your entire body, it’s not going to be very helpful if you don’t know which one is perfect for your needs.

That’s why we’ve decided to go ahead and write up a comprehensive buying guide, which will ensure you know which one to select for your home.


The truth is, if your new reformer isn’t comfortable, you’re not going to use it – nor should you! First, you should ensure that the carriage is well-padded, as you don’t want to feel any sore or sensitive points while you’re working out.

Aside from that, make sure the headrest is well padded and is able to be adjusted, along with the straps. Some feature additional shoulder pads to help keep your body correctly aligned while laying down.

Build Quality

While every single model on our list is made to be long-lasting, there are various materials reformers will come made with. Steel, aluminum, and wood are the most common.

Steel: Steel is very durable and smooth but is going to be very heavy and not very portable. If you need a model that will fold, this will most likely not be it. However, it can take a beating and can support larger amounts of weight.

Aluminum: Aluminum is the best of both worlds. It’s very sturdy, but also very lightweight so you’ll have no issue transporting the machine from one room to another. Oftentimes, these are also folding so you can easily stow it away when you’re not using it.

Wood: Wood is going to be the heaviest of the bunch (usually). However, they are extremely durable, well-made, and can support a great amount of weight and abuse. They also look visually stunning and won’t feel cold when you start using it.

best pilates machine


Firstly, you should make sure that the size of your reformer works for you – particularly if you’re taller or a bit heavier than what the standard models coincide with.

Aside from that, consider the amount of space you realistically have available to use with your Pilates reformer. If you’re limited on space in your home, definitely opt for a more compact design, as well as one that can ideally fold up when not in use.

Having wheels will also help you to easily transport it from one room to another, without damaging the flooring or exerting your body too much.

Foot Bar, Gears, Springs

The foot bar essentially works for you to push off from, where you propel the carriage forward. You can adjust the height of the bar higher or lower, in order to suit your individual body. The springs/cords will provide a good part of this resistance, and you can change it up according to your goals and physical fitness level.


The elevation of the platform/carriage on your new Pilates reformer machine can greatly impact your experience with it.

Ideally, it will be elevated around 10 inches off the ground so you can have a full range of motion to complete every exercise you desire.

This will make for a more complete and efficient workout, giving you quicker and better results.


Obviously, as with most cases, price does have a factor on what we purchase. As you can see from the aforementioned items, with Pilates reformers, price varies widely. With that being said, come up with a budget for yourself beforehand so you’re not getting carried away and spending more than you’d like to.

When you go up in price, you’ll normally see more high quality materials being used, such as solid wood. Not only that, but you’ll have more options and adjustability when it comes to workouts and the amount of exercises you can perform.


As you may have noticed, many of the items on our guide come with some extras, such as workout DVDs, nutrition guides, mat converters, reformer boxes, and much more.

If you’re a beginner or don’t know which exercises to do, the DVDs can be immensely helpful in getting you set on the right track. The others will help give you a complete workout, as well as more options to select from.

FAQs About Pilates Reformers

Q: What is a Pilates reformer?

A: These are machines which lets you perform Pilates exercises in just one location. They vary in sizes and performance, but are made to replicate Pilates exercises, while giving you additional strength and cardio training benefits. These models use resistance to help you increase your strength, endurance, and flexibility.

Q: What are the benefits of a Pilates reformer?

A: There are both physical and mental benefits that come from using these machines correctly. Overall, you’ll also see an increase in strength, balance, endurance, and flexibility. The great thing about these, is that you can workout literally every part of your body and will see it becoming more sleek and fit in a short period of time.

Q: What are some of the best exercises to do on my new machine?

A: Rows, Planks, and reformer footwork are all very helpful. They focus on all different parts of the body, so you won’t be leaving any section out. Expect better posture, more efficiency, and overall higher levels of energy and better mood.

Tips For Using Your Home Pilates Reformer

#1: For best results, make sure your diet is also on point.

While exercise is extremely beneficial to the human body, if you’re looking to tone up, you really need to pair it with a good eating plan. This means minimal simple carbs, enough proteins, fats, and complex carbs, and great timing.

#2: If you’re going to be standing on the reformer carriage, make sure you’re standing on a stable surface first.

If you’re performing an exercise like Side Splits, make sure your food or hands are on the stable part of the reformer. You don’t want to move with the carriage until you’re completely in control and stable.

#3: Be careful around loaded springs.

While these are incredibly useful for helping achieve certain positions and exercises, they’re also very strong when compressed. When letting go, first ensure that the springs are slack with no tension before stepping off or changing your body’s position.

#4: If you experience any pain or “weird” feelings, stop immediately.

While Pilates is undoubtedly challenging, if you feel any kind of discomfort or pain you need to stop or skip that exercise for the day.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’re practically a Pilates reformer expert, do you know which one you’d like to incorporate into your fitness lifestyle?

While each one of the products we’ve listed are some of the best out there, what’s most important is that it’s the best Pilates machine for you and your requirements. We hope that our article has helped you figure out exactly that. Thanks for staying tuned with us, and we’ll see you again soon.

How We Researched

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With so many options available, the authors narrowed down the selections by using products they felt were the best value for the money.

The staff authors have a wide and varied background as fitness trainers, yoga instructors and runners. The authors have decades of experience and are eager to share their knowledge with readers.

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